8 Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas & Tips: The Ultimate Guide To Decorate Your Aisle

When you imagine your dream wedding, you probably picture yourself walking down the aisle to meet the love of your life. Your closest friends and family surround you, and as you look around you are met with the love and joy of all of their smiling faces. And as well as your beloved community, you are also surrounded by the most beautiful wedding decor.

A bride with a bouquet standing at the door followed by two bridesmaids

Tere are countless different ways that you can inject your personal style and wedding theme into your wedding aisle decor. If you’re wondering how to decorate an outdoor aisle, how to decorate a church aisle for a wedding, or are looking for wedding aisle decorations on a budget, we have you covered.

We’ve done the research to find the most unique, charming and sophisticated wedding aisle decor ideas to help your vision come to life.

Is Aisle Decor Necessary?

Like with every step of planning a wedding, nothing is compulsory. Wedding aisle decor and aisle flowers should be a personal choice that brings your joy on your big day. But if you’re asking yourself “do I need aisle flowers?”, know that they’re one of the first things that both you and your guests will see on your wedding day.

Many brides reflect upon their wedding day and are grateful for the added detail and style that their aisle decor added to the ceremony. And don’t worry, you don’t have to settle for anything that doesn’t feel like you! There are so many fun, classic or unique ways to decorate your wedding aisle that will really enhance both your and your guests’ wedding day experience.

A room with chairs and dusty rose and navy flowers on the floor

Keep reading for some wedding aisle decor ideas that will help you choose or create the perfect arrangements for you.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Aisle Decor

You may have seen the perfect wedding aisle decor idea on Pinterest or at a friend’s wedding, but will it work for your celebration? As you start to think about your wedding aisle decor, there are some factors to consider that will help you narrow down your options.

Some of these wedding aisle decor factors include:

Your Wedding Venue

Your venue can have the largest impact on the overall feeling of your ceremony. Is it indoors or outdoors? Does it have a traditional or modern feel? While you can definitely get creative, it’s important to consider the environment as you plan your decor. For example, rustic pampas could elevate your classic church wedding. On the other hand,deep Red & Burgundy roses might be better suited for  your modern city celebration.

Rust and sepia floral arrangements placed on two barrels Burgundy floral aggrangements lined up on the wedding aisle

Your Wedding Season

While you don’t have to match your wedding aisle decor to the season perfectly, it can act as a good starting point. Fresh pastels or vibrant colors may work better for your spring or summer wedding, while tones of burnt orange or deep burgundy may celebrate the richness of the season at a  fall or winter celebration.

Floral arrangements of different colors sitting on the grass

Wedding style

There are many different styles of wedding, ranging from sleek and minimalistic to free-spirited and natural. Consider the vibe you’re going for, and use that as a starting point as you choose your wedding aisle decor. Remember there are no hard and fast rules, but sometimes, having guidelines can actually make planning easier!

Color palette

One of the earliest steps in planning your wedding decor will be deciding on a color palette, and this will then be used to plan the aisle decorations. It’s best if your wedding flowers, bridal party dresses and overall decor are in the same family to create a cohesive and elevated wedding look. If you’re not sure what color palette to go with, take a look at these wedding color schemes to find some inspiration.

Three brides holding a bridal bouquet respectively

Unique Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

So, you’ve decided to decorate the aisle for your wedding ceremony, but where to start? Whether you’re having an indoor or outdoor wedding or a large or small celebration, there are so many ways to elevate and enhance your aisle decor. From the type of decoration to the size to the color palette, don’t be afraid to get creative and curate a wedding aisle that truly sparks joy. Just think of those photos of you walking down the aisle, and then back again with your new spouse… perfect!

No matter your wedding location, style or budget, here are some of our top wedding aisle decor ideas.

How to Decorate an Outdoor Wedding Aisle

If you’relooking for outdoor wedding aisle decor ideas, here’s the good news:. There are tons ofgorgeous options available to enhance and elevate your wedding ceremony. The bad news? They’re all so gorgeous, it can be hard to decide!

As you plan your outdoor wedding ceremony, it’s important to take the local weather and location into account. For example, if you’re getting married on a windy beach you should try to choose arrangements or decor details that won’t get too blown away by the wind.

Dusty blue floral arrangements placed beside chairs

Here are some of our favorite outdoor aisle decor ideas:

Bountiful Free-Standing Floral Arrangements

One of the best ways to respect the beauty of your natural surroundings is to embrace them. By choosing large, free-form floral arrangements to line your wedding aisle, you are inviting all the organic beauty and spontaneous charm of nature.

You could place one large arrangement at the entrance to each aisle, have a few scattered down the length of the aisle, or fill the entire aisle with the beauty of flowers and overflowing greenery.

For a sophisticated and passionate vibe, our Wedding Aisle Runner Flower Arrangement in Romantic Marsala is a divine choice. The rich burgundy tones add drama, while the eucalyptus greenery adds an organic element. The pale blush roses add a touch of softness, making this stunning arrangement perfect for any season.

A couple of chairs and marsala flowers sitting on top of a grass field

For a more rustic wedding, the tones of our Wedding Aisle Runner Flower Arrangement in Rust & Sepia are perfect. Earthy oranges and soft beiges will complement both desert or forest settings, and the gentle hues mean you can add extra texture and size without the arrangements feeling overbearing.

Rust and sepia runner flower arrangements placed beside chairs

Simple Chair Accessories

If large flower arrangements aren’t your thing, there are many other simple ways to decorate your wedding aisle. By adding a ribbon or small posy to the chairs on the end of the aisle, you can add some color and texture while keeping it sweet and minimal.

These are also a great option for those having a pop-up wedding who need to set up and pack away the wedding ceremony quickly. The advantage of faux florals is that you can add your chair decor in advance without the risk of the flowers wilting, and then quickly assemble the rows of chairs.

Our Wedding Aisle Chair Flower Decoration in Dusty Rose and Navy is a surprisingly impactful touch that will enhance any wedding aisle. Use it on one, a few or all of your aisle chairs to add texture and color, and consider making the look your own with draping fabric to further enhance the charm.

Dusty rose and navy pew flowers attached on top of chairs

If simple is your style, these Pew Flowers in White & Beige may be your perfect choice. Delicate yet eye-catching, they deliver just the right amount of whimsy and magic to your wedding ceremony. Perfect for a countryside wedding, you will just love how the trailing ribbons catch the breeze!

White and beige pew flowers attached on chairs

Indoor Wedding Aisle Ideas

If you’re planning an indoor wedding ceremony, there are many different aisle decor options for you, too. If you’re wondering how to decorate a church aisle for a wedding or how to elevate any indoor space, here are some simple and chic ideas.

Aisle Swags

If you’re planning to get married in a chapel, our Aisle Swags for Church Wedding are a unique and impactful choice. By draping gorgeous fabric along the inside of the aisle, you get a stunning swoop of color and texture that will really dress up the traditional church pews.

There are many different color options, like this Lilac & Ivory, to add a touch of your own style to your church wedding. A bonus of these aisle swags is that they are super simple to set up and take down, meaning that no one has to spend much time packing up after the ceremony. Everyone would rather be celebrating, after all!

Purple aisle drapes hanging on a line of chairs Green aisle drapes hanging on a line of chairs

Hanging Chair Flower Arrangement

Sometimes floor space can be tight indoors, but you still want the stunning impact of flowers lining your aisle. If this is the case, consider a Hanging Chair Back Decoration. These trailing beauties utilize the vertical space to add color, shape and texture to your wedding aisle, without getting in the way of the rows or pews. Instead, they trail delicately down to the ground, creating the perfect backdrop for your big moment of walking down the aisle.

This Dusty Blue & Navy color palette brings both classic French character and an element of seaside charm. It could be a great choice for an indoor wedding in a coastal town, allowing you to bring some of the outdoors in.

Two dusty blue pew flowers placed on top of chairs

Wedding Aisle Decorations on a Budget

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, you may worry that your dream wedding aisle decor isn’t within reach. But there are a ton of ways to get your favorite looks for less with  budget-friendly aisle decor options.

When planning a wedding on a budget, one of the most useful tips is to stick to faux florals. Faux flowers are generally much more accessible, can be ordered and set up in advance, and can even be repurposed later on in your wedding day without the risk of wilting.

Scattered Petals

While it’s common for guests to shower the newlyweds with rose petals after they’ve been officially married, petals can actually be used in the ceremony, too. By lining your aisle with petals, you can create a magical scene at a very affordable price.

Our Silk Petals are delicate yet won’t get trampled underfoot, and they even come with a faint scent of rose! This idea is especially suited for garden weddings on grass, as the petals look right at home scattered along the lawn.

Terracotta rose petals in a glass bowl

DIY Wedding Aisle Decor

While pre-made arrangements can save on time, making your own aisle decor is one of the best ways to cut costs. Plus, you can make your arrangements truly bespoke! Ling’s Moment offers a huge range of DIY materials such as Designer Flower Boxes and Greenery Garlands to let your imagination run wild.

A box of dusty rose and cream flowers and supporting greenery A greenery garland laid on a dinner table

From DIY Free-standing Floral Arrangements DIY Statement Floral Candlesticks, choosing to make your aisle decor yourself can help you craft your dream day at any budget. You can even DIY your Wedding Chair Decor and make it the perfect color, size and shape for your stunning wedding ceremony.

Choosing Your Wedding Aisle Decor

Now you’ve been introduced to the many different types of wedding aisle decor, it’s time to choose your own. While it’s important to consider your wedding venue, theme and color palette before you make any decisions, you should also try to be creative and use this as an opportunity to showcase you and your fiance’s unique style. After all, all eyes will be on you as you walk down that aisle!

When it comes to choosing your wedding aisle decor, Ling’s Moment makes it easier than ever to curate your perfect look. From sweet, simple arrangements to overflowing floral extravaganzas, faux flowers are the perfect choice to elevate your wedding ceremony.

And once your big day finally arrives, make sure to share your dream wedding aisle decor by tagging us on Instagram at @lingsmoment!

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