Ian & Miranda's Warm & Colorful Industrial Style Wedding

When envisioning an industrial wedding you may think of a vast open floor plan, exposed concrete walls, or a subdued color palette. While we are quite fond of the charm of a traditional industrial wedding theme, we absolutely adore the colorful twist that Ian and Miranda put on their industrial themed wedding!

Ling's couple kiss each other in front of a red brick wall

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There’s so much to admire about their wedding day, from the bright-colored wedding florals and beautifully lit venue to the warm and exotic table decorations. Below, learn how you can put a modern spin on industrial chic wedding decor just like our real bride Miranda.

Benefits of an Industrial Themed Wedding

If you’re an edgy, naturalist, or modern bride, then an industrial themed wedding can be ideal for you. The exposed elements like brick, concrete, and wood add an organic charm or enchanted garden feel to your wedding day decor.

You also have a lot of design freedom with industrial spaces — they’re basically a blank canvas with limitless decor possibilities. Industrial spaces are also the perfect choice if you’re looking for a naturally welcoming and relaxed venue. Their uncluttered atmosphere can help your guests feel cozy and comfortable.

Ultimately industrial spaces are perfect for couples who favor open concepts and friendly, organic design.

A indusrial themed wedding venue

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Industrial Chic Wedding Decor

Industrial Chic Aisle Decor

Your wedding aisle is one of the most important focal points of your wedding day — not just for your guests, but also for the one who gets to watch you walk down the aisle.

Ian and Miranda took an understated approach with their wedding aisle decor: They lined the aisle with gorgeous industrial styled lanterns nestled inside a ring of eucalyptus leaves. It was an incredibly clever and classy way to incorporate the industrial chic theme.

Ling's couple lined the aisle with gorgeous industrial styled lanterns

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There are countless ways that you can spruce up your wedding aisle using only two items or less! You can place exquisite floral wreaths on the back of your aisle seats or tie elegant drapes to the side of your chairs for a little glamor and flair.

Side flower chair decor with drapes in sunset terracotta Wreath flower chair decor in sunset terracotta

Industrial Chic Flower Bouquets & Boutonnieres

Who says industrial weddings can’t be colorful? Miranda and Ian’s venue hosted an impressive room with a bright-colored ribbon wall. The bridal party looked dazzling against the rainbow of ribbons. There were lively orange hues, rich reds, and cool green and blue tones all creating a perfect focal point for unforgettable photos. It was an incredible way to liven up the industrial space.

Miranda chose a colorful bridal bouquet of pink ballet pointe dahlias, terracotta Austin roses and green long leaf eucalyptus to stand out against her snowy white wedding dress. She created a similar visual effect by pairing her vivid bridesmaid dresses with white and beige bouquets. It was a witty way to create a colorful yet cohesive wedding look!

Bride and bridesmaids in colorful dress hold terracotta and beige bouquets in their hands

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Meanwhile, Ian kept the warm and colorful wedding theme in mind when it came to the groomsmen attire. 

Ian wore a beige & white suit accented with a vivid rose floral tie. His groomsmen followed suit in dapper beige and white ensembles with stylish rose boutonnieres pinned to their snazzy suspenders. We love how Ian & Miranda paired neutrals with bright colors to create a warm and vibrant industrial chic wedding theme.

Groom and groomsmen in beige suits wear white boutonnieres

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Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Guest Table Greenery Centerpieces

The reception was a sight to behold with a variety of guest tables styled with different designs in mind.

For the rounded tables, centerpieces of lush greenery and pampas grass captured a rustic chic vibe. The tall gold prisms evoked a modern look, while classic white candles helped tie in more industrial chic wedding decor.

A round guest table decorated with a tall pampas grass centerpiece

Photo by @emilyrosephotos

Green eucalyptus garland dressed the rectangular tables. The bright orange roses woven throughout provided a zesty decorative touch. Small vases of beige pampas grass were placed on both sides of the garland, completing the dazzling warm beige and orange industrial wedding theme.

As a finishing touch, bushels of eucalyptus garland draped from the ceiling to create an elegant secret garden look. Every detail of this industrial wedding was eye-catching!

A indusrial themed wedding venue decorated with greenery garland on the ceiling

Photo by @emilyrosephotos

Sweetheart Table Decorated with Eucalyptus and Orange Roses

Ian and Miranda’s sweetheart table design was nothing short of enchanting. A garden-esque gate dressed in eucalyptus vines and warm industrial string lights enveloped the couple, producing an incredibly romantic ambience. At the front of their table was a fresh centerpiece of eucalyptus leaf, pampas grass, baby's breath florets, and an array of bright orange roses. Two lovely orange velvet throne chairs sat to the table’s back, creating a romantic seating area fit for the enamored newlywed couple.

The couple sit at the sweetheart table covered with orange roses and greenery

Photo by @emilyrosephotos

Try out this Industrial Wedding Decor Idea

If you want to create a warm and colorful industrial chic wedding like Ian & Miranda, we suggest pairing a colorful palette with warm neutrals for a balanced industrial chic wedding design. Our tropical citrus and pink color palette can bring in that captivating element to your reception decor as well as your wedding bouquets.

Tropical citrus and pink wedding

If you’d like to experiment with a certain floral arrangement before creating any of your official decorations, we suggest trying out a sample box. It’s a great way to ensure that you will be satisfied with flowers you choose to decorate with on your wedding day.

Sample box in tropical citrus and pink A table with a camera and a flower centerpiece on it

Be sure to tag us @lingsmoment on Instagram if you recreate any of these industrial wedding decor ideas. We’re excited to see what incredible ideas you come up with!

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