Embrace Vintage Noir with our Moody Burgundy & Black Wedding Color Collection

Color palettes play a major role in expressing your wedding theme, and choosing a color story full of intense, rich hues is sure to make a bold statement.  The deep, dark romance of our newest color collection brings together warm burgundy and chic black to create a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour and classic films.

Black and burgundy flower centerpieces placed besides tableware

Let’s take a stroll down the bridal red carpet and preview the possibilities of a Moody Burgundy & Black Wedding Theme bursting with vintage elegance, starring you, your spouse, and your creative vision. 

How do you style a black and burgundy wedding theme?

Designing your dream wedding is all about finding a look that you love, incorporating color, texture, and thoughtful details for a unique and memorable event. If black and burgundy is your go-to color palette, start with thinking about what feelings the hues evoke and how you want them to be interpreted.

The pairing of black and burgundy is dark, moody, rich, and romantic. Think about using materials that play on those elements, like velvet and lace textiles and ornate vintage brass and crystal servingware. Balance the darkness with plenty of ambient lighting to show off your decor and create an enchanting backdrop for your wedding day. 

What flowers go with a burgundy and black wedding theme?

A dark and moody color scheme calls for drama to match. Using a mixture of blooms and accents within the black and burgundy color palette for everything from bridal flowers to table decor builds a layered and luxurious atmosphere.

Assorted black and burgundy flower arrangements used for wedding

Moody wedding flowers that make a big visual statement like roses, dahlias, tree peonies, and hydrangeas in deep shades shine as focals, while orchids and anthurium give arrangements shape and movement. Accenting with structural foliage, berries, and branches add visual depth and beauty. 

What colors go with burgundy?

Both black and burgundy are statement colors on their own, and combined they create a sultry color palette dripping with moody vintage noir elegance.

While we love the dark vibe look of burgundy and black wedding flowers, there're many ways to style burgundy for your wedding. Depending on where you pair it on the color wheel, burgundy can bring out different moods and work for different seasons, and adding black to the mix brings another layer of depth. Here’s a few of our other favorite burgundy wedding partners:

  • Burgundy & Navy: Contrasting the red tones of burgundy with cool navy blue brightens both and brings a bold color pop to an autumn wedding theme.
  • Various wedding flower arrangements in burgundy and navy color
  • Burgundy & Dusty Rose: Complimentary red and pink tones abound when burgundy is paired with the softer dusty rose for a timeless and romantic color palette that works well year-round. 
  • Different wedding flower arrangements in burgundy color
  • Burgundy & Red: True red is a strong, statement-making color, and pairing it with a richer burgundy adds depth to winter wedding colors, like in our Christmas Red and Sparkle color collection. 
  • Different wedding flower decorations in red and sparkle color

Step Inside Your Moody Burgundy & Black Industrial Wedding

You found the perfect place to bring your wedding vision to life—a large industrial space in a converted factory that’s been repurposed into a multifunctional arts space. While the building features cool historical details, large windows, and floor to ceiling brick walls, the room itself is a blank slate that gives you the freedom to create the floor plan and add decorative touches that make your day one of a kind.

As a couple, you share a vintage aesthetic that pulls from the extravagance of old Hollywood glamour. From Casablanca to Citizen Kane, you bonded over your love for classic films, so much so that your friends sometimes call you “Bogie and Bacall”. Your cinematic influences and nostalgic tastes are infused throughout the event design, tying all the details together with moody winter wedding colors.

A reception table decorated with flower arrangements and candles

Burgundy and black wedding decorations for the ceremony

While your favorite Hollywood love stories usually end with the white dress and a kiss, your opening scene is the vow exchange, where you profess an eternal devotion that’ll continue long after the credits stop rolling. 

Guests arrive via the vintage freight elevator, with gasps of wonder heard every time the door opens. As they greet and mingle, you and your spouse-to-be sneak away to a quiet hallway to exchange wedding day letters. You wanted to have a private moment to share your deepest feelings before professing your vows in front of an audience.

Welcome guests with black and burgundy signage

Setting the stage for the dark and glamorous evening theme, guests are greeted by a welcome sign adorned in burgundy and black flowers. A sleek vintage wood easel holds the elegant black sign with gold lettering, and black pillar candles placed around the base elevate the elegance atmosphere.

A wedding sign clipped with black and burgundy flowers

Aisle decor dressed in moody winter wedding colors

In keeping with the dramatic romance of the wedding arch, black chairs are framed by oversized free-standing flower arrangements in black and burgundy and even more black pillar candles. You and your attendants start the procession down the aisle, taking in the beauty of the day and ready to start the next phase of your forever with your love waiting under the wedding arch.

A black and burgundy free-standing flower placed besides a chair

Romantic burgundy and black wedding arch

Placed against the vintage patina of the industrial brick walls, the wedding arch is draped and decorated with dramatic dark tones including black and burgundy fabric and flowers, creating an intimate and romantic space within the open floor plan and towering ceilings.

A burgundy arch decorated with flowers and draping

As you give each other a lingering post-kiss smile, you grasp hands and triumphantly walk by the flower-adorned rows of joyful family and friends cheering for your future together and showering the space with burgundy and black rose petals.

The Reception: Lights, camera, celebrate!

Your wedding’s second act is all about the party, with vintage glitz and glamour to spare. While you head outside for photos in the courtyard, your guests get the celebration started with cocktails and passed hors d'oeuvres. A jazz band starts to play, marking the transition from ceremony to reception.

With portraits complete, you rejoin the party as the band starts to play “Fly Me to the Moon”, because no old Hollywood wedding is complete without a little Frank Sinatra. You’ll spend the rest of the night dining, drinking, dancing, and creating everlasting memories. 

A vintage noir escort table

You made finding guests’ seats quick, easy, and fun with escort cards featuring brass skeleton keys that tie into the wedding decor perfectly. Dressing up the table, you added a burgundy and black floral hoop wreath with hanging tea lights that cast gentle illumination reflecting off the shiny antique keys. 

A dinner table topped with flower centerpieces and tableware

Ambient lighting illuminates the moody decor

Soft, thoughtfully placed lighting creates a sense of place in the otherwise large warehouse-style space. Glistening chandeliers bring a belle epoque vibe, while low hanging string lights, candles, and vintage kerosene lanterns dressed in black and burgundy flowers add mystery and warmth. 

The dance floor doubles-down on sparkling lights, with a crystal chandelier teamed up with rows of closely placed Edison bulb string lights creating a nostalgic yet timeless party atmosphere to twist and slow dance the night away.

Burgundy and black reception table centerpieces

For your long rectangular tables, you’ve created a lush, dark mood that continues the burgundy and black color palette. Brass vases of varying heights are interspersed throughout the table length and filled with black and burgundy flowers and foliage that complement your ceremony florals. Matching vintage brass candlesticks hold black tapered candles, creating an enchanting dining and conversation space. 

A dining table decorated with candles, tableware, and garlands

Romantic sweetheart table decor

You and your spouse take some time to share your first meal as husband and wife at the sweetheart table while the party continues around you. A sprawling wedding garland of black and burgundy florals brings out the black lace and red velvet of the rich table covering, and flickering black tapered candles add to the romance while you sneak a kiss between bites.

A sweetheart table topped with black flower garland

A menu fit for Hollywood royalty

In keeping with the mix of old and new, you have a traditional plated dinner served on dark onyx china paired with shimmering golden silverware. Instead of formal old-fashioned dishes, you bring some new Hollywood into the mix with California-style fusion dishes using local and seasonal ingredients and flavors.

Toasting the happy couple

For a fun film twist at the bar, you’ve created a signature drink menu of time-tested classic cocktails including the Sidecar, Negroni, and French 75. The focal point of the bar area, however, is a sparkling champagne tower of vintage coupe glasses surrounded by burgundy and black rose petals—a nod to tradition and a splash of bubbly old Hollywood glam.

Your vintage noir bridal flowers

Gown, flowers, and accessories come together to create a total bridal look that plays on the timeless vintage glamour of your wedding theme. Here’s how you and your bridal party interpret the sophisticated style and create a cohesive floral color story: 

Romantic burgundy and black bridal bouquet

In true starlet style, you chose a show-stopping dress for your special day. Part Grace Kelly, part Marilyn Monroe, your bridal gown is feminine with a timeless shape and exquisite detailing. On your hand is a stunning black diamond engagement ring, with an eternity wedding band of sparkling diamonds to match. 

A bride in white holding a black and burgundy bouquet

For florals, you selected a large free-form bridal bouquet in moody burgundy and black. Inky black silk roses are accented with burgundy dahlias, creamy white tree peonies, and a sprinkling of other foliage held together with black tulle. It’s structural, elegant, and romantic.

Moody wedding flowers for your bridesmaids

You wanted your girls to be visually connected but also express their individuality, so you had them dress in a black gown of their choice. The black gowns are all different styles but still cohesive, ranging from strapless lace to sparkling wraps. They carry bridesmaid bouquets in burgundy and black, which are slightly smaller versions of your more elaborate floral bundle. 

Two bridesmaids each holding a bouquet while hugging one another

Dapper details for the gentlemen

Just because you’ve got a vintage aesthetic doesn’t mean you’re not on top of current trends, as well. The groom and his men are dressed in a mix of old and new, with sleek suiting that fits right into any decade.

In lieu of the traditional pinned boutonniere, the groom accentuates his fashion-forward all black ensemble with a decorative floral pocket square that brings the drama. It features a black velvet rose surrounded by burgundy accents and a brass charm that shows he holds the key to your heart. 

A groom in black suit wearing a black pocket boutonniere

For the groomsmen, traditional boutonnieres with burgundy roses and accent foliage and berries highlight the groom’s pocket square florals.

Special flowers for family members

You wanted to make sure your parents received special recognition on your wedding day, as well. For your mothers, you chose elegant shoulder corsages with roses, berries, and textured accents. Your fathers proudly sport boutonnieres with a burgundy hydrangea focal flower and black lace accents. 

A bridesmaid in black touching her shoulder corsage

A sprinkling of burgundy and black rose petals

Rose petals in black and burgundy add an extra element of enchanting romance to your wedding decor, bringing a finishing touch of texture and color to tables, the wedding aisle, and as a celebratory explosion as you take your first steps as a married couple. 

Black and burgundy rose petals splattered on a metal plate

Warm up your vintage winter wedding with flowers from Ling’s Moment

Winter weddings are all about dressing up interior spaces to create an inviting atmosphere that shakes off the chilly weather. Whether you’re smitten with the dark romance of Moody Burgundy and Black or are drawn to the brighter shimmer of Champagne Christmas, we have expertly crafted wedding color palettes to help you create the elegant and romantic vintage winter wedding of your dreams.

Two brides each holding a flower bouquet in black and champagne color

Be sure to follow along on instagram @lingsmoment and tag us in photos featuring your moody winter wedding colors—we love to see your unique and stunning interpretations of our color collections!

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