25 Spring Wedding Decoration Ideas for Flower-Filled Day

"A life without love is like a year without spring."  

 – Octavian Paler.

A bride holding a bridal bouquet

The snow is gone, warmth fills the breeze, and the trees and flowers are coming out of hibernation. Spring has officially arrived, and you can hear wedding bells in the distance. 

Spring weddings are a classic for a reason: They can present a near-endless wealth of possibilities for celebrating your blossoming marriage. That said, all those possibilities can be overwhelming, if you don’t have a starting point. But don’t worry: Ling’s Moment is here to help you find your inspiration. Find 25 creative spring wedding ideas below, so you can create a unique, romantic special day for the ages. 

Is spring a good time for a wedding?

Of course! With generally mild weather and a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, spring is tailor-made for wedding ceremonies. Plus, spring could present lower competition for popular wedding vendors compared to other wedding seasons. 

According to data from The Knot, spring is the second least popular season for weddings, losing out only to winter. A mere 17% of 2022 weddings took place in the spring, during March, April, and May. That could give you an edge when booking wedding essentials, like your venue and photographer. You can get your dates in before the summer rush and potentially beat the heat, too!

What meaning does a spring wedding hold?

Spring symbolizes life, rebirth, and new beginnings. It’s the time when the world turns over a fresh page. So, what better time to take a pen and write down your love story? The blossoming flowers in your bouquet can also remind you of the new adventure that’s coming to life with your partner. 

How to plan a spring wedding: Things to consider

Planning a wedding isn’t all sunshine and rosebuds. But keeping the following factors could help your planning process go more smoothly 

Changing weather 

Depending on your location, a spring day can either be warm and balmy or chill and blustery, Not to mention the possibility of a surprise spring shower. To compensate for the unpredictable weather, it’s a good idea to consider venues with both indoor and outdoor spaces. That way, you’ll have a plan B if rain crashes your reception.

Your wedding date

While you may not fight off the same crowds as you might in the summer or fall, it’s still best to get an early start on planning, especially with more popular elements, like a wedding venue. 

The average couple spends around 18 months planning their wedding, although it’s totally possible to plan your special day in six months, or even less. Get the details on planning a last-minute wedding.

Your aesthetic 

Speaking of venues, wedding decorations tend to shine the brightest when they elevate the existing vibe at your venue. For instance, you can use drapery and archways to frame a spring vista or carry soft pink flowers that match the falling cherry blossoms. Work with the overall atmosphere of both the season and your venue area to create your finalized spring wedding theme.

A wedding arch decorated with drapes and flowers

Choose the perfect spring wedding color palette

When deciding on a theme, your color palette is a great place to start. In general, lighter and brighter colors, like pastels, can convey the softness of spring. On the other hand, more vibrant and saturated tones can represent the color and brightness that love brings to your life. 

Specific spring wedding colors to consider include: 

  • Pinks. The quintessential color of romance, pink can bring both sweetness and vibrance to your spring wedding color palette, depending on the saturation level. 
  • Purple. Another romantic and versatile spring color, you can go bold with a rich purple, or embrace refined elegance with delicate shades like lilac or lavender. 
  • Green. Chances are your color palette will include green accents, thanks to the leaves and greenery. But you can go above and beyond by adding green blossoms or accent pieces, too. 
  • White & Cream. Neutral tones are a classical color choice for weddings of all seasons, but we especially love how white and cream bring smoothness to the equation in spring palettes. 

Some of our favorite combinations using these colors include: 


You can’t get more springy than a garden-inspired palette of blush pink. The light greenery reminds us of a just-in-bloom garden, while the green roses add depth to the mix. 

Assorted floral arrangements in blush color used for wedding

Passionate Pink & Blush

For brides who fancy brighter, bolder pops of color, the addition of hot pink shades can create a fun and flirty vibe at a spring wedding. Barbie dream wedding, here you come!

Assorted floral arrangements in pink color used for wedding

Valentine MAGENTA

For another vibrant way to convey pink, try turning to magenta as a focal point color. In this playful floral arrangement, the magenta roses stand apart, like a Valentine love letter, while the neutral beige tones convey sophistication.

Assorted floral arrangements in pink color used for wedding

Lilac & Gold

Not a fan of pink? Not a problem! Turn to another soft pastel shade like lilac for sweet spring vibes. The golden accents in this collection offer elegance and refinement, while the white and cream provide a neutral touch.

Assorted floral arrangements in lilac color used for wedding


If you’d prefer a more neutral aesthetic at your wedding, white and sage are a timeless choice for spring. Not only will the bright whites match your gown, but these clean neutrals are also guaranteed to coordinate with almost any venue’s decor.

Assorted floral arrangements in white color used for wedding

Spring bridal flower ideas

Your bridal flowers include the bouquet you’ll carry down the aisle and any extra accessories. Plus, your partner and wedding party will need floral arrangements to celebrate the spring wedding theme. 

The following spring-inspired floral arrangements could provide inspiration for your choices on your walk down the aisle. 

Embrace cascading bouquets 

The orchids in this bridal bouquet provide a cascading shape, like dew dripping from a tree branch. The combined color palette of dusty rose, soft pink, and cream blends multiple flower types together seamlessly. It’s a waterfall of florals that would make Persephone proud.

A bride holding a pink flower bouquet

Express yourself with a free-form bouquet

On the other hand, maybe you’d prefer to let your wild spirit shine through with a free-form bouquet. In this blush and pearl bouquet, wavy ribbons lend the arrangement a flourishing shape, while the delicate pearl accents convey refined luxury. It’s both dynamic and refined, making it ideal for a gentle spring aesthetic.

A bride holding a pink flower bouquet

Weave a flower crown

You can never have too many flowers on your wedding day! Consider bringing a little floral flair to your hair with this flower crown. This DIY design uses a headband as the base, with a fluttery white ribbon playing the part of a veil. It’s super easy to DIY too, with Ling’s designer flower boxes. You can make it months in advance and keep it for as long as you want!

A girl in white dress wearing a flower crown

Wear your heart on your lapel

Boutonnieres provide a stylish way for grooms, groomsmen, and other guests to weave the color scheme into their formalwear. We’re especially fond of this Valentine-inspired groom’s boutonniere for spring celebrations. The heart shape makes a one-of-a-kind statement, while the flourish of pink flowers adds a burst of style, ideal for more casual affairs.

A boutonniere placed on a plate

Coordinate with your bridesmaids

Don’t forget your bridesmaids and maid of honor! One of the easiest ways to keep your wedding party looking seamless is to use the same flower types and colors in their bouquets. Just take it from Ling’s bride Jennifer and her gorgeous crew!

Even though every bridesmaid chose a dress in a different cut, the unifying white and sage palette of their bouquets helped them coordinate with each other and the bride. This allows all your favorite girls to choose dress styles that make them feel comfortable and beautiful, while still prioritizing your spring wedding theme.

A bride and a few bridesmaids holding bouquets

Photo by @maggieportraits

Use a floral bracelet

Corsages aren’t just for proms. They’re also an excellent way to honor special guests, like your mom and grandmother, or just give your bridesmaids an extra floral accessory. (Seriously, you can never have too many.)

You can put a unique spin on this traditional floral arrangement by making them floral bracelets instead. This fun DIY project uses slap bracelets as a base for the miniature floral bouquets. It’s nostalgia, practicality, and style all rolled into one adorable design.

Two women in white dress wearing flower bracelet

Spring wedding ceremony decoration ideas

"Nothing ever seems impossible in spring, you know."  

 - L.M. Montgomery

Think of your ceremony area as the main stage for your wedding day. The right flowers and wedding decorations provide the perfect set dressing for your debut on the aisle. The following ideas could help you set a spring-inspired wedding scene.

Welcome your guests

When your guests first enter your ceremony area, a stylish sign can help them find their way and give them an overview of your spring wedding theme. 

Ling’s couple Harlie and Chandler put a unique twist on a traditional wedding sign by writing a welcome message on a vintage mirror. The mini pastel floral swags added a sweet finishing touch that conveyed their spring color palette. Plus, if you decide to replicate this idea at your wedding, the mirror could serve as a fantastic keepsake to hang up in your home!

A wedding welcome sign decorated with flowers

Line the aisle with flowers

The arch may be the leading decoration of your ceremony, but a few well-placed free-standing floral arrangements can enhance the look of your aisle. Take these vibrant Dusty Rose designs, for example. 

Staggered on barrels, they provide both rustic charm and effortless elegance. If you’re designing a spring wedding day on a budget, you could also easily repurpose them at your reception – like setting them at the foot of your sweetheart table.

Free standing floral arrangemens placed a wine barrels

Don’t forget the chairs 

As an extra aisle embellishment, consider adding mini floral designs to your guest chairs. You don’t need to place them everywhere – even placing them on chairs along the aisle can convey a springy effect. Just imagine that ribbon fluttering in the breeze, beckoning you down the aisle.

A flower garland tied to a wooden chair

Use a gazebo as an arch

If you want to work with an outdoor venue’s natural beauty, consider using an existing gazebo as your wedding arch. Ling’s couple Hope and Samson elevated their venue’s gazebo with tri-colored drapery and matching Marsala floral arrangements The overall effect is subtle yet sophisticated and would work as the perfect focal point for a spring garden wedding.

A couple standing before a wedding arch

Photo by @cuenca.creative

Embrace balloons

If a spring shower keeps your ceremony indoors, consider an arch that can showcase your wedding atmosphere while creating a party mood. This unique DIY wedding arch combines flowers and balloons for a festive combination of elegance and playfulness. It could also work beautifully as a photo backdrop at your wedding reception. 

A round wedding arch decorated with flowers and balloons

Go geometric

Not feeling curves and arches? Try introducing a more angular design into your repertoire. This geometric triangle-shaped arch uses angled wood for a dynamic statement, while the lush flowers and greenery at the base inspire a more organic look. It’s almost like the arch burst out of the ground just for the occasion.

A heading table decorated with flowers

Bring the outdoors inside

Of course, no one says you need a wedding arch at all. For a more dramatic ceremony backdrop, consider creating a wall of spring flowers. This natural yet refined floral statement creates a beautiful middle ground between industrial and upscale, In other words, it’s excellent for more modern wedding venues.

A wall decorated with flowers

Spring reception ceremony decoration ideas

“Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'” 

-Robin Williams. 

With your vows exchanged and your partner’s cute face thoroughly kissed, it’s time to celebrate! The following ideas could help you infuse the essence of springtime into your reception. 

Leave your tables au naturale 

Instead of covering your tables with boring opaque cloths, use a sheer table runner and let the natural wood grain shine through. This creates a rustic yet elevated effect, perfect for more rustic or casual spring flings. Add in a few well-placed centerpieces, and you’ve got a beautiful setup for a picture-perfect guest table.

A wooden table decorated with linens and tableware

Group your centerpieces

Speaking of centerpieces, it can be helpful to keep the “rule of threes” in mind as you design. Essentially, all you have to do is group three similar items together as a quick hack for a stylish tablescape. Check out these unique hoop centerpieces as a proof of concept! Interspersed with candlesticks and a table runner for texture, they create a whimsical and fun design that’s sure to enrich your guests’ dining experience.

A few floral centerpieces placed on a wooden table

Try a wreath 

For rounded tables, consider using a floral wreath to bring a vernal charm to the table. Ling’s couple Matt & Melissa created this fun DIY wreath with Dusty Pink flowers to enhance their guest tables. With a trio of flickering candles in the center, (remember the rule of threes!) this unique spring wedding decoration idea is sure to be a conversation starter.

A flower centerpiece placed on a table

Go for garlands

Of course, centerpieces aren’t your only option to spruce up a tablescape. Floral garlands can create a lush and flowing look that brings to mind sweet romance. Just take it from Ling’s couple Michelle and Jacob. A Dusty Pink floral garland wandered across their banquet tables, like a garden in bloom. Combined with matching napkins and candles for ambiance, it’s an elegant display to host conversation and delicious food.

A wooden table decorated with a flower garland

Go for green

Of course, you don’t even need flowers in your garland to spruce up your tablescapes. At Hannah and Steven’s wedding day, eucalyptus garlands added an understated highlight to their rustic guest tables. The garland almost singlehandedly elevates the wooden tables – no tablecloth or runner in sight! It’s an excellent reminder that you really only need a few thoughtful design touches to make an impact.

A greenery garland placed on a wooden reception table

Elevate your head table with a floral swag

You can make your first meal as a married couple feel more romantic with a flourishing flower swag. At this swoon-worthy head table, the patterned tablecloth and floral swags evoke garden tea party vibes, while the arched backdrop helps frame the scene for the camera. Imagine feeding your partner roasted spring veggies while you enjoy a gentle breeze from the window. We wish we were there!

A wedding sweetheart table decorated with flowers

Use your venue to your advantage 

When designing your head table, remember to take full advantage of your surroundings for maximum elegance. Heading back to Hannah and Steven’s vineyard wedding day, matching white garlands on both the table and grand fireplace infuse the light and airy aesthetic throughout the room – and so do the gold candle holders at the table’s base.

A wedding sweetheart table decorated with flowers

Make a photo backdrop

Chances are, plenty of your guests will want to capture a selfie or two to remember the occasion. So, why not create a DIY photo backdrop to act as a makeshift photo booth? 

At this wedding display, panel curtains and a shiny diamond drapery add layers of fun to the look, while a neon sign provides an Instagrammable focal point to drive home the party mood. Add in the floral arrangements and candles at the base, and you’ve got a dynamic, dimensional photo backdrop to make your photos all the more lively.

A photo backdrop decorated with drapes and flowers


As a season of fresh starts and blooming gardens, spring is a fantastic time to host a wedding. We hope these spring wedding decoration ideas will empower you with the inspiration you need to take charge of your special day. 

And, if you’re ready to breathe fresh life into your spring wedding, let Ling’s Moment’s flowers and greenery make the planning process easy for you. All of our designer color collections feature lifelike faux flowers you can order months in advance. Unlike real flowers, they’re always in season and you never have to worry about wilting. Use the Designer flower boxes to create DIY decorations, or save time with pre-arranged styles ready to use out of the box. 

Check out more wedding inspirations featuring Ling’s flowers on our blog, or on Instagram, @lingsmoment

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