The Color Orange for Your Wedding: Symbolism, Inspiration, and More

If you've been looking at the color orange for your big day, you're not alone – burnt orange and teal wedding colors, in particular, are trendy yet timeless! 

The color orange has been associated with vibrancy, energy, optimism, and positivity for centuries. Color psychology says that orange is happy and uplifting, which can excite you and your wedding guests. It's an attention-grabbing, extraverted, warm color that shines best with cool tones like blues and greens. A burnt orange and teal wedding is popular any time of year, especially during the fall months. 

The newlyweds walk down the aisle while the groom holds a bouquet

Ready to go orange? Here's everything to know about using this color in your wedding.

What Does Orange Symbolize at a Wedding?

Spiritually, orange stands for meditation and serenity. In the aura, the color orange is said to signify wit and creativity. As far back as the years of Buddha himself, Buddhist monks have worn orange robes to symbolize the release of materialism.

When trying to understand what orange symbolizes at a wedding, you'll quickly discover that the color is also closely tied to the orange blossom, a mark of royalty.

An orange blossom is a delicate, white-colored bloom related to orange and lemon trees. One of the first gifts Prince Albert presented to his fiancée, Queen Victoria, in 1839 was a broach shaped like an orange blossom. In 1840, the Queen wore a headdress of orange blossoms at her wedding to the Prince, and the royal connection stuck.

Because of its association with royalty, joy, and optimism, orange (and burnt orange in particular) is perfect for the happy couple that is, well, happy, and exuberantly so.

Is orange a good color for a wedding?

So, is orange a good color for a wedding? Absolutely! This shade is a ceremony-appropriate option with many positive associations, like joy, gratitude, and optimism. Yet another reason brides love the color orange is because of how well it balances shades of blue, a color synonymous with peace, tranquility, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, and stability.

The newlyweds are kissing while the bride is holding a bridal bouquet

In 2023, Millennials and Gen X couples are raving over burnt orange in both modern and more traditionally styled ceremonies. Burnt orange (and all shades of this color) have many possible combination and theme choices, making it easy to see why the shade has remained such a reliable choice since the reign of Queen Victoria until today.

What Colors Go With Orange in a Wedding?

Ok, so now you're sold on this hue, but you're wondering what color goes with orange for a wedding.

As we hinted earlier, pairing orange with cool tones like blue and green is popular. The reason for this is simple: orange and blue are opposite on the color wheel, meaning they complement each other best.

A bride is holding a dark teal and burnt orange bridal bouquet

For example, teal, a dramatic blue-green blend, goes heavenly with burnt orange. We adore teal because it has all the best properties of blue and the natural qualities of green.  Another overlooked option for an orange wedding is light pink. The reason that pink and orange work so well goes back to the color wheel. Because these two shades are located so close together on the wheel, they have enough in common to get along, especially when paired with an oceanic spectrum of blues or greens, as we mentioned earlier.

Ideas for your Orange Wedding Theme

Now that you've got the lowdown on what colors go with orange for a wedding, your head might be filled with ideas! Or... it might not. Luckily, at Ling's Moment, we happen to know a thing or two about orange ceremonies.

Happy couples can't get enough of color collections like the bold and beautiful Dark Teal & Burnt Orange or the warm and romantic Rust & Sepia! Our passionate Sunset Terracotta and fun Black & Pumpkin Orangelines work with specific themes or add some orange year-round.

Terracotta bridal bouquet options for an orange wedding theme
Orange you glad you clicked on this post? Here are some ideas for your orange wedding theme.

A Timeless Sunset Terracotta Wedding Theme

Burnt orange wedding colors extend beyond teal and other shades of blue. Beiges, cordial browns, and any element that recalls nature will match this orange tint. Ever popular for fall weddings, burnt orange pairs perfectly with rustic shades of brown to match mother nature's seasonal changes.

The bride and the groom hold a terracotta bouquet in a grass field

Our Sunset Terracotta color collection is a can't-miss for lovers with hearts of gold who want to say 'I do' at golden hour. This color combination makes instant magic at sunset, with earthy tones of amber, burnt orange, and deep green reflecting the natural hues of the evening sun.

Feeling aflame for a little extra Terracotta inspo? At Stephanie & Seth's Fall Wedding, our Sunset Terracotta palette helped the couple to stay on theme without obsessing over the thousands of details that go into matching wedding decor! The couple constructed the ultimate autumn arch using a vibrant floral garland and sheer drapes that cascaded like a waterfall.

The bride walks down the aisle with the groom holding a bouquet

The Famous Burnt Orange And Teal Wedding

When you Google what colors go with burnt orange for a wedding, you'll see that teal is a popular partner.

Like all shades of orange, burnt orange has a strong presence that can be intimidating on its own. Teal is an instant solution to help balance this strong tone, with its cooling, serenevibes. The calm tone soothes the eye while the burnt orange adds a flame of romance — think of a fiery sunset under a big blue sky. Together, the two colors create a stunning and sophisticated combination that is perfect for any wedding theme — from vintage-inspired to modern. However, this color combo is also ideal for a fall wedding or any theme that calls for a dash of warm romance and cool serenity.

Throw a burnt orange vibe over your nuptials with Ling's rich color palette, Dark Teal & Burnt Orange. Rustic and ready to go, our collection has all the decor and floral arrangements you need for your burnt orange wedding. This color combo is so striking that often, mini floral vase arrangements are all that is needed to create a stunning visual effect with your wedding decor.

A wooden table topped with vases filled with flowers in teal and orange

A Dose of Nostalgia: Rust and Sepia Color Palette

Dreaming of a romantic, vintage wedding?

Vintage wedding themes are popular because of their dainty details, use of lace, floral prints, polaroids, pastels, muted colors, and anything reminiscent of the past. Modern vintage is a contemporary spin on this style, a unique combination of today and yesteryear, using elements like wood, hues of beige paired with brighter pastels, and the soft glow of candlelight.

Whether you like classic or contemporary vintage, our Rust & Sepia collection is like putting one big 'vintage' filter all over your wedding decor. This color collection focuses heavily on romance, warmth, and nostalgia with a cozy and elegant palette of neutrals and warm oranges.

Sepia floral centerpieces and desserts placed on a wooden table

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this color collection is by adding the centerpiece to your cake or reception table. The Rust & Sepia centerpiece is a beautiful blend of foam/silk flowers, greeneries like Salvia Japonica, and select cuts of Eucalyptus and Banyan leaves. Pampas Grass further softens the look, preparing the stage for the blooms. Bare branches and pine cones add a woodsy feel.

In this photo of a Rust & Sepia colored cake table, you can see how scattering soft, natural elements like the feather and the wooden crate delicately brings the spread together without being too much.

Sepia centerpieces placed on a table along with a cake and candles

 Under the Spell: Orange Wedding Colors for Halloween

For a love that's truly magical, a Halloween wedding in the shades of the season (think: moody reds, chocolate browns, deep black) is the ideal way to go orange for a wedding.

The bride and the groom are respectively holding a pumpkin

Throw a dash of autumn magic on your big day with Ling's premier Halloween wedding collection. Our assorted Black & Pumpkin Orange floral centerpieces quickly add depth and seasonal wonder to your cake or reception table. Austin rose, peony, black spiral eucalyptus, and pine cones accent the centerpiece for a soft and deeply romantic feel.

Assorted black and pumpkin orange floral centerpieces placed on a reception table

Burning On With Burnt Orange Wedding Colors

So now you're officially educated in everything orange for your special day: you know what orange symbolizes for a wedding, what traits are associated with it, and (most importantly) you know what colors go with burnt orange for a wedding. You're basically a certified orange wedding expert. We trust that thesewedding theme ideas will give you the inspiration you need to start planning your special moments!

Ready to go orange? Adding Sunset Terracotta, Burnt Orange & Teal, Rust & Sepia, Black & Pumpkin Orange, or any of Ling's Moment's wedding color schemes  to your wedding is easy. Choose pre-made items from our artfully designed color collections or DIY box packages.

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