Planning a Wedding at Home: Inspiring Home Wedding Ideas for Decor & More

Is there anything more romantic than marrying the love of your life in the place you love most? Home is where the heart is, and hosting your wedding at home means putting your heart on display when you open the doors to your wedding guests.

A bride in white dress holding a lilac bridal bouquet

Get your home ready to welcome guests for an intimate and unique wedding experience with a bit of thoughtful planning and inspired design choices. Read on for some of our favorite home wedding ideas for a romantic and memorable day.

How to Plan a Home Wedding: Key Points to Consider

While wedding flowers and decorations are arguably the most fun part of wedding planning, it’s also important to tackle all the tiny details. Weddings at home come with their own set of challenges, so take some of these points into consideration during the planning process to keep you ahead of the curve:


The very first thing you want to do when planning an at-home wedding (or really, any wedding) is to set a budget. Costs add up quickly, so considering estimates as you buy decor and book vendors will help keep your finances in line. 

Luckily, weddings at home are typically more cost-effective, as you’re already saving venue rental and planning fees associated with off-site or destination weddings. You’re saving money before you even start!

Guest List

When you’re planning the guest list, think about how many people can comfortably fit in your space for the celebration. While you might need to be more selective when hosting your wedding at home, you’ll have the most important people in your life there to cheer you and your partner onto the next stage of your relationship.

A reception table decorated with a marsala garland


Hosting a wedding at home presents special challenges for wedding vendors. Be in close communication with the services you hire to make sure you have the necessary space and utilities or have the option for them to bring in what they need (generators, cold storage, etc.). 

When it comes to vendors, food is usually the most important on the list. If it’s within your budget, food trucks are a fantastic option for home weddings since they’re self-contained. Caterers might need access to your kitchen, which could get crowded if you’re hosting indoors, but they would likely handle all the set-up and clean-up to make things easier on you.

A dessert trolley placed before a flower arch

Consider what you want to DIY and what you’ll use outside services for. Maybe you have a cousin who is an expert cake artist or an uncle who loves being behind the bar — friends and family members are often more than happy to help where they can.

Remember that if you’re enlisting the help of loved ones for essentials like food, bar, or music, they’ll be working during your party. If you prefer to have your guests relax, and enjoy, think about hiring outside vendors as an alternative option. 


Your cozy home likely isn’t designed to accommodate a large amount of people. Keep in mind the necessary facilities and utilities as you go through the planning process so you have all your “T’s” crossed and “I’s” dotted when the big day arrives:

  • Parking — With so many loved ones making a beeline to your home, they’ll need somewhere to park their cars. While your driveway (if you have one) might hold a few, you may need to figure out overflow space. Ways to manage traffic include:
    • Your property — if you have the square footage, try blocking off a section of grass to be the designated parking area with cones, ropes, and welcome signs. 
    • Street parking — depending on your zoning rules, encourage guests to utilize nearby street parking. If you live in a close neighborhood, consider how a large amount of people might affect your neighbors, as well. 
    • Group transportation — If parking is at a premium in your area, consider directing guests to an off-site location (like the hotel where you’ve reserved a block of rooms) and coordinating a shuttle service to and from your home. 
  • Bathrooms — Depending on the number of guests, consider bringing in temporary restrooms. Even the best modern-day plumbing might not be able to keep up with an influx of washing and flushing. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, this will be especially helpful so guests don’t have to go too far or you won’t have a revolving door in and out of your house for a restroom break. 
  • Tents — Especially if you’re hosting an outdoor affair, you’ll want to (literally) cover all your bases in case of inclement weather. Think about the ground under the tent, as well — you’ll want some kind of flooring so guests aren’t electric-sliding in the mud. Even if most of your wedding will be indoors, having a designated outdoor space for guests to gather or take a breather is welcome.
  • Insurance & Permits — Touch base with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance agency and figure out if there are any coverage gaps that need to be addressed for the event, and be aware of zoning laws and noise ordinances that might affect your wedding plans.
  • Clean Up — Unlike at a rental venue where you can leave the mess for someone else, hosting your wedding at home means the remnants of the party are your responsibility. Have a plan in place for end-of-night cleanup, whether it’s enlisting the help of guests or hiring an outside crew, so you and your spouse can make a grand exit without worrying about the garbage.

Wedding Planning Pro Tip: Check out our Wedding Planning Checklist for a complete step-by-step guide to walk you through the wedding planning process.

Decor Inspiration for a Wedding at Home

Now that you’ve got the basics of wedding planning down, it’s time to focus your attention on the fun stuff: decorations!

Whether you’re going for an intimate indoor dinner party or a big outdoor bash with extended family and friends, decorating your home wedding venue helps make the celebration feel extra special.

Let’s explore the decor options to give your personal space an even more personal touch. 

Decor Essentials for a Wedding Ceremony at Home

Whether you’re saying your vows in your cozy living room or under your favorite weeping willow tree, create a unique, sacred space to commemorate your nuptials with a little decor and a lot of love. 


Give guests an official welcome with signage that extends your thanks and makes them feel at home in your home. Add special touches with welcome sign decor of flowers and greenery that coordinate with your wedding theme.

A wedding sign decorated with flowers


Backyard weddings sometimes need a little help with defining different spaces within the grassy expanse. Design a floor plan with portable chairs and your wedding arch to carve out the ceremony space.

Chair aisle decor with delicate flowers, greenery accents, and cascading ribbons make the area even more special. Try bringing a homey touch to the wedding aisle with vintage rugs or other interesting textiles, as well.

Wooden chairs decorated with drapes and flowers


A wedding arch creates a focal point and sacred space for your vow exchange. With so many styles and shapes of arches from circular to triangular, you’re sure to find the right match to customize for your home wedding. Consider how the shape and size fit within your ceremony location — your indoor wedding, for example, might need a smaller arch than a vow exchange in an open field.

Various wedding arches in different colors

Decorations Ideas for a Wedding Reception at Home

After you say your “I Do’s”, celebrate at home surrounded by family, friends, and some of these essential wedding decorations: 


Floral centerpieces are an easy way to add ambiance to your reception tables and tie in your wedding theme. Depending on your table choice and dining space, you can go large and dramatic with tall vases and overflowing flower cascades or petite and pretty with low vessels scattered around the tabletops.

Two lilac floral centerpieces placed on tables

Don’t forget to add flowers to other surfaces, as well — countertops, bar and dessert areas, escort card displays, and gift tables will all benefit from added floral flair. 

Couple’s Chair Decor

Save your seats by adorning your couple’s chairs with beautiful flowers and ribbons. Even if you’re dining family style rather than at a sweetheart table, it’ll feel good knowing that from here on out you forever have a spot reserved at each other’s side.

Wooden chairs decorated with drapes and flowers


Instantly fill empty space and add lush greenery to your reception area by utilizing flower garlands. Wrap them around tent poles, adorn doorways, and top tables —- the more, the merrier!

Two wooden tables decorated with tableware and candles

Home Wedding Ideas: Indoors or Outside?

While your home area technically covers the house AND the yard, you might decide to utilize one area or the other for your wedding. Let’s walk through some ways to make the best use of your house and yard space for at-home weddings.

Why Should You Host Your Wedding Indoors?

Our homes are filled with a lifetime of memories, making them a meaningful choice for heartfelt wedding celebrations. There’s a whole host of benefits to having a wedding inside of your home, including:

  • Intimate gathering space
  • Protection from weather
  • Already decorated in your style
  • Easy access to utilities (kitchen, restroom, etc.)

Ideas for Hosting a Wedding Inside Your Home

Your home is already set up just the way you like it, but when you’re hosting a special event like a wedding, consider a temporary glow-up for an extra special day with thoughtful decor choices that bring out the best in your favorite place: 


Help guide guests to the party with a decorative entryway that gives a first glimpse of your wedding theme. Highlight the main entrance to help direct traffic flow while adding beauty to your doorway with items like showstopping signage, floral installations, or freestanding flower arrangements.

Two marsala free standing flowers placed at the aisle


Transform the everyday aspects of your home and backyard into breathtaking locations that elevate your wedding mood:

  • A beautiful brick fireplace easily becomes a photo-worthy backdrop with greenery, florals, and lights adorning the mantle.
  • Wrap your staircase banister in garlands and line the stairs with the gentle glow of electric candles.
  • Frame in windows with garlands, tulle, and twinkling string lights for a soft, romantic look.
  • Dress up a garden shed in draped fabric, flowers, and the soft light of vintage lanterns.
Various floral arrangements used for wedding


Sometimes the best wedding accessories are already in your cupboard. 

Consider utilizing heirloom dishes or serving ware to celebrate adding a branch to the family tree. Cake displays, antique china for dinner place settings, or even old tea sets for afternoon brunch receptions will make you feel like great grandma is a part of your day. 

And don’t forget about those lovely linens that have been stored away for a special occasion — that special occasion is now!

A reception table decorated with floral centerpieces and tableware

Inspire Romance With Mood Lighting

Even if your home is usually well-lit, take stock of the light levels in each room you plan to use for the wedding party. You might want to hit the dimmer and instead opt for alternate light sources like pillar candles, lanterns, and fairy lights. 

Give Your Chandelier a Garden Glow-Up

Speaking of lighting, take advantage of your statement chandelier with a romantic hanging flower wreath that brings the garden party inside. Decorating chandeliers, structural beams, and other ceiling fixtures add visual height and help fill the space with extra layers of whimsy and romance.

A chandelier decorated with flowers and leaves

DIY Pro Tip: Learn how to make your very own floral adornment with our Hanging Flower Wreath Tutorial 

Why Choose an Outdoor Wedding?

Fresh air, sunshine, and wide-open skies are just one reason backyard weddings are so popular. Benefits of outdoor weddings include:

  • More space to accommodate a large guest list
  • Freedom to customize your day
  • Surrounded by natural beauty 
  • Perfect for casual and relaxed weddings

Outdoor Wedding Ideas For Your Backyard

With an outdoor wedding, you already have plenty of Mother Nature’s best work to inspire your decor style. Give your backyard a boost with some of these design ideas: 

Create a Cozy Backyard Gathering Space By the Fire

A fire pit makes for a perfect place for guests to chill with cocktails and hors-d'oeuvres. Set up casual seating options like bar top tables and Adirondack chairs to encourage mingling and conversation. Add colorful flame logs to the fire set up for a special effect. A build-your-own s’mores station makes for fun dessert options, as well!

Utilize the Existing Landscape to Inspire Your Decor

Accent the beauty of your backyard with your wedding decorations. Whether it’s using the colors of the leaves of your stately maple tree in fall for your wedding theme or nestling your wedding arch in front of the sweet-scented lilac bushes that fence in your yard, there are so many ways to make your wedding feel like a natural progression of your property’s best features.

Two couple kissing each other at the wedding aisle

Illuminate the Party Space

Even though the stars are bright and beautiful, you’ll want to add a little extra glow to your outdoor backyard wedding for ambiance and safety while maneuvering uneven ground: 

  • Hang mason jar fairy lights from your statement tree 
  • Line pathways with vintage lanterns to light the way for you and your guests
  • Overhead string lights create a romantic open-air canopy reminiscent of twinkling stars
Various floral arrangements used for wedding

Save Space for Lawn Games

Lean into the upscale picnic vibe of your backyard wedding by setting up an area for lawn games. Whether it's a casual game of bags or a formal croquet course, guests will love the chance to have fun and let loose. And, it’s a great way to keep your youngest guests occupied while the adults enjoy cocktail hour.    

Looking for additional backyard wedding inspiration? Read more: Top 15 Outdoor Wedding Ideas On a Budget

Ways to Make Your Home Wedding Decor Unique

Hosting and planning your wedding at home means guests will get a glimpse at your style and personality in a wedding locale that is truly you. Add your own spin to decorations for a unique and personal touch to your day:

Choose a Wedding Theme That Fits Your Style  

While you love your cozy home, you’ll likely want to set a wedding theme in place to make your space extra special for your wedding day and help guide your decorating decisions. 

What is a good theme for a wedding at home?

The best theme for your home wedding is one that celebrates the best qualities of you and your partner, whether drawing from your backgrounds, shared interests, or lifestyle. Go with a theme that fits with the vibe you want for your day and get creative with how you express it. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, some of our favorite themes for backyard or at-home weddings include: 

  • Rustic Chic — Think warm colors and natural fibers, rounded lines, and cozy spaces
  • Timeless Romance — Imagine soft pastels, loads of roses, and delicate materials like lace, organza, and chiffon
  • Modern Elegance — Use clean lines, romantic reds, formal china, and striking centerpieces 
  • Vintage Glam — Go big with gold accents, rich, layered textiles, and timeless details for a touch of Old Hollywood at home
Various floral arrangements used for wedding


When you’re deciding on a color scheme for your wedding, look for inspiration in your surroundings. While a backyard wedding is basically a blank slate for adding color pops, an indoor celebration might need a little more planning to make sure your theme works with the existing decor of your home.

Another thing to consider when picking colors is what works with the theme and vibe you picture for the day. Do you want warm, cozy tones, gentle neutrals, or bold and bright hues? Think about how your color choices influence your mood and work with the existing landscape. 

Here are some of our new favorite color palettes to help inspire your color story: 

  • Moody Burgundy & Black
  • Russet Orange & Denim Blue
  • Dusty Blue & Navy
  • Garden Blush 
  • Lavender Aster & Burnt Orange
A few brides each holding a bridal bouquet

Check out all of our beautiful wedding color palettes, or create your own with your favorite hues. Once you’ve nailed down your wedding colors, you can use them as a guidepost for the rest of your gorgeous wedding decor. 

Explore Budget-Friendly Wedding Decoration Ideas at Home

When you’re having an at-home wedding, you don’t need to spend an excessive amount on decorations to have one-of-a-kind home wedding decor. Unlike other venues where you might be starting from a blank slate, you’ve likely got the framework there already. Let your home’s natural charm do the heavy lifting while focusing your decorating on key features you’d like to give a beauty boost. 

    • Showcase your favorite areas with affordable pre-made floral decorations that coordinate with your wedding theme such as table centerpieces, garlands, and a sprinkling of rose petals for extra romance.
Burgundy and marsala floral arrangements used for wedding
  • Get creative with floral arrangement vessels by utilizing items you already have in your home, like vases, glasses, pitchers, and planters.
  • Go antiquing and look for accessories to fill in any decor needs you can’t source at home — thrift stores, second-hand stores, and loaned items from friends are easy ways to complete your decor vision on a budget.

DIY Your Way to Gorgeous Wedding Day Decor

Give your decor an extra personal touch by taking the design into your own hands (and home). If you have the time, creativity, and maybe a little help from your friends, you can assemble the adornments you need to give your home a wedding-worthy transformation.

A few women sharing flowers at a wooden table

Our selection of DIY florals, greenery, and decor will help you create just the right unique look for your wedding day. Plus, it’ll feel extra special knowing you put all of it together yourself! 

Let Ling’s Help With All the Essentials for Planning a Wedding at Home

Have fun planning your wedding at home for a unique and special day filled with love and lasting memories. Explore our options for artificial flowers and decor to add beauty and ambiance to your wedding day from the inside out.

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