The Inspiration Behind Ling’s Lilac and Gold Color Collection Refresh

With birds singing and honeybees buzzing, spring and summer are some of our favorite seasons for weddings. And for Ling’s Brides, our lilac and gold collection is a quintessential way to transform their elegant ceremonies.

A sweetheart table decorated with lilac flowers and white backdrops

To give you more options for your special day, we’ve refreshed this classic color palette with new premium styles and designs, so you can upgrade your wedding in an entirely new way.

Below, discover the inspiration behind the refresh of the lilac and gold collection and get a glimpse into what your future wedding day could hold.

Your Refined Purple and Gold Wedding Color Palette

Throughout history, the color purple has been associated with royalty and nobility. It’s a shade you don’t often find in nature, and its rarity helps evoke its unique and regal vibes.

As a softer tone, lilac evokes feelings of calmness and serenity. It’s like a watercolor gradation of violet and is ideal for gentle or delicate floral arrangements. 

Wedding color palette in lilac and gold

The golden accents in this color collection help draw out a noble flair, while the cream supporting flowers provide refined balance. The finished result? A collection of charming yet luxurious colors that’s tailor-made for creative brides.

Here’s how we imagine the perfect lilac and gold wedding day:

The Bridal Party

It’s a balmy summer morning in a countryside manor. As the sun peeks over the horizon, you and your bridesmaids prepare for the day in one of the manor’s bedrooms.

You sip morning tea and snack on fruit and finger sandwiches as your maid of honor helps you curl your hair. 

Your Beautiful Bridal Look and Bouquet

Rather than visit a bridal salon, you opted to thrift a vintage wedding dress that’s elegant yet understated. The pleated fabric lends visual interest to your look without providing anything too extravagant.

The understated design helps draw the eye to the star of your bridal look — your bouquet. You opted for a cascading bouquet bursting with purple and lilac gardenias, pasque flowers, roses, and Wisteria. The cream-colored accent flowers help soften the look, while the gold accent leaves match your heirloom necklace. As a finishing touch, soft lilac orchids cascade alongside a pair of elegant ribbons, like watercolors running on a page.

The overall look is regal yet refined and bursting with soft romance.

A bride holds a cascade bridal bouquet in lilac and gold

The Bridesmaid Dresses and Bouquets

While you finish off your makeup, your bridesmaids don off-shoulder lilac gowns with full skirts made for twirling.

Their rounded bouquets contain the same flowers in your cascading design — purple and lilac gardenias, roses, and pasque flowers.

Bridesmaids hold round bouquets in lilac and gold

A Charming Wrist Corsage

You’re almost ready to walk down the aisle. But first, you need one final touch.  You turn to your maid of honor and slip a corsage over her wrist made from a single lilac rose that’s accented with sprigs of soft lavender hydrangea and dazzling golden leaves. It’s a beautiful token of your appreciation that she can treasure long after the ceremony.

Wrist corsages in lilac and gold

Your Partner’s Dashing Look

Across the hall, your partner readies for the day by donning a sharp black tux and bowtie finished with a refined boutonniere made from a flourishing white gardenia. The sprigs of lavender help complement your bouquet. Your coordinated looks are sure to be fantastic in photos.

The groom wears a boutonniere decorated with lavender and white gardenia

Your Purple And Gold Wedding Ceremony

Once everyone’s ready, it’s time to head outside to the manor’s garden — where you’ll exchange vows surrounded by lush greenery and dreamy flowers.

Rather than springing for a full tent, you decided to frame your ceremony and reception area with panels of sheer drapery. They offer privacy without totally obscuring the sunlight or the old and whimsical trees that pepper the landscape. It’s the ideal blank canvas to let your color palette shine through — and your lilac and gold wedding decorations don’t disappoint.

A Welcoming Entrance

As your guests part the fabric and enter into your ceremony area, they’re stepping into a private wonderland.

Greenery garlands cascade alongside the fabric like forest vines, while potted plants and curated lilac floral arrangements provide a lush and vibrant look.

Create a beautiful wedding enterance by using lilac flowers and lush greenery

An acrylic sign welcomes everyone. It’s accented with lilac roses and deep purple gardenias. The guests find their seats in the shade and wait for the bridal procession to stroll through the garden.

Floral welcome sign in lilac and gold

Magical Aisle Decor

One by one, your bridesmaids make their way through the fabric ahead of you. As each one disappears, your heart beats a little faster. Finally, it’s your turn, and you step through the sheer curtain and into the sunlight.

Ahead of you, floral arrangements line the aisle for you. They’re awash with lilac, cream, and pops of deep purple. The ribbons tied to the backs of chairs drape lazily down to graze the flower buds on the ground.

Chair floral decorations in lilac and gold

Scattered flower petals guide your way toward your partner — who can’t stop grinning ear to ear at the end of the aisle.

Free standing flowers in lilac and gold

A Circular Wedding Arch

Finally, you take your place at the show-stopping centerpiece of the ceremony.

Rather than a traditional square design, you want to let your creativity shine through with a unique hoop-style arch. The swaths of purple, lilac, and cream flowers seem to spring from the ground as they envelop the circular frame.

The couple kiss each other in front of a round arch decorated with lilac and cream flowers

The purple and lilac curtains help create a distinction from the paneling at the arch’s back, while the surrounding greenery creates a lush look. It’s like a wildflower meadow manicured especially for you.

You and your partner meet in the middle and exchange vows that you wrote for each other, surrounded by loved ones in the beauty of nature. You feel like you just turned the page into your own happily ever after.

The Wedding Reception

Now, that you’re officially a married couple, it’s time to enjoy food, drinks, and company at your reception.

You head to the manor’s courtyard for your reception, where more sheer white panels hang in the breeze — alongside even more gorgeous lilac wedding decor.

The Guest Tables

Your guests dine at rectangular banquet tables dressed with overflowing lilac tablecloths. A greenery garland peppered with lilac and cream roses runs through the center, like a miniature wildflower meadow meandering through the table.

Guest table decorated with flower garland in lilac and gold

Laughter fills the air as your guests dine on garden-fresh veggies and catch up with old friends, and maybe make some new ones.

Your Head Table

The sounds of laughter and conversation drift across the courtyard to your head table — where you and your partner relax together in the shade.

A lush and bountiful garland drapes across the table’s face, while soft candles flicker from brass candleholders by your plates. Though it’s only the afternoon, their soft light helps provide the perfect romantic atmosphere for your first dinner as a married couple.

Sweetheart table decorated with long flower garland in lilac and gold

You lean back in your wicker chair and try to etch this feeling in your mind like a polaroid snapshot. Later, when you’re home, you decide to paint impressions of these moments from memory and infuse them with all the emotions you feel at this moment.

The finished watercolor sketches proudly crown your bedroom wall, resting just above the shadowbox of your lilac and gold bouquet.


If you’re ready to experience your own dream garden wedding day, Ling’s Lilac and gold color collection is waiting for you.

You can put your creativity to the test with DIY flower boxes and online tutorials. Or, if you’re short on time, our premade wedding decorations can help you create magical and memorable moments for only a fraction of the time.

Deluxe designer flower box in lilac and gold Grand designer flower box in lilac and gold

Browse the full collection today and let your imagination wander — and be sure to tag us @lingsmoment on Instagram to show off your new creations.

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