Fall 2022 Soho Wedding Collection Inspiration

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cozier, and your love is only getting stronger. For Ling’s Fall 2022 Collection, we were inspired by the excitement and joy of an intimate city wedding. Let the rich hues of Burgundy and Dusty Rose be the pop of color in your autumnal wedding celebration. Go from day to night in chic Soho style for Fall 2022.

When planning your perfect intimate wedding, you know you don’t need to voyage far from home. Instead of the grand destination wedding dreams of some brides, your vision plays out on the cobblestoned streets of your very own city. You aren’t afraid to break the “rules” of wedding planning, while also taking inspiration from fashion trends in 2022. You want to celebrate with your loved ones in your most familiar place.

Burgundy and Dusty Rose Wedding

After you and your fiance tie the knot at City Hall, you step out into the autumn afternoon sunlight where your friends and family shower you with silk rose petals. You take a few laughter filled photos on the streets, and the burgundy and dusty rose of your wedding flowers perfectly complement the more muted tones of the cityscape.

Your wedding bouquet is reminiscent of a classic era, and the cascading florals bring sophistication and class to your bridal look. Rich, earthy tones of burgundy and dusty rose sit perfectly against the pink and white of the draping pearls. A berry lip stain ties the look together, as vintage charm meets modern romance.

Together, you take a short stroll hand in hand, a soho fashion walk, through the streets to your favorite brasserie. They have the back room set up just for you with champagne and canapes, and as you enter you are handed a glass of champagne. The tables are adorned with twinkling lanterns and scattered with florals in your signature wedding color, making you feel at home. The long, draping table runners look like something from a vintage film, and you look around the room to take it all in. The jazz band starts to play, and the scents of leather and mahogany fill the room. You also added your own special touch - you sprayed your signature wedding perfume on your bouquet of faux flowers to create a luxurious, bespoke sensory experience.

As the sun sets outside, you, your fiance and your nearest and dearest dance into the night. You celebrate your love, your way, in the city that made you both who you are. Your memories of this day will last a lifetime, and every time you stroll through these streets you will be reminded of the happiest day of your life.

You take your faux wedding florals home and tuck them safely in your closet. Every time you want to remember that beautiful night in autumn, you can take them out and be transported back like it was yesterday. The rich autumnal hues, the reminiscent scent and the picture-perfect memories will keep your Fall 2022 wedding day with you forever.

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