A White & Beige Dream: Ellana & Paolo's Timeless Wedding

Ellana and Paolo began the rest of their lives at an ancient Catholic altar, under the loving gaze of their friends and family. Their wedding was at the intersection of tradition and sophistication, elegantly accented by their choice of a White and Beige color palette.

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If you're considering a White and Beige ceremony or are simply browsing for timeless wedding decor inspiration, you've found it here! Read on for all the details of Ellana and Paolo's classically gorgeous wedding celebration.

Classy and Romantic: A White & Beige Color Palette

Ling's White and Beige wedding decor collection is your go-to for a timeless, elegant look any time of the year. Crisp whites add chic sophistication, while warm, dreamy beiges infuse romance and love into the color palette. Throughout the collection, premium silk flowers are subtly highlighted by champagne eucalyptus, ivory white pompon, golden berries, chiffon ribbons, small golden leaves, and other bits of whimsy.

Various floral arrangements used for wedding

For Ellana and Paolo, Ling's White and Beige collection was the perfect choice for their unique style, a blend of Catholic traditions and contemporary refinement. Surrounded by adoring friends and family, the couple was married at a gorgeous 75-year-old Catholic church, with golden sunlight streaming through stained glass windows.

From their bridal flowers to their statement head table, keep reading to discover how Ellana and Paolo used white and beige to create a modern ceremony steeped in tradition.

The Perfect White & Beige Wedding Ceremony

Under the oversized ceilings of the church, Ellana and Paolo said, 'I do,' at the ancient altar. They knew that the beautiful venue would be a bold statement, so the ceremony decor was carefully added to elevate without distracting.

Ellana and Paolo leaned on their White and Beige color palette to work with the natural tones of the church. The rich hues of the wooden pews and the vibrant light cast from the stained glass flowed like a choir song through the space. Neutral tones of white and beige added an earthly feel to the otherwordly atmosphere.

These are the intimate details of Ellana and Paolo's timeless wedding ceremony:

The traditional Catholic Wedding Lasso 

The wedding lasso tradition is a Catholic ritual in which the couple is bound together with a ceremonial cord, rope, or rosary. Romantically, the wedding lasso symbolizes the couple’s unending love for each other and their foundation of faith as they enter into holy matrimony. In this case, the cord was a pearly white braided rope, which looked absolutely ethereal against Ellana's lace veil.

A couple receiving the traditional Catholic wedding lasso

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Honoring The Holy Communion

Performing the holy communion, Ellana and Paolo's beautiful church ceremony continued to breathe life into age-old Catholic wedding traditions.

Sometimes called the Eucharist, the holy communion represents the Last Supper before the death of Christ. During a Catholic wedding ceremony, guests will line up before the priest to receive bread and wine. Ellana and Paolo drank their holy communion wine from gilded chalices in front of a crowd of their most beloved people.

A couple performing the holy communion

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Beautiful White & Beige Wedding Reception

After a deeply romantic yet lighthearted ceremony, Ellana and Paolo were officially joined as one. For such a fun-loving couple, this means it was time to party at the reception!

In a gorgeous event space with soaring ceilings and tons of natural light, an ode to their church ceremony, Ellana and Paolo celebrated the occasion with loved ones.

Here's how the couple sprinkled White and Beige throughout their wedding reception decor:

An Elegant White & Beige head table

Ellana and Paolo's head table was a special place where the two of them could steal a few precious slices of privacy and exchange loving glances throughout the evening.

With matte white table linens and formal, square-backed chairs, the couple knew they'd need to add a sprinkle of fantasy. After all, what is a wedding, if not one giant celebration of happily ever after? To do this, Ellana and Paolo called on the fairytale beauty of Ling's Rose Leaf Flower Garland in White and Beige. With romantically colored roses, silk leaves, bits of baby's breath, and gold berries, the garland instantly transformed the couple's head table.

A beige flower garland placed on a reception table

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Lovely White & Beige Centerpieces

Ling's Mini Premade Flower Centerpieces in White and Beige come with cream sodla flowers, roses, berries, and eucalyptus nicely wrapped with a satin ribbon and a lovely pink bow. Ellana and Paolo effortlessly added Ling's centerpieces to simple glass vases for the final touch of elegance on their reception tables.

A wedding reception table decorated with beige flower centerpieces

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A simple white wedding cake with a twist

For a love as unique as theirs, Ellana and Paolo wanted to add something special to their simplistic, traditional wedding cake. To accomplish this, the couple used anime versions of themselves as cake toppers! 

Mini cartoon representations of Ellana and Paolo bend forward in a romantic kiss on top of the cake. A graceful crystal dish supports the wedding cake on a minimal white table setting, allowing the anime figures to be the stars of the show.

A wedding cake placed on a table

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Call us fans

At Ellana and Paolo's reception, guests cooled themselves with gorgeous hand fans. We love this tiny pop of personality against the unbiased White and Beige wedding colors. Bonus points for how much fun reception guests had playing and posing with the fans!

Classically Romantic: White & Beige Bridal Flowers

A truly magical floral wedding arrangement radiates beauty, calling attention without stealing the show. Ellana and Paolo's neutral white and beige wedding flowers did exactly that. Surrounded by so much love and meaning, the ceremony flowers set a neutral stage for the romantically dramatic backdrop of the church to shine.

Keep reading for highlights of the couple's classy White and Beige bridal flowers.

A whimsically White & Beige bridal bouquet

Ellana carried Ling's White and Beige Bridal Bouquet to complete her ultra-feminine wedding look. Simple yet dazzling, the bouquet combines roses with delicate golden leaves, tiny gilded pomegranates, and pale pampas grass. The bouquet's mixture of warm beige and bright white tones was the perfect accessory to Ellana's floral lace wedding gown. Simple white pearl earrings and strappy gold heels completed the bride's aesthetic.

A bride holding a bridal bouquet

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Bridesmaids bouquets in timeless White & Beige

To complement the bride's flowers, the bridesmaid wore lovely dresses in shades of warm beige. The beautiful dresses set perfectly against the venue's background and were embellished even further by their white and beige bridesmaid bouquets. These charming floral pieces corresponded with Ellana's bouquet, extending the color palette.

A bride standing with her wedding party

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Graceful White & Beige Wedding Wrist Corsages

Ellana and Paolo decided not to choose between style and comfort regarding the floral wrist corsages. Ling's luxurious corsages in Beige and White are easy to wear, comfortable, and firm. The beige cotton bands stay in place without squeezing the wrist. The faux flower wrist corsages consist of creamy roses and nude-colored galsang flowers, accented with blush eucalyptus.

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Dapper White & Beige Wedding boutonnieres

Paolo and his groomsmen completed their looks with Ling's Wedding Boutonnieres in White and Beige.

Wearing sleek gray suits and stylish pocket squares, the smart tones of the white and beige flowers continued the wedding theme. The boutonnieres were a blend of nude roses, gold leaves, and premium accessories, adding a dash of floral charm to the men's outfits.

A groom walking with his wedding party

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Keep Betting on White & Beige

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