Lizzy & Michael's Romantic Riviera Cancun Beach Wedding

It’s the stuff of fairytales: marrying the love of your life on a faraway, tropical beach, surrounded by your nearest and dearest as the sun goes down. For our real Ling’s bride Lizzy and her new husband Michael, the beach wedding dream is exactly what their big day looked like.

Earlier this year Lizzy and Michael tied the knot in sunny Cancun, Mexico. The weather was perfect for their destination wedding, and the stunning poolside ceremony was the perfect blend of modern vibes and traditional romance. The bride’s white dress shone alongside her bridesmaids’ sage green gowns, and the look of the whole wedding party was completed with florals in a soft blue, white and navy color palette.

Photo by Quetzal Photo

If you are planning your own beachside destination wedding, how could you not be inspired by Lizzy and Michael’s romantic Cancun celebration?

Faux Flowers For A Destination Wedding

A destination wedding promises stunning views, a memorable trip and a unique setting for the biggest day of your life. However, planning an event that is not local can make the process slightly more of a headache. Organizing wedding vendors such as the photographer, hair & makeup artists or a florist becomes suddenly more complicated when you opt for a destination wedding.

For many brides, faux wedding flowers are the perfect way to make this planning process easier (and save some money along the way!) If you’re planning a destination wedding, there are many advantages that could make faux flowers your perfect option:

Plan at home

Rather than having to source local, seasonal wedding florals when you get to your destination, faux flowers allow you to have them ready to go. By having your flowers delivered to your home in advance, you can even create your unique wedding arrangements before you travel. Then, you can simply pack them and start the journey to your forever!

More resilient

Destination weddings are often held outdoors in places with dramatic weather conditions. Whether you’re getting married on a humid beach, in a dry desert or upon a cold mountain, the weather will ultimately affect your wedding florals. Faux flowers prevent the risk of wilted bouquets or table centerpieces, and guarantee that your arrangements stay looking perfect all day and night.

Budget friendly

 Let’s face it, getting married far away from home can be expensive. As well as the ceremony and reception costs, you have to factor in travel, accommodation and possibly a few extra days of festivities with your guests. To ease this burden, artificial wedding flowers are an affordable alternative to free up some extra cash in your budget. Another piña colada, please!

Blue Tones For A Beachside Wedding

Lizzy and Michael’s beachside wedding is proof that a blue color palette is a gorgeous option for your destination ceremony. More than just your “something blue,” these calming tones are as memorable as they are traditional.

Photo by Quetzal Photo

Wedding Party Flowers

For Lizzy and Michael, the soft blue, white and navy color palette was a gorgeous option for their beachside Cancun wedding. By incorporating the tones of the sky and ocean, they created a stylistic connection between their ceremony and the environment.

As well as the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets, these peaceful blue tones match the groom’s suit and are carried throughout to the groomsmens’ boutonnieres.

Photo by Quetzal Photo

Ceremony and Beyond

Blue is a color that easily ties in with the surroundings, making it a perfect accent to your wedding ceremony and beyond. Consider including a blue floral color palette to your ceremony with details such as sign decor, aisle decorations, or even scattered silk rose petals in French Dusty Blue.

As the ceremony wraps up and the party begins, faux flowers in shades of blue can be used to enhance your reception decor. Add a garland to the head table or a centerpiece to each of your guest tables to create stylistic flow and tie the whole day together. Having continuity in your color palette will really elevate your wedding photo album, too.

If you are planning a destination wedding, take some inspiration from the gorgeous Cancun wedding of Lizzy and Michael. For this newlywed couple, faux flowers were the perfect choice to get the wedding look they wanted in their dream location. The blue color palette created harmony between the location, the wedding party and the decor, and these photos capture how magical their big day truly was. Congratulations!

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