How to Repurpose Bridesmaid Bouquets for Your Wedding Reception

At Ling's Moment, we believe a good bouquet should never go to waste.

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Consider taking your bridesmaids' blooms to the next level by repurposing them into floral arrangements for the reception!

But how do you repurpose bridesmaid bouquets? We've put together this how-to guide with tips on transforming your bridesmaid arrangements into beautiful centerpieces, photo backdrops, and more. Read on to find inspiration for reusing bridesmaids' bouquets on tables, chairs, aisles, and more!

Here's how to repurpose bridesmaid bouquets for your wedding reception-

Do bridesmaids keep their bouquets after the wedding?

Traditionally, bridesmaids in the West hold onto their bouquets as keepsakes from the wedding. It's a special day for them, too, after all! But ultimately, what to do with the bridesmaid bouquets after the ceremony is the couple's decision, and they should do what feels right for them.

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What to do with bridesmaid bouquet during reception

One thing we love about weddings is that they are always adjusted to fit the couple and their needs — no two weddings are ever exactly alike. 

If you'd prefer to make your bridesmaid bouquets into unique keepsakes or integrate them into the altar, you can do that, also. Even if you end up using bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces or other clever repurposing options, you can still return them to their carrier after the reception.

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How do you reuse a bouquet of flowers at a reception?

Good news: There are several easy, quick, and cost-effective ways to repurpose bridesmaid bouquets at a wedding. With artificial flowers, it’s even easier to do since you don’t need to worry about watering them. Here are some ideas on how to repurpose bridesmaid bouquets for your wedding reception-

Repurpose your bridesmaid bouquets into photo backdrops

Flowers add instant romance and joy to anything they touch. Photos and backdrops are no exception! Bunch your bridesmaid's bouquets together on a table or near a striking area of the venue for an instant picture backdrop.

A reception table topped with linens and flower centerpiece

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Work bridesmaid blooms into your wedding arch

Repurpose bridesmaid bouquets and your wedding arch by combining them into a photo backdrop for the reception.

You can weave the bridesmaid blooms directly into the arch structure or combine them with an elegant set of drapes for added romance. Another idea is to add the bouquets to a dish or vase and set them near the altar. If the arch is light enough to move to the reception space, it can make the perfect backdrop for the sweetheart or head table.

A headtable decorated with garlands and flower centerpiece

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Bonus: photo backdrops that use artificial flowers can be repurposed yet again. Think birthday parties, girls' nights, baby showers, formals, or even just fun selfies with the family.

Add a few extra sprinkles of your wedding theme

It's easy to reuse your bridesmaid bouquets to add a dash of your wedding theme to...well, almost anywhere. Get creative with it! We're not talking centerpieces here. We're talking about those easy-to-forget areas near a stage or beside the head table. 

Because bridesmaid arrangements are typically smaller, consider repurposing your bouquets in the following spaces.

  • on a welcome table
  • near the guestbook
  • beside the head table
  • on the sweetheart table
  • a buffet area or cocktail bar
  • grouped around the wedding cake
  • chair decor
  • next to a stage with the band, DJ, or performer
  • in the powder room

Wedding keepsakes for the bridesmaids

When it comes to your big day, every last thing is a keepsake. Flowers, in particular, are soaked in the love, joy, and memories of your wedding day. 

Every bride should plan to display her bridal flowers long after she walks down the aisle, and the same goes for her bridesmaid bouquets. When crafting with artificial flowers, the possibilities are endless. Faux florals can be framed, glued onto the back of a photograph, pressed into the back of a clear phone case, made into a brooch or hairpiece, or even kept precisely as is.

Blue flowers glued to the back of a photo frame

Add floral flair to aisles or church pews

Decorating pew ends for your reception doesn't have to add to the budget. For church weddings or any venue with an aisle, enhance the walkway with an extra dose of flowers. Bridesmaid bouquets can be repurposed at the edge of a church pew with ribbon or displayed at the end of the aisle on pillars, tables, or in large vases.

Terracotta flowers tied to the back of chairs with linens

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Use bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces

Can bridesmaids’ bouquets double as centerpieces at the reception? This practice is both common and budget-friendly. It's also highly logical - your bridesmaid's bouquets are already beautiful and on-theme, so using them as reception decor only makes sense.

Consider repurposing your bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces for your welcome table, head table, sweetheart table, or at a serving area or bar.

How to use bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces

So, how do you reuse bridesmaid bouquets on tables? There are several ways to convert your beautiful bridesmaid bouquets. Here are a few of the most popular and simple tricks to transform your bridesmaid blooms into on-theme centerpieces-

  • Vases. Add the blooms to a vase that matches your wedding aesthetic and theme. If the vase is on the smaller side, fill it with a few larger flowers, some filler blooms, and greenery. Add warmth with tea-light candles sprinkled around the container.
  • Wooden trays. Arrange bouquets on a wooden board or tray with tea lights, ribbons, berries, or extra sprigs of greenery. 
  • Welcome table or easel. You can arrange bridesmaid bouquets as is on top of the entry/welcome table or easel if you have one.
  • Pillars. Elegant and eye-catching, pillars instantly add a level of romantic sophistication to any space. Arrange your bridesmaid bouquets in vases and set them next to the cake table, head table, or any other area you'd like to highlight.
Mini blue bouquets put into glass vases Dusty rose and white roses placed on a mirror

Tip: Take special care with round reception tables. Large arrangements or centerpieces bouquets in the center of a round reception table can make it difficult for guests to see and converse with each other.

Practical Tips for Repurposing your Bridesmaid Bouquets

From using bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces to creating beautiful photo backdrops, there are endless ways to reuse your blooms.From using bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces to creating beautiful photo backdrops, there are endless ways to reuse your blooms.

Two women walking side by side while holding bouquets

Here are a few quick tips to consider when repurposing your bridesmaid bouquets for your wedding reception.

  • When choosing a vase to display the blooms, consider the length of the stems and the space surrounding the arrangement. If you're using bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces, you don't want the flowers to block guests’ (or the photographer's) view.
  • Place bouquets in a shorter vase in the center or front of a table so the flowers don't look disproportionately small.
  • Carefully consider the timing. For example, if guests have already signed the guest book on their way into the venue, adding a floral display after the ceremony may not make sense. 
  • This tip follows along with the last one. The photographer will want to take photos of the bridesmaids with their bouquets, so be sure to communicate with them before you repurpose the arrangements.

One Last Tip for Repurposing Bridesmaid Bouquets

Ling's final tip: show it off! 

Centerpieces, photo backdrops, chair decor, and more - we love to see the unique ways you repurposed your bridesmaid bouquets and made them your own. We love to see it! Tag us at @lingsmoment on Instagram when you share your wedding photos.

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