Regan & Matthew's Soft White & Beige Texas Wedding

Are you the kind of bride who prefers life on the classic side? We’re talking red lipstick, a simple cocktail dress perfect for every occasion, and maybe a string of pearls or diamonds to match? Then you’re exactly the kind of bride we kept in mind for today’s blog. Regan and Matthew gave us a look inside their beige and white wedding and showed us how to add a touch of class to every part of your wedding day.

Is Beige a Good Color for a Wedding?

Before we begin, we want to share why you should consider beige for your wedding day decor. Beige is a neutral yet elegant color that can be used for almost every wedding season! It is also a flexible color choice for almost any wedding theme. Just imagine beige florals surrounding an industrial concrete backdrop for a naturalist wedding, or beige tulle drapes hanging from the beams of a rustic chic barn wedding. No matter the wedding theme (whether vintage, boho, or beachy), beige is the perfect addition to your wedding day decor.

Cheers to a new Chapter

Regan’s wedding day begins in a gorgeous white dressing room fit for a queen. There’s a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, gold velvet drapes swinging to the floor, and in the center of the room, a white love seat sits covered in silver studding and hanging fringe.

She prepares for the day in a baby blue silk robe and soft glam makeup. She toasts to the day’s events with bubbly in hand and beams with joy as she puts on a set of pearl earrings gifted to her by her groom. What a sweet way to begin the day!

A helpful bridesmaid begins to assist Regan in putting on her wedding gown. The two share in laughter as the bridesmaid stoops down to help fasten the straps on Regan’s sparkling heels. After a few last minute touches, the bride is ready to meet her groom at the altar.

A bridesmaid helps the bride to put on her heel

Photo by @tayloreneephotos

Beautiful Beige Wedding Ceremony

The wedding guests wait for the ceremony to begin in an outdoor ranch-style venue with white folding chairs sprawled along the lawn. The officiant stands at the altar wearing a fetching 2 piece terracotta pantsuit. A very lovely style choice if we do say so ourselves!

Beige and White Wedding Floral Decor

At the start of the ceremony, Regan’s bridesmaids stroll down the aisle in sleek beige a-line dresses. All six dresses are tailored to their personal style. One bridesmaid glides by in a dress with sheer puffed sleeves and another wears her dress with a closed halter neckline and an intricate slit in the hem. We love a bridal party with flexible fashion!

Bride and bridesmaids hold beautiful bouquets in their hands

Photo by @tayloreneephotos

Every bridesmaid carries a bouquet of white chorale roses, nude eucalyptus leaf, and accents of golden blueberry fruits. The hushed soft tones of the beige leaves against the gold and white florals created a whimsical effect. The  color palette is divine and the beige eucalyptus leaf is our top pick for a beige color wedding.

Matthew stands in anticipation of his lovely bride with his seven groomsmen by his side. They stand well dressed in crisp beige suits, brown leather shoes, white oxford shirts, and not a bowtie in sight (a very classic fashion choice if we do say so ourselves).

Handsome groom and groomsmen in beige suit

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Here Comes the Bride

Regan makes her glorious appearance in a sleek white mikado ballgown dress as her pearl studded veil glides behind her. She holds a bridal bouquet of cream avalanche roses adorned in beige eucalyptus leaf and white pampas grass. Regan links arms with her father as he escorts her to meet Matthew at the altar.

The bride holds her farther's arm to walk down the aisle

Photo by @tayloreneephotos

White and Beige Wedding Arch Decor

A pergola-styled altar towers at the end of the aisle, decorated with a beige eucalyptus garland. Sprinkled throughout the garland are beige willow leaves and white peonies. Cascading beige drapes finish off the look, showcasing the sublime view behind the wedding arch — a small pond with glimmers of sunlight reflecting off of the waves. In front of this pond, a sprinkler spreads a soft mist, adding a romantic element to the wedding decor.

Regan and Matthew kiss each other in front of the arch decorated with beige garland

Photo by @tayloreneephotos

The smitten couple gaze into each other’s eyes with warm smiles upon their faces. Regan and Matthew stand united as they recite their vows to each other and say their I do’s. Regan and Matthew are officially declared Mr. & Mrs and walk off hand in hand excitedly making their way to the next venue.

Texas Style Celebration

The sun sets and blends into the night sky while the couple makes their debut as husband and wife. There’s a reception hall on the hill that reveals a grand outdoor patio adorned in strings of fairy lights that warm the space with a magical glow.

Regan and Matthew make their way to the patio and excite their guests with a wardrobe change. The groom steps to the dancefloor proudly wearing an Arkansas Razorbacks jersey and a cowboy hat. Regan dances by his side wearing a snazzy white high low dress with a strapless corset cut on top and a layered train of sheer ruffles on the bottom. Her hair is styled in a low ponytail leaving out two tufts of hair on each side.

The bride and groom party together with a cash cannon in hand, showering their guests in benjamins. The guests have their hands in the air and it’s the coolest crowd you ever did see.

The bride holds a cash cannon in her hand

Photo by @tayloreneephotos

Matthew and Regan seal the evening with a kiss and one last dance as a spotlight shines down on them. It was truly like something out of a fairytale. We must thank Regan and Matthew for showing us the true meaning of a Texas style wedding and for sharing with us, their day of fun, florals, and unforgettable memories.

Regan and Matthew have their last dance

Photo by @tayloreneephotos

How to Warm Up Your Beige Wedding Theme

Are you warming up to the idea of having your very own beige and white wedding? Take a look at our white and beige wedding color collection for ways to start incorporating this palette into your ceremonial decor today!

Also, If you happen to create a wedding look that you adore with our beige and white florals please don’t hesitate to tag us @lingsmoment on IG and show us how you woo-ed your wedding guests with your incredibly elegant decor!

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