10 Clever Ways to Incorporate ROSE Color to Your Wedding [Without Real Roses]

Roses have long been associated with love. Poems are written about great declarations made by giving someone such a flower, and Shakespeare even makes a point when Juliet speaks about Romeo Saying, “...a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. They’re associated with nearly all of our favorite love stories.

Somewhere along the line, roses became the physical manifestation of love, and incorporating them into your wedding has become a classic style tradition. But what if you just want to use a rose wedding color without the blooms? Maybe you want to present a subtle reminder while using another one of your favorite flowers in your bouquets. 

We’ve pulled together 10 ideas for how to use rose as a color in your wedding without using the actual flower.

1. Clothing

While this may seem like an obvious choice, it isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. Bridesmaids dresses, your wedding shoes, ties for the men… They can all bring a little rose to the party. But you can also wear rose gold jewelry or a carefully placed barrette or hairpiece. Those in suits can wear a tie pin or cufflinks with the color in question or a handkerchief in their lapel. If fitting, you could even wear a carefully placed ribbon or belt around your waist.

2. Table coverings or napkins

The reception is a great place to add some creativity. Tablecloths are a beautiful way to use a lot of color. Or a nice rose runner on top of navy or white would really stand out. A dusty rose and cream theme is also stunning. Napkins could be folded into roses or arranged in water glasses. Either way, they’ll be attention-grabbing! Or if you choose a more neutral color like white, you can incorporate rose into the napkin ring. It’s a subtle but splendid way to bring out the theme. Details matter!

3. Draped fabric or ribbons

Simple draped, hung, or tied sheets of fabric is another easy way to turn a plain space into a rose-colored fairytale. Cover wedding or reception chairs with a light, airy fabric for an elegant touch. Longer pieces can be hung as a ceiling drape from a point on the ceiling to create an other-worldly, tent-like ambiance. 

Use a rose-colored carpet as a walkway down the aisle to make a splash. Or build a wedding arch that can be decorated with flowy fabric that will create an ethereal effect in the breeze of an outdoor ceremony. There are endless possibilities for innovation here!

4. Photos

Everyone loves seeing photos of the happy couple from various points in their journey to the aisle. Try matting some black and white photos with the theme color and put them on each table at the reception or a separate space dedicated to memories. Hang them on the wall or set up a table with several different levels to display your love in pictures.

5. The cake or dessert

Whether you’re having a traditional tiered cake, pans and pans of cupcakes, bowls of ice cream, or even doughnuts, you can work in your theme color. Icing can easily be made into roses or used as a simple backdrop for other cake details. The same can be said of cupcakes. 

Strawberry ice cream or a raspberry sorbet also fits the bill, depending on the shade you’re aiming for. And doughnuts don’t have to be the typical glazed. Try a strawberry old fashioned–also known as a cake doughnut! You can come up with several intriguing flavor options that will be picture-perfect while intriguing all the foodies in the family. Make it unique!

6. Vases

Even without roses, a well-placed rose-colored vase can add a romantic touch to centerpieces or aisle decor. For a light and airy feel, find colored glass, and if you want a more vibrant effect, use ones that are painted ceramic or plastic. Add some greenery around the bottom  to take the extravagance level up a notch. The contrast in colors will make them pop.

You can also use transparent vases for candles. As mentioned above, you can lay in a pillar candle for a more defined look while floating tea lights can create some moving light. When it gets dark, these will really attract some attention and show off the rose glass.

7. Candles

Candles are a chic and easy way to add ambiance to the day, and they come in an endless assortment of shapes, colors, and sizes. You can add tapers or candelabras to long tables for an elegant dinner. Place pillar candles in glass vases or float tea lights in water around the altar for an evening ceremony. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re incredibly romantic.

8. Guest gifts

Some couples like to present gifts to each of their guests. It can be anything from small boxes of chocolates to fans monogrammed with the couples initials. With a little bit of thought and out-of-the-box thinking, you can make these part of your rose theme! How about some white chocolate-dyed-rose strawberries? Or maybe a rose or hibiscus tea?

Pop fresh popcorn with commemorative dusty rose-colored popcorn boxes for a late-night snack to go home with. Mini bottles of rosé or a container of any number of flavors of rose macaroons. Have fun with it! You can even add a witty note that ties the gifts to you as a couple.

9. Tableware

Tableware can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to incorporating a color theme. Most caterers use basic white dishes without a second thought. But why not look into using rose-tinged champagne glasses or ringed plates? The unexpected adds mystery and delight. Even silverware can be found in rose gold.

Using colored tableware can be incorporated into any theme from rustic to elaborate. The color may be the same, but styles can vary greatly. If you look closely enough, there is something for everyone with a creative eye.

10. Send off items

Some people like sparklers. Others are fans of bubbles. Either of those are opportunities to incorporate rose. You can get sparklers that burn in several different colors for an amazing send-off. Bubbles might be clear, but their containers don’t have to be! If you can’t find the shade you want, stick with a simple white and tie on a ribbon!

Whether you choose a dusty rose and cream theme or another rose wedding color, there are lots of interesting ways to work it into your celebration. Don’t stress. Have fun with the creative process and enjoy the adventure of finding ways that are uniquely you!

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