The Inspiration behind the Ling's Whimsical Summer 2022 Collection

The time is finally here! You have been dreaming about your wedding from the time you were a girl, and now the planning can begin. We’ve created our Whimsical Summer 2022 Collection to honor both the dreams of that little girl, and the sophistication of the woman you are today. With a palette of dusty rose and cream, let our summer collection for a wedding in 2022 inspire your planning journey.

While there are many decisions to be made for your big day, these all serve to cultivate joy and celebrate love. You, your fiance and your loved ones will come together to make precious memories and celebrate starting your life together. It is this thread of joy that should run through all of your wedding planning decisions, just as it runs through our Whimsical Summer Collection.

Inspired by sun-dappled gardens in the French countryside, this collection of faux flowers has a classic charm. The timeless color palette of dusty rose and cream is both romantic and feminine, and works in harmony with summer’s wildflowers.

Imagine this… it’s the moment before you hear the music to cue your walk down the aisle. A ladybug floats on the warm afternoon breeze, and you watch as it lands on the bouquet in your hands. You feel calm knowing that you are about to start your forever, and soak in the warmth of the best day of your life.

This collection is the ultimate summer wedding inspiration for 2022. From the bridal party bouquets to the ceremony to the reception decor, bask in the vintage charm of this gentle color scheme. To keep the look modern, consider including some wild foliage into arrangements to make them feel free and organic. You’re celebrating a wild, expansive and fun love, after all!

When it comes to planning your wedding, you deserve the celebration that you’ve always dreamed of. Our Ling’s Moment Whimsical Summer Collection is one of the best wedding themes for summer 2022, and will help cultivate an elevated, timeless charm. Celebrate your love in style with the chic color palette of dusty rose and cream, and get ready to dance into the night with the ones you love.

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