Meet Our Warm Fall Russet Orange & Denim Blue Wedding Color Palette

As the air becomes crisper and summer comes to a close, the beauty of fall arrives. The warm tones of orange leaves, roaring fires and blazing sunsets are what make autumn the perfect time to plan your cozy, rustic wedding. And if you’re considering a fall wedding celebration, then you’ll love our blue and orange wedding theme: Russet Orange & Denim Blue.

A bride taking pictures while sitting and holding a bouquet
This grounding, earthy color palette is a fresh take on autumnal tones, and will set the scene for your dream wedding day. Blue and orange wedding colors are perfect for the adventurous couple that knows their own style, and will inspire your ceremony, reception and bridal party florals.

If you’re looking for inspiration for the perfect fall wedding color palette, then let us introduce you to our newest color palette. Read on to learn more about Russet Orange and Denim Blue, and discover unique styling ideas to help you and your fiance create your perfect wedding decor.

A Rustic & Romantic Collection: Russet Orange and Denim Blue

Inspired by the whimsical charm of a country barn in the afternoon, our newest floral color collection will be a source of joy and warmth on your beautiful wedding day. Perfectly unique, it’s for the spontaneous couple who finds joy in the beauty of nature.

Our Russet Orange and Denim collection features stunning faux florals such as roses, dahlias and in vivid shades of burnt orange, gold, French blue, navy, earthy brown and cream. Together, these tones create floral arrangements that will interact perfectly with the afternoon autumn light.

A diner table topped with a flower centerpiece, tableware and candles

And if you’re intrigued by this unique color collection, here are some ways to further expand the color theme for your chic fall wedding.

What colors go with bright orange for a wedding?

Bright orange is a color that may seem hard to style for a wedding, but is actually very popular for its vibrant, earthy energy. Bright orange is the accent color in our Russet Orange and Denim wedding floral color collection, and we use it for its ardent, passionate aura.

Along with burnt orange and denim blue, bright orange works perfectly alongside tones of glimmering gold, neutral cream and brilliant white. It will also look gorgeous in front of a wild, natural landscape, such as fields or the forest!

Bright orange is a unique accent color that can make your wedding day photos really pop. Consider moments of bright orange in your bridal bouquet, aisle decorations or table centerpieces to really make a statement.

Assorted floral arrangements in orange used for wedding

What color compliments blue the most?

Another color we have used in this gorgeous collection is blue, and not everyone may realize how versatile blue can be as a wedding color. When combined with the passion of orange, blue is the perfect contrast with its calm, soothing quality. Apart from burnt orange, blue is easy to style with a range of both warm and cool tones, including gold, silver, cream or white.

The trick to making blue work in a rustic autumn wedding is to let it shine amongst warm russet tones. Our Burnt Orange and Denim Blue collection takes the coziness and intensity of a fall day, and turns it into floral arrangements that will be the perfect touch to your romantic wedding day.

How to incorporate blue and orange for a wedding

When it comes to adding blue and orange into your wedding day decorations, it’s all in the details. From the moment your guests arrive at your stunning ceremony to the last dance at the end of the night, our Burnt Orange and Denim Blue collection will adorn these magical moments to create an invigorating yet grounded energy.

If you’re looking for ideas, inspiration or examples of how to include blue and orange wedding decorations in your big day, then look no further. This unique color combination will make your rustic fall wedding stand out, and help to make it one of life’s perfect memories.

Blue and Orange Wedding Ceremony Decorations

From the moment you arrive at your wedding ceremony, Burnt Orange and Denim Blue floral accents will be there to elevate every moment. As the afternoon sun shines down upon you and your loved ones, take a moment to truly appreciate the beauty of this day.

Orange leaves and blue flowers placed against the wall

As you plan the details of your big day, here are some ways to add orange and blue wedding flowers into your ceremony decor. And don’t be afraid to get creative with your decorations, either. Your wedding ceremony is a chance to show off your unique style, or even try out some gorgeous DIY decor ideas.

Rustic Wedding Arch

A wedding arch is a structure that stands at the end of the aisle, marking the place where you will start your forever. It both acts as a destination as you take that long-awaited walk down the aisle and as a backdrop for your vows, so in some ways it is the focal point of your entire ceremony. A wedding arch will also be the backdrop for the photos of your first kiss, so it’s worth taking the time to choose a floral arrangement that is perfect for you!

Our Burnt Orange and Denim Blue floral color collection is a gorgeous choice for your wedding arch. Whether you choose a traditional arch, a rectangular structure or  free-standing arrangements, this vibrant color palette will create a warm, inviting backdrop.

And even within this color palette, there are so many ways that you can make a floral arch your own. Try a full, abundant arrangement of faux florals, or perhaps a more minimalistic take is more your style with delicate fall foliage. Will your florals extend over the entire arch, or do you prefer pops of cozy color? However you create your Burnt Orange and Denim Blue floral arch, you can relax knowing that this rustic color palette will set the scene for one of the biggest moments of your life.

A wedding arch decorated with drapes and flowers

Orange and Blue Aisle Decor

Leading up to the floral arch is the aisle, another central element of any wedding ceremony. The aisle will be one of the first things that both you and your guests see at your wedding, so it's a great way to introduce your Burnt Orange and Denim Blue wedding floral theme. Aisle decor can take many shapes, including free-standing floral arrangements, chair decor, trailing floral garlands, candles or rose petals. However you decide to adorn your wedding aisle, Burnt Orange and Denim Blue will be the perfect choice to create warm, rustic vibes and set the scene for love.

Assorted floral arrangements used in wedding ceremony

Russet Welcome Sign

No matter whether you plan on having a large celebration or a small, intimate ceremony, a welcome sign is always a great idea. Use it to point your guests in the right direction at the venue, or simply as a way to let them know they’re in the right place! Our Welcome Sign Decor in Burnt Orange and Denim Blue will adorn any rustic sign, and add those small touches of detail that can really elevate the whole experience. The best part about faux florals is that they’re able to be left outside - no more worrying that your welcome sign flowers are going to wilt in the afternoon sun!

A wooden wedding sign decorated with flowers and lanterns

Burnt Orange & Denim Blue Wedding Reception

After you’ve said your vows and officially tied the knot, it’s time to celebrate! After you’ve raised a glass of champagne, you, your new spouse and your friends and family will make your way to the reception. Whether it’s being held in a rustic barn or a charming hotel, Burnt Orange and Denim Blue faux florals are the perfect way to elevate your wedding reception decor.

Your wedding reception is your chance to really get creative with your style and create the vibe that suits you as newlyweds. From small details to vibrant accents, use the convenience and beauty of faux florals to craft your dream wedding decor.

Here are some ways to include Burnt Orange and Denim Blue florals at your wedding reception:

Vibrant Head Table Decorations

As you and your new spouse sit down for your first meal as a married couple, your guess won’t be able to take their eyes off you both. A sweetheart table is a charming way to steal some private moments with your beloved, and is also a great way to add some bold and vibrant wedding decor to the space.

At your head table, consider floral garlands in Burnt Orange and Denim Blue or vibrant, textured free-standing arrangements. Remember that this day is about you, so the head table decor should stand out from the rest of the room. Candles and golden candlesticks can add a rustic, romantic touch, and consider using textured linens in blue or orange to truly make the head table stand out.

Different flower centerpieces placed on wooden tables

Playful Orange and Blue Centerpieces

For your guest tables, centerpieces are the perfect way to add height, color and visual interest to the celebration. There are so many ways to add Burnt Orange and Denim Blue accents to your table centerpiece, such as floral hoops, garlands or bud vases.

Try adding more Burnt Orange and Denim Blue accents alongside your table centerpieces with details such as with candles, linens or glassware. This is a great chance to mix and match, too! The best part about this rustic color collection is that you can really make it your own, and combine faux florals with accents like thrifted jars, personalized name cards or layered placemats.

Blue flower centerpieces placed besides tableware

Burnt Orange and Denim Blue Bridal Flowers

Of course, no wedding is complete without the bridal party flowers. While blue and orange may not have been your first thought when it comes to a bridal bouquet or wedding party florals, it’s clear to see how this rustic color collection is the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day look. These Burnt Orange and Denim Blue floral arrangements will add color, shape and texture, and will invite in feelings of trust, calm and deep contentment.

Here’s how to include Burnt Orange and Denim Blue faux flowers in your wedding party outfits.

Rustic Bridal Bouquet

As you walk down the aisle, your bouquet is the ultimate accessory. When held in front of your stunning wedding dress, Burnt Orange and Denim Blue will radiate love, positivity and passion. Whether you choose a round, cascading or free-form bridal bouquet, this vibrant color palette will be there to complement your smiling face. And with such an earthy, grounded color palette, you can feel connected to nature, your venue and your fiance waiting lovingly at the end of the aisle.

A bride holding a orange and blue free-form bouquet

Autumnal Bridesmaid Bouquets

When planning your bridesmaids’ wedding day looks, Burnt Orange and Denim Blue makes for so many gorgeous options. Bridesmaid dresses in any shade of orange, blue, cream or champagne will work with the color collection, and you can mix and match them to your heart’s content! Bridesmaid bouquets or posies are then a great way to complement both your bridal bouquet and the dresses. A great tip is to reuse these posies as floral centerpieces later on in the evening as faux florals will remain looking fresh and vibrant.

Two bridesmaids holding bouquets while looking at each other

Charming Boutonnieres in Blue and Orange

To match your blue and orange wedding flowers, boutonnieres are a dashing touch for the groom, groomsmen or any special men to wear. These small floral arrangements are worn on the lapel to elevate the look and add a special detail. Even though they’re small, you can still get creative with the size, shape and color of your Burnt Orange and Denim Blue boutonnieres.

Blue boutonnieres placed on a table

Delicate Wrist Corsages

Just as a boutonniere is a lovely gift to special men in your family, a wrist corsage can be given to your mother, grandmother or anyone else who may not be in your wedding party. When worn on the wrist, these small floral arrangements are a gorgeous accessory and one of those details that can make your wedding day feel truly magical. A corsage in Burnt Orange and Denim Blue will be a cherished gift that can be kept forever as a precious keepsake.

Two women wearing corsage and holding hands

Burnt Orange Rose Petals

Rose petals are a simply gorgeous way to keep your Burnt Orange and Denim Blue color theme flowing. Scatter them along the wedding aisle or over tables, or have your guests toss silk rose petals over you and your fiance like confetti. Our rose petals even have a subtle rose scent to elevate the experience, but won’t get trodden and ruined underfoot!

Rose petals of different colors placed in a glass bowl

As autumn rolls around, the influence of golden light, crisp air and cozy campfires make for the perfect wedding theme inspiration. If you’re planning a rustic fall wedding, our Burnt Orange and Denim Blue is the perfect choice to make your ceremony, reception and bridal florals truly special.

Check out the full Burnt Orange and Denim Blue floral collection for even more inspiration, and don’t forget to share your warm, rustic wedding with us! If you choose Burnt Orange and Denim Blue for your big day, we’d love to see the stunning photos over at @lingsmoment on Instagram.

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