How To DIY Floral Wedding Arch

We provide easy to work with and wide array of colors decorations for wedding and home. Here we are gonna show you some tips on how to make a two-pieces floral arch with Ling's moment flowers and greenery.


  1. Pile at least 7 pieces of flower mud on the bottom of one side arch, then wrap the flower mud with wire mesh and fix it with a zip tie.
  2. Tie other flower muds to the arch in the same way till the whole arch pillar is all covered. 
  3. Evenly insert the green leaves into the flower mud, make the branches and the flower mud form a 30 to 45 degree angle.
  4. Insert green leaves on the inside of the arch from bottom to top to make it fuller.
  5. Make the arch on the other side in the same way. 
  6. Add some green leaves in the gap, especially at the bottom.
  7. Insert flowers into the gaps one by one. You can start with one box set, and then another.
  8. Finally, insert the long branches at the bottom (don’t make them too symmetrical) Done!

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