How To Make A Hanging Flower Wreath Decoration For Your Wedding

Hanging flower arrangements are a unique and impactful way to decorate your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, reception or special event. This hanging floral wreath decoration idea is an eye-catching DIY arrangement that will elevate your space. The Dusty Rose & Cream color palette exudes a romantic vibe, and it will really set the scene for your dream day. Add a pop of color and texture to your wedding day with this DIY floral chandelier wedding decor, and show off your unique style.

Embrace the potential of vertical space in your wedding decor with this surprisingly simple DIY tutorial. But how do you make this hanging wreath chandelier wedding decoration, what is the best way to hang flowers, and what will you need? Read on for wedding decor inspiration, DIY tips and common queries on this stunning decor piece: 

What You’ll Need To Make a Floral Wreath Wedding DIY:

To make this hanging flower wreath for your wedding decor, you will need:

For this tutorial, we’re using flowers from our Dusty Rose & Cream color collection. This gentle color palette exudes sophisticated femininity, and is a timeless choice for any spring wedding. With shades of soft cream, dusty rose and golden accents, this color collection will add a wistful romance to your ceiling hanging flowers wedding decor.

Of course, you can customize this wedding DIY by choosing any of our other gorgeous wedding floral collections. Our Designer Flower Boxes feature a range of color palettes and flower types to help you create your perfect wedding decor. And don’t forget the greenery! Ling’s Moment faux flowers are the perfect way to have totally bespoke floral design at your dreamy wedding day.

How to Make a Flower Wreath for Wedding Decor 

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to start creating your DIY hanging floral arrangements.

Step 1: Prepare the floral foam

To begin, cut the floral foam into 5 equal pieces. These will be used to create the base for your flower wreath arrangement. Then, press each piece onto the ring. Space them evenly around the wreath to create a balanced feel.

A man in apron wrapping floral foams on a wooden hoop

Step 2: Secure the foam

Secure each piece of floral foam with two cable ties. Wrap each tie just tight enough to hold the foam in place without slicing into the foam. Trim off any excess from the cable ties to keep your wreath neat and tidy. With that, the base of your wreath is complete!

A man tying zip ties and securing foams on a wooden hoop

Step 3: Create the hanging arrangement

Take five pieces of cotton twine, line them up, and trim them to the same length. Having even pieces of string will help you make hanging wreath level and stop it from tilting.

A man holding a piece of cotton twine on both hands

Tie one end of each piece of twine to the wreath frame in between each piece of floral foam. Then, pinch the free ends of the twine together and tie a knot. Leave some length behind the knot to be able to adjust the height of your hanging wreath later on.

A man tying pieces of twine to a hoop and lifting it

Pick up the hanging arrangement and make sure that it’s level. Then, hang the base of your wreath where you want to decorate and adjust the height. 

Step 4: Start to add flowers

Begin decorating with the largest flowers, adding them at the center of each piece of floral foam. You can add these at different depths to build the visual center of the flower arrangement. Then, start adding medium flowers evenly around your hanging wreath, using the larger flowers as a centerpoint.

A man inserting flowers into a hanging wreath

Continue adding lighter flowers to add dimension to the color palette and small decorative flowers to make the wreath look more delicate.

Step 5: Add extra embellishments

Once you’ve added all your main flowers, it’s time to elevate your DIY decor with some extra details. Insert small round leaves or embellishments into any gaps, covering any exposed floral foam.

A hanging wreath decorated with various flowers and leaves

Continue to intersperse sprigs of greenery and decorative flowers to the top of the arrangement to increase the vertical impact of your wreath. The top half of your hanging wreath is complete!

Step 6: Build the bottom half

Using the shape of a wind chime as your reference, start to add the longest clematis leaves into the floral foam as the center point of the bottom half. Start adding more trailing greenery, making sure to vary the lengths, depths and direction of growth to create a dynamic arrangement that mimics nature. Keep adding leaves to make your hanging wreath appear full and luscious.

A man adding hanging greenery into a wreath

Step 7: Finishing touches

Add any final pieces of greenery into remaining gaps throughout your entire wreath, making sure that they grow up and out. This will make your DIY decor feel alive. Once you’ve completely covered the floral foam, your hanging floral wreath decor is complete!

A hanging wreath inserted with flowers and greenery

This hanging floral wreath is a unique take on wedding decor, and can be hung anywhere to add sophistication, visual interest and color to your big day. Consider adding it at the entrance to your ceremony, by the bar at cocktail hour, near the wedding cake table or even above the reception tables as a unique chandelier centerpiece.

Good luck in making this gorgeous hanging wedding decor, and make sure to embrace the creative process as you craft your dream decor. And if you decide to try this tutorial, we’d love to see the results! Share your Ling’s wedding moments with us over on Instagram at @lingsmoment.

Hanging Wedding Decorations FAQs

What are some types of hanging flower decorations?

Hanging floral arrangements are a unique and interesting way to elevate the decor at your wedding. They make use of otherwise empty vertical space, and can be customized to suit any wedding theme, color palette or vibe. Hang them at your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour or reception to elevate your decor and create a special feeling throughout your wedding day.

When it comes to choosing or creating hanging flower decorations that feel truly special and true to your unique style, the possibilities are endless. You can even DIY your own hanging flower arrangements to ensure truly one-of-a-kind wedding decor.

Some popular types of hanging flower decorations include a floral chandelier, a hanging flower wreath, draping garlands, abstract arrangements, decorated lanterns, whimsical floating flowers or hanging ferns. If you are considering making your own hanging floral designs, these can all act as inspiration. But of course, you should take this as a chance to use your creative spirit and create hanging flower arrangements that are unique and eye-catching. Our DIY Designer Boxes and greenery garlands are a great starting point to create your own hanging flower decorations, and can be used to accentuate and elevate your wedding venue decor.

Hanging flower wreaths used for wedding reception

How do you hang a floral wreath?

There are many ways to hang your floral wreath decor at your wedding celebration or special event. If you can, use design features such as ceiling beams, overhanging tree branches or even lighting fixtures to hang your wreath from. Extra long cable ties can be helpful here, just make sure to check that whatever you’re hanging it from is sturdy first! If necessary, you can always add a small hook to the ceiling that can easily be removed later.

A pink floral wreath hung on a tree branch

How to decorate a floral wreath?

The DIY tutorial above is a great starting point for a hanging wreath arrangement, but there is no limit to how creative you can get. Consider using different color palettes, hoop sizes or greenery types to create your perfect floral wreath decor. You could even hang the wreath vertically instead of horizontally, which will look especially festive if you’re planning a holiday wedding celebration.

How do you make hanging flower arrangements?

The trick to making hanging flower arrangements is to have a strong base that is completely concealed by flowers. In the DIY tutorial above, you will see that we created a foundation with a craft hoop, floral hoop, cable ties and twine that can then hang anywhere. This same principle applies to most hanging flower arrangements, so if you’re planning your own DIYs it’s worth taking the time to make a strong base. You can then hang your arrangements anywhere that could use a little extra color and texture, like at the beginning of your wedding aisle, over the reception tables or even by the bar.

Green floral wreaths hanging on a wall along with some strings

Is it cheaper to make your own wedding floral arrangements?

There are so many styling options when it comes to wedding decor, meaning that there’s an option for every budget. In general, it will be cheaper to make your own instead of buying pre-made floral arrangements like hanging wreath decor. Using faux florals is a more budget-friendly option than fresh flowers, and you can even re-purpose them at different points in your wedding day or for years to come.

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