Ling's Soft, Creamy & Sophisticated Winter 2022 Collection

As the fresh snow falls outside, you’re getting ready for the biggest day of your life. Your wedding day has finally arrived on this crisp winter’s morning, and it’s cozy, warm and calm inside. Ling’s Moment Winter 2022 Collection is inspired by the understated elegance of natural tones and the gentle warmth of a wintertime wedding.

From your dress, to the bridal flowers, to the wedding decor, let Ling’s Winter Collection be the stylish thread that ties your magical day together. Get ready to create lifelong memories surrounded by your family, your friends who are like family, and your fiance. As a ray of golden winter light shines through the window, meet Ling’s Moment’s soft, creamy and sophisticated Winter 2022 Collection. 

Color Story: White & Beige

In contrast to the cool tones of the snow falling outside, Ling’s Winter 2022 color story features a timeless White & Beige collection. Warm, inviting and classic, the soft and light earthy tones will suit any bride, venue and wedding.

The organic shades of white and beige come together to create a classic, sophisticated bridal bouquet. Rather than trying to match the white of your dress, this collection celebrates the tonal variety of neutral shades like cream, ivory and blush to create a surprisingly rich, calming bridal look.

Alongside you at the end of the aisle are your bridesmaids - your best friends that are more like sisters. Their dresses harmonize with the white and beige theme, too, bringing a timeless warmth to this winter wedding. Their Ling’s floral bouquets complement yours with the chic romance of beige roses.

When the big moment comes and it’s time to say “I do,” you and your fiance stand together in confidence in front of this draping flower arch. Warm, neutral and inviting, the White & Beige is the perfect backdrop to your forever photos.

When your vows have been exchanged, the marriage license has been signed and those precious photos have been taken, it’s time to celebrate. The wedding reception you’ve planned is intimate and cozy, as you spend time with your nearest and dearest in the glow of love.

The elegant tables are draped in beige linens and adorned with floral centerpieces from Ling’s. With the warm light of candles contrasting the falling snow outside, you couldn’t have wished for a more perfect evening.

Faux Flowers For A Winter Wedding

As you plan your dream winter wedding, you will face a decision about where you source your florals. Ling’s Moment makes this sometimes difficult decision the easiest part of your wedding. Our faux florals are affordable, customizable and stylish, and the best part is that they’re available at any time of the year

With Ling’s Moment you can bring your dream wedding Pinterest board to life, even with snow falling outside. Instead of being confined by the local, seasonal floral offerings, you can choose or create exactly what you want at any time of the year. You can even get your wedding florals sorted in advance, making the planning and prepping process of your big day a breeze.

Ling’s Moment knows that your wedding is a reflection of your unique taste, so we make totally custom floral arrangements an easy possibility. Our Designer Flower Boxes make it easy to express your own unique taste and vision. You can even mix and match your wedding color schemes and greenery to create a floral landscape that is truly a reflection of you.

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If you’re starting to plan your winter 2022 wedding, let Ling’s Moment act as inspiration. The creamy, organic tones of our White & Beige color palette will be the background to your forever photos. Classic, inviting and cozy, embrace the calm that comes with this sophisticated collection. Even as the snowflakes drift from the sky, you will be held by the warmth of your love.

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