Jezzy's & Billy's Fresh White & Pink Gulf Coast Beach Wedding

Imagine reciting your vows in front of your family and friends while hearing the waves softly crash along the sandy shoreline. This was a reality for our Real Ling’s Bride Jezzy and Billy as they began the next chapter of their romance with a beautiful gulf coast wedding.

With the sun shining and breathtaking views, the couple held a laid-back yet romantic ceremony and reception by the sea. The bride, Jezzy,  looked stunning in her floral applique wedding dress alongside her bridesmaids, who wore elegant dusty rose gowns (also see our guide on how to match your wedding dress with your flowers). Their bridal looks were completed with a fresh color palette of white and pink florals.

If you’re looking to plan your destination wedding similar to Jezzy and Billy, simply choosing from white & pink gulf coast beach wedding packages could be an option. But, keep in mind you also need to consider your budget since a white & pink gulf coast beach wedding cost can range from inexpensive to expensive depending on how you envision your big day.

With Ling’s Moment, you can create a colorful and beachy-themed wedding with fresh white and pink flowers on any budget!

Ready to be inspired? Let’s take a closer look at Jezzy and Billy’s wedding decor to see how you can incorporate fresh white and pink flowers into your wedding.

A Floral Arch 

Set the tone for your ceremony is as simple as framing your backdrop with a floral archway. Not only is this archway the focal point of your ceremony, it’s where you’ll exchange vows with your spouse to-be  and say ‘I do.’

Rather than a classic archway, Jezzy and Billy chose a circular one that had a contemporary flair while providing a beautiful frame around the two. Your archway can be made of warm-tone wood like theirs or created with durable metal. To finish the look, you can decorate the archway with your favorite Ling’s Moment flowers in white and soft pink.

Boutonnieres and Bouquets

From the soft-cut dresses to the bow-ties, Jezzy and Billy’s wedding party looked amazing in their gowns and preppy suits with our white and pink florals. If your bridal party’s attire is completely different, you don’t need to worry. No matter what color you choose for your bridesmaids’ dresses, bouquets of white and pink roses with lush greenery will create a fresh look that pairs well with the beachy setting. The same goes for the groomsmen, who can either wear pink or white boutonnieres to coordinate with the bouquets.

As for you, the bride, your bouquet of blooming white and pink roses will look perfect with your wedding dress. You can even add accessories to your bouquet by decorating it with clematis leaves, pearls, a crystal floral pick, or a tulle butterfly floral pick. We also have a variety of different flowers in white and pink you can choose from to create your unique bouquet!

Here at Ling’s Moment, we love being a part of our brides’ big day! Remember to tag us @lingmoments on IG to share how you used our florals at your wedding.

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