Real Bride Outdoor Wedding Arch Style Ideas

So you’ve chosen your perfect outdoor wedding location, and now it's time to plan the ceremony. An outdoor floral wedding arch can become the perfect centerpiece to your big day, and create a stylish link between where you will say your vows and the natural surroundings. It’s the second most important thing you’ll see when walking down the aisle, after your fiancee! 

When it comes to outdoor wedding arch ideas, there is no limit to your creativity. This is the perfect time to harness your unique style as a couple and create the perfect backdrop for your treasured first kiss as a married couple. So, what type of arches are trending? Whether you are choosing a canopy for your religious ceremony, such as a chuppah, or just want to create a stunning floral backdrop, here are our top trending outdoor wedding arches from real brides:

Simple Wedding Arch

When it comes to your perfect outdoor wedding arch, simple florals can add just the right amount of sleek, sophisticated style. Whether you’re on a beach or in a garden, some perfectly placed flowers will  always be romantic (also see Ling’s Moment flower packages). A simple floral wedding arch is the easiest to coordinate and assemble yourself, too. To keep your wedding prep smooth sailing, we’ve created a collection of wedding arch flowers that can adorn your chosen structure. The possibilities are endless!

Geometric Style Arches

For a unique setting and memorable photos, a geometric wedding arch can add just the right amount of intrigue and flair to your outdoor ceremony. When paired with the bold shapes and strong lines of your arch, florals can add a touch of softness, texture and color. As different flowers and foliage have their own structural elements, you can play around with a range of combinations to create a ceremony setting that is both modern and timeless.

Rustic Wedding Arches

Rather than a temporary structure, the concept and feeling of a wedding arch can be extended to an existing feature at your wedding location, such as a gazebo or even a low hanging tree branch. Adding flowers is the perfect way to elevate your chosen arch from everyday, to extraordinary. Whether your outdoor wedding is rural, coastal, mountainside or lakeside, adding flowers will make it the perfect setting for the most important day of your life.

Overflowing Arches

If “more is more” is your wedding planning motto, then flowers can be the perfect way to add abundance and opulence to your outdoor arch. Just as flowers bloom wild in a meadow and your love for each other overflows, so too can the centerpiece of your dream ceremony. The trick to a truly luscious wedding arch is to mix different textures, sizes and colors of both greenery and flowers to create a natural, bountiful focal point. This may seem daunting, but in fact it can be incredibly easy to create an abundant floral arch yourself - you can even make it ahead of time!

Whatever your own unique style and vision is for your dream outdoor wedding, a floral arch is a timeless way to set the scene for romance. It’s time to get creative, and don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from indoor wedding arch ideas, too. Artificial flowers can be the key to creating your dream arch, making any style more accessible for your budget, climate or planning schedule. Artificial flowers can also be used to elevate real flower arrangements, making even the most extravagant floral desires within reach of your budget. For many brides, assembling an outdoor wedding arch is when it all starts to feel real - after all, this is where you’ll find your forever!

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