Centerpieces That Go Beyond The Table

After the serene joy of your wedding ceremony comes the fun part - the celebration! Whether you’re having a big soiree or an intimate reception, wedding table centerpieces are a stylish way to elevate your decor and create design cohesiveness.

When planning the florals for your big day, the option of faux flowers may be a very welcome discovery. For wedding centerpieces on a budget or unique wedding centerpieces, the versatility of faux flowers makes them an obvious choice. And even after the wedding day, many brides are discovering that their wedding centerpieces go beyond the table.

Why faux flowers make the perfect wedding table centerpiece

From your check-in table, cocktail table, sweetheart table to guest tables, floral centerpieces are impactful decor details. But what makes faux floral centerpieces the clear choice over their real counterparts?


By doing it yourself, you are adding an ireplicable personal touch to your wedding day. Get creative with your faux flowers and create your very own Pinterest-worthy centerpieces. You can totally customize your design, creating the perfect wedding centerpieces for round tables (or any other arrangement you can dream of!)


 Compared to real flowers from a florist, faux flowers are much more accessible for weddings with any budget. Whether you're going for a subtle look or “more is more,” the cost of faux flowers keeps your vision within your wallet’s reach. 

Long lasting:

Not only do faux flowers make wedding prep a breeze (you can make your arrangements ahead of time without any fear of wilting,) they also become precious keepsakes. From repurposing them at a later point on your wedding day to keeping them as an heirloom, a faux flower table centerpiece becomes a versatile and impactful part of your wedding day.

How to make the most of your faux flower centerpieces

Repurpose bridal party bouquets:

After the wedding ceremony is over and the photos have been taken, it’s all too common to see bridesmaids’ bouquets be put aside without much thought. Instead, have your bridesmaids place their floral arrangements inside an empty vase to create stunning table centerpieces for the dining tables. It’s a great way to get double use out of the flowers, and the beauty of faux flowers is that they will look just as fresh as they did earlier in the day!

Use your centerpieces as ceremony decor:

 If you're looking for timeless wedding table decoration ideas, these mini flower bouquets in a vase are a perfect choice. Plus, they are simple enough that it is easy to use them during your ceremony, too - these dainty bouquets are a charming detail when hung at the entrance to each aisle. It’s small tricks like this that enhance your guests’ experience of the big day, and help you make the most of your wedding faux flowers.

Home decor:

There’s nothing better than having fresh flowers in your home… except of course fresh flowers that never wilt! Floral arrangements are an easy way to accessorize both your wedding and your home, making your faux wedding flowers an investment that will last for years to come. By using your wedding centerpieces as faux floral decor in your home, you will be transported back to the happiest day of your life by the memories they hold.

You put a lot of time and care into your wedding table centerpieces, so it’s only right that they should get as much use as possible. By repurposing your faux floral arrangements during the ceremony, reception and at home, you are choosing to get the most value from your wedding decor and promoting sustainable source of beauty.These wedding centerpiece DIYs will elevate your special day, and allow you to take that joy with you into your happy marriage.

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