How to pick a wedding date

Your wedding date is one of the most important days of your life and one that you’ll celebrate annually for years to come. But how exactly do you pick the perfect wedding date?

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From common sense considerations to looking to the stars for inspiration, keep reading for all the ins and outs of picking a wedding date. 

How to choose a wedding date: where to begin

With a ring on your finger and a fluttering heart, the next big step in your engagement is finding a wedding date that works for you both. Here’s some things to think about as you begin navigating wedding plans: 

How soon should you pick a wedding date?

If you’re newly engaged, you might be flying high and anxious to start planning right away. Depending on how long of an engagement you want, however, don’t feel like you need to choose a wedding date immediately. Feel free to take some time to just enjoy being engaged before diving into the planning process!

Generally speaking, though, the sooner you pick the date, the better when you’re ready to get the ball rolling on planning and invites. It’s polite to give guests around six months' notice to clear their schedules and make travel and accommodation arrangements, especially for destination weddings or weddings that happen during a busy holiday season.

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What is the most popular month to get married?

According to The Knot’s annual wedding report, the most popular months to get married are October, September, and June. While everyone has their reasons for choosing a wedding month, these are likely popular due to the temperate weather and seasonal beauty of the early summer and fall months. If you’ve got your eye on a popular month, it’s a good idea to pick a date as soon as you’re ready to beat the high demand.

What’s the most popular day of the week for a wedding?

Without a doubt, Saturday is the most popular day of the week to get married. It’s sandwiched perfectly into the weekend, allowing guests to travel in on Friday evening and travel out on Sunday without much inconvenience to their regular work and life schedules. However, just because it’s the most in-demand doesn’t mean other days of the week aren’t wonderful choices, as well, and often are less expensive alternatives. 

What to consider when picking a wedding date

If you’re feeling analytical, here are important considerations to keep in mind while you and your partner narrow down “I do” dates: 


When you first start imagining your ideal wedding day, you might have a picture of a specific time of year in mind. Maybe spring is your favorite season, or you always pictured a rustic outdoor wedding surrounded by fall foliage. Narrowing down a time of year is a good first start to help you pick a wedding date. 


Your desired wedding theme might influence your wedding date season, as well. If you picture a wedding with warm, rusty reds, an autumn wedding might top your list. Likewise, if you’re drawn to cool champagne colors and icy sparkle, you probably want to choose a winter wedding date.

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Along with your wedding theme, the kinds of flowers and other decorations you picture in your wedding could help influence your wedding date. While some flowers have limited seasonal availability, you can extend your date options by going with designer artificial florals that have all the beauty of the real thing but with more flexibility. 


Despite best-laid plans, sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas when it comes to the weather on your wedding day. You can minimize the risks by familiarizing yourself with local weather patterns and avoiding the most extreme times of the year. And for those sneaky storms, have an indoor backup plan! 

Preparation time

Going back to engagement length, the amount of prep time you need to get all your decorative ducks in a row should be considered when choosing the date for your wedding. From selecting menus and securing vendors to printing invites and arranging florals, many factors are involved in wedding prep. Give yourself breathing room to reduce pre-wedding stress and allow you to enjoy the process.


Whether you’re eloping, having a quick courthouse ceremony, or just want to get married as soon as possible, you’ll still want to give yourselves a little time to prep. If you’re of the sooner-the-better wedding date mindset, consider using premade artificial floral bouquets and arrangements to bring beauty to your day while leaving you time to focus on other important tasks. 


Creating your wedding decor from scratch can be so rewarding, but if you want to DIY your wedding day be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to plan, source, and craft. As a DIY bride, think about utilizing faux florals to maximize your creativity without maxing out your budget. Our designer flower boxes give you all the tools you need to design with a cohesive theme while letting your imagination flow freely for wedding decor that’s unique with a personal touch.

A paper box filled with orange flowers

Budget and affordability

Being flexible about your wedding date can sometimes make a big budgetary difference. One thing to remember if you’re picking a wedding date during the height of the “wedding season” is that prices for everything from rentals and vendors to lodging and travel can be higher because of the increased demand. Similarly, the day of the week can change your wedding costs, as well, with Fridays or Sundays sometimes being more affordable than Saturdays.

Schedules of family and friends

There are certain people in your life that you just can’t picture your wedding day without. To ensure your VIPs will be there to celebrate with you, it might help to do an informal survey before setting your wedding date in stone. There might be other important life events already on their calendars, so knowing in advance will help you work with their schedules with minimal inconvenience.

Venue and vendor availability 

If that gorgeous historic estate in your hometown is a must-have for your wedding venue, you’ll likely have to work your wedding date around their availability. Wedding dates in the most popular months of June, September, and October are usually the first to book up, so being open to other dates or even other years will help you secure your top spot. Don’t forget to get on a cancellation list, because sometimes dates open back up when you least expect it!

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Hometown or destination wedding locations

Where your wedding will take place makes a difference in your wedding date choices, as well. For destination weddings, you’ll need to coordinate extended leave from work, travel times, and booking vendors that aren’t local to you. If you’re staying nearby, you’re more familiar with the seasons and schedules and how your wedding date fits into the mix.

Booking a honeymoon

Some couples choose to take their honeymoon directly after the wedding. While vacationing as the newest of newlyweds is oh-so-romantic, your honeymoon destination might also dictate when your wedding date should be. Perhaps you want to relax in a Caribbean island paradise, but not during hurricane season. Or maybe you find a sweet deal on travel, and you booked the honeymoon before your wedding venue and opt to work the wedding date around your all-inclusive retreat in paradise. 

Your preferences as a couple

Outside influences aside, sometimes choosing a wedding date just comes down to what you and your partner want. You don’t need to overthink it — discuss what is most important to each of you, narrow down your options, and hone in on a date that makes sense to you both. 

Other creative ways to pick a wedding date

Beyond working around schedules, feel free to get inventive when choosing your wedding date. Pick from a hat, throw darts at a calendar, or try some of these other creative ways to choose your wedding date:

Sentimental connections

Sometimes, there are special dates you like to honor every year — and what’s more special than a wedding to give a day even more personal significance? Creating extra connections to special days with your wedding ceremony makes them even more memorable. Consider commemorative dates such as:

  • When you first met
  • When you officially start dating
  • Parent’s or grandparent’s wedding anniversary
  • The date of your engagement
  • Birthdays (yours or important family members)

Lucky numbers

Does seeing 7:07 on the clock in the morning make you sure you’ll have a good day? Or, maybe your partner has specific lottery numbers they always play. If there are numbers you consider lucky, having them as part of your wedding date is a sweet and symbolic way to encourage good luck for your future. 

Days with repeating numbers are often the most desirable wedding dates because of their symmetry and lucky connotations. According to The Knot, Saturday, September 23rd was the most popular wedding day in 2023. The same thought likely holds for future years, as well. For lucky wedding dates in 2024, consider harmonious numbers like April 2nd or August 24th, for example. 

Numerology is another popular way to let numbers guide you to an ideal wedding date, helping you narrow down optimal dates and encouraging positive energy. However you figure out your lucky numbers, they’re a fun and creative way to find your wedding date. 

Symbolic wedding dates

Another option for unique ways to pick a wedding date is to look to cultural influences or even the stars for wedding date choices. Historical, religious, and spiritual traditions about months, days of the week, and more might help you narrow down a date. For example, weddings that take place during the new moon are the luckiest according to astrology.

You can tie in symbolism in other ways as well, such as through color choices and flower types. While roses are the go-to for evoking feelings of love, other blooms carry their own specific meanings. Combine colors, shapes, and flower types to create a bridal bouquet overflowing with lush blooms and symbolic meaning to carry into your new marriage.

A bride holding a flower bouquet

How to pick a wedding date: Favorite holidays

Holidays are always a time for celebration and come with their own set of traditions and decor themes that you can easily incorporate into your wedding day. Plus, some holidays also coincide with long weekends, making it a good option for friends and family with limited work time off.

However, long weekends also make for higher demand for hotels, travel, and more. Also, keep in mind that some guests may already have standing events or traditions for certain holidays, so be sure to give enough advance notice so they can plan accordingly. 

Consider some of these popular holidays and the decor possibilities when picking a wedding date:


If spooky is your thing, a Halloween wedding is the perfect way to say “I do” with a little extra boo. Think anywhere from dark hues and gothic accents to a full-blown costume party extravaganza.

Various floral arrangements in purple used for wedding


Christmas is already a time for family gatherings, so this can be a great choice when you want to ensure your loved ones will all be together to celebrate. Bring in the magic of the season with holiday red roses, pine green accents, and snow white shimmer.

Various floral arrangements in red used for wedding


Right on the heels of Christmas, a New Year’s wedding brings a more party-centric vibe. Plus, what’s luckier than ringing in a new year and new beginnings as a newly married couple? Think champagne, gold, and endless sparkle.

Various floral arrangements in white used for wedding


Romantic red, magenta, and pink are perfect accents for a Valentine’s Day elopement or intimate celebration with your closest friends. With a Valentine’s Day wedding date, you’ll always have the most romantic wedding anniversary to celebrate.

Various floral arrangements in pink used for wedding


Red, white, and something blue — a July 4th wedding celebration is an ideal time to celebrate with a laid-back outdoor barbecue and all-day party. Plus, you’re guaranteed to end the night with sparklers and fireworks!

Various floral arrangements in burgundy used for wedding

Decorate your wedding day with Ling’s florals and decor

Now that you’ve got the perfect wedding date, check out our blog to find inspiration for wedding themes and styling. From thoughtful wedding color palettes to elegant accessories, Ling’s has everything you need to bring your wedding day dreams to life. 

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