Paige & Jesse's Romantic Classic White & Sage Wedding

Paige and Jesse were wed in a wooded forest area of Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. Classic elegance met nature when Ling’s Moment Decor was added to this already naturally beautiful ceremony setting.

For couples looking to create a romantic classic wedding aesthetic, the White and Sage color palette from Ling’s Moment is a no brainer. No matter the venue, the season, or the wedding vibe, this color palette works beautifully to create a timeless wedding look. See how our real couple, Paige and Jesse, used the romantic white and sage wedding palette in their outdoor soft rustic wedding.

Photo by Aly Barnett photography

The Color Palette

Photo by Aly Barnett photography

Paige and Jesse chose the white and sage wedding decor color palette for their special day. Other elements of their wedding included touches of blue, as featured in their wedding rings and bridal party outfits. A tip for planning your wedding decor- create a vision board to see how colors work together. Instead of choosing a blue hued color palette, our lovely couple created a softer more elegant aesthetic with the classic white and sage.

The Wedding Arch

Photo by Aly Barnett photography

A key element to any wedding ceremony decor is the wedding arch. It is a focal point in pictures as well as a symbol of two sides uniting to become one. This wooden ceremony arch was adorn in our sheer white drapes and lush floral garlands. The sheer white drapes offer a textural and color contrast to the outdoor forest venue. The floral garland complements and elevates the natural elements of the venue to romanticize it. We love the way they gently cascade down the arch together.

A great way to minimize your classic white and sage wedding cost is to find the perfect combination between venue and decor. This beautiful wooded area required little decor to make it wedding ready! Paige and Jesse were able to use Ling’s Moment decor sparingly and effectively to create this romantic but effortless wedding ceremony design.

The Bouquets

Photo by Aly Barnett photography

Paige’s bouquet featured a mix of soft white roses and peonies paired with a variety of eucalyptus leaves. One of our favorite classic white and sage wedding tips is to design your bridal bouquet with abundant greenery. This allows for contrast against the bride’s white or ivory wedding gown. The bridal bouquet is the biggest accessory for any wedding. It is in almost all of the photos and is something unique to a bride’s  wedding day amongst all days. A lush sage green mix is the best way for the bridal bouquet to stand out!

The white and sage color palette works wonderfully with any bridesmaids dresses. We love how Paige tied the bridal-party looks together with her dusty blue bridesmaid dresses and bright white faux hydrangea bouquets. The mini bouquets complement the dresses and contrast with her own bridal bouquet creating a soft and springy picture.

Create a Special Moment

Another great tip for a classic white and sage wedding is to DIY! Our DIY Designer Flower Boxes in White and Sage allow you to get creative and make something personal for your special day. They are curated with a refreshing mix of florals and greens to match your beautiful white and sage wedding palette. As florals are a classic part of any wedding, our DIY kits allow you to make unique elements and special moments for your day.

For any wedding, it is important to consider contrasting and complementing design elements with each other. Paige and Jesse’s wedding is a real example of how you can subtly contrast and complement colors, textures, and styles. If you’re inspired by Paige and Jesse’s timeless outdoor wedding, shop our White and Sage color palette for the most beautiful floral decor elements.

Natural, classic, and romantic; the perfect combination for both your wedding design and your marriage.

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