How to Pick a Wedding Boutonniere

While the bridal bouquet often steals the show, your partner will also need something to special enhance their overall look. One of the main ways you can achieve this is through a boutonniere. While traditionally worn by grooms and groomsmen, this underrated floral arrangement can elevate anyone’s wedding attire and help capture the overall color palette and theme of your wedding day.

Groom wears a boutonniere with mauve rose and golden leaes on it

Discover everything you need to select the best mens wedding boutonniere for your wedding day below.

What Is a Boutonniere for a Wedding? 

 A boutonniere, or “buttonhole” when translated from French, is a small yet essential way to uplift a tuxedo, suit, or formal shirt.

Most are made with a combination of silk, fresh flowers, greenery, berries, heirlooms, and other non-floral accents, which add a dash of freshness and elegance to a wedding look.

What Side Does the Boutonniere Go On?

You pin a boutonniere to the left side of your lapel — close to the heart. It’s why so many often complement a bridal bouquet or a partner’s corsage.

Guest wears a boutonniere with dusty-rose rose and sage leaves on it

But that’s not the only way to choose a boutonniere, since there are other considerations to think about for your unique wedding. Discover how to choose the best wedding boutonnieres for your partner or other guests below.

How Much Does a Wedding Boutonniere Cost?

A wedding boutonniere can vary in price, with most real flower boutonnieres costing between $15 and $35. Faux floral boutonnieres, however, are a much more cost effective option. These can range from around $15 for a groom’s statement boutonniere, to less than $5 per piece in a set of groomsmen boutonnieres.

Groom wears a deluxe pocket boutonniere in rust and sepia

What Kind of Flowers Do You Use for a Wedding Boutonniere?

While they may be small, there are a lot of stylistic choices that can be made with a men’s wedding boutonniere. The best way to choose which flowers to include in your boutonniere is to consider the theme of your wedding. Use the color scheme and the general vibe of the wedding to make sure that your boutonniere matches the bridal bouquet, the rest of the wedding party florals, and the wedding decor.

What’s Your Color Scheme?

Knowing the color scheme of your wedding is a good place to start before making decisions on the other details. What’s the main color of your wedding palette and boutiques?

Whether it’s red, pink, blue, or green, Ling’s Moment is where you can discover a variety of beautifully made boutonnieres for every color scheme within our extensive color collections. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Orange/ Terracotta

The boutonnieres in our Sunset Terracotta collection features a range of orange hues  suitable for a rustic fall or vintage-inspired wedding.

With a gradient of shades that remind us of a rich November forest, it’s a go-to way to add a dash of autumn to a formal look.

Bouronnieres in amber Groom wears a boutonniere with amber rose and and exquisite accessories on it


Elegant white or nude look striking when paired against a dark jacket. It’s a wonderful way to create contrast or infuse formalwear with classical and refined elegance.

Boutonnieres in white and beige Groom wears a boutonniere with nude rose and golden leaves on it


Rich and bold, cool blue boutonnieres present a strong color choice, infusing your look with oceanic or lakeside vibes.

Boutonnieres in dusty blue and navy Groom wears a boutonniere with  navy blue rose and mini accessories


Burgundy conveys feelings of passionate romance, making it a lovely color choice for anyone who wants to wear their heart on their lapel.

Boutonnieres in burgundy Groom wears a pocket boutonniere in burgundy

Dusty Rose

Soft pinks shades like dusty rose can add a soft and sophisticated pop of color, and a breath of natural beauty to your lapel.

Boutonnieres in dusty rose Guest wears a boutonniere with  dusty-rose rose and mini pink flowers on it

Pink Blush

A sweetener, paler pink, these lovely boutonnieres convey innocence and the brightness of a pastel spring.

Boutonnieres in blush and cream


Regal and refined, lilac boutonnieres can make a bold yet sophisticated statement on your wedding day.

Boutonnieres in lilac and white Groom wears a boutonniere with white gardenia and lavender on it


A lush green boutonniere or pocket square can bring a verdant touch to your look — like wearing a token from an enchanted forest.

Boutonnieres in emerald and tawny beige A deluxe pocket boutonniere in emerald and tawny beige

What’s Your Wedding Theme?

Along with knowing your color palette, it helps to keep your wedding theme in mind as well. 

Are you planning a rustic outdoor event, or a more formal affair? The answer to this question will help you choose boutonnieres with details that reflect the beauty of your theme.

For example, if you’re planning a free-spirited, or country-inspired wedding, the ideal boutonnieres may feature natural accents such as pampas grass, berries, twine, or baby’s breath.

Boutonnieres in rust and sepia Groom wears a boutonniere with pompon and pampas on it

Our Sunset Terracotta boutonnieres, which are finished with beige twine, gold beads, and soft sheer ribbon, would perfectly fit these types of affairs.

Boutonnieres in sunset terracotta Groom wears a boutonniere with  white rose and orange flowers on it

As for a romantic garden or fairytale-themed wedding, boutonnieres with more dazzling finishes such as pearls, crystals, glitter, and stunning greenery would suit these themes the best.  This would include our ivory boutonnieres with sparkling golden leaves, greenery, and a delicate white rose.

Boutonnieres in ivory

What Kind of Bouquet Will You Have on Your Big Day?

The last decision to make before selecting a boutonniere is knowing the floral theme of your wedding bouquet. By knowing this you can perfectly coordinate the flowers and color scheme between bouquets and boutonnieres for your wedding day!

If you’re already a Ling’s Moment bride and have a bouquet in mind, you will have no problem choosing the best boutonnieres to complement your style. We’ve made it easy for you to complete your wedding day look with our blooming color collections.

Brides holds a cascade bouquet in tropical citrus and pink Boutonnieres in tropical citrus and pink

Once you’ve answered these questions, you will be able to settle on one of our Ling’s Moment boutonniere sets that are perfect for your groom’s attire, color palette, and overall wedding theme!  

And remember if you happen to choose a Ling’s mens wedding boutonniere on your special day, tag us @lingmoments on IG!

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