10 DIY Wedding Chair Decorations that WOW!

When it comes to getting married, everyone has a different vision of their walk down the aisle. Will it be soft and regal like Bridgerton Pastel ? Will it be stylish and modern? Rustic and romantic? Beachy? It’s an event you’ll remember forever, and the decorating possibilities are endless. When you take your last walk as a single woman, how do you want the decorations to make you feel? Nostalgic? Bold? Magical?

But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

You could take to the internet and pick your way through Pinterest, wedding blogs, and Google searches, but that’s what we’re here for. We did the work for you! Here are 10 ideas to inspire your DIY wedding chair decorations down the aisle and at the reception, wherever that may be.

1. Pew Flowers with Ribbons

Sometimes, a small, well-placed couple of flowers with a pinch of greenery can exactly what a space needs to soften the edges and bring out the fantasy you’re building on your wedding day. If you’re outside, a light breeze will only add to effect. 

They’re simple and pretty, and they’re attractive without being the center of attention. Undoubtedly, that will be you and your future spouse. After all, you spent a long time finding the right dress, not to mention the right man. You’ll want everyone to appreciate both.

2. Free-Standing Flowers

Free-standing flowers eliminate the need for hanging and can be an easy solution to worries about people getting caught in arrangements attached to chairs. They’re easy to set up and take down and look stunning in photographs of you walking down the aisle. 

For budget-friendly weddings, these bouquets can serve multiple purposes, easily being transferred to the reception to use on the tables. Just lay out some candles to set the mood, and your space will be transformed.

3. Floral Chair Signs

For an extra special touch, hang floral chair signs at the head table for the bride and groom. They’re tasteful and add visual interest with geometric shapes with a few well-placed blooms and ribbons.

Tiny twinkle lights create an ethereal effect when the lights are dimmed. They’re truly Magical! And you’ll know exactly where your seat is.

4. Fabric Wraps

One way to tie in your theme colors is by using fabric to decorate. Chairs can easily be wrapped in different colors and lengths with various designs and knots to add interest. This might lend itself to a romantic traditional theme.

Here, it’s a simple, elegant knot keeping a tightly wound design secure around the backrest while the extra length hangs loosely, stopping at the floor. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s practical. 

This design keeps excess fabric from getting hooked on the guest sitting in the chair while still creating visual interest. If desired, you could also add flowers to the concept, from simple to elaborate.

5. Sheer Tulle with Bouquets

These DIY wedding chair decorations are perfect for a fairy-tale-like wedding. The light tulle is ethereal, and the loop created by folding it in half and attaching flowers 6-inches down makes them a breeze to place over the shoulder of a chair. 

Use white tulle and add simple versions of your bridal bouquet or use colored tulle and basic white baby’s breath to draw your attention up the aisle. Some thin floral wire and green floral tape are the only extra items you’d need for this look.

6. Mason Jar Flowers

Outdoor weddings with rustic simplicity are a beautiful trend that has captivated the interest of many brides. These mason jar bouquets are perfect for getting married in a field, a garden, or a barn venue. 

You can get them in clear or colored glass and attach them with simple twine or set them next to the aisle on the ground or smoothed down stumps. While it is a stunning look, it would not be convenient for the reception. For an even easier version of this, consider using single stems and vintage bottles.

7. Floral Vines

Bring a little energy to your floral arrangements with these climbing chair bouquets! They make a statement and are as filled with life as you spreading across the back of each chair. The key here is adding lots of greenery and a few well-placed flowers that fit your theme. 

As an added bonus, you can really stretch your budget by incorporating more greenery and fewer flowers. It adds a freshness to your decor and comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Just put it together and adjust to your liking. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with just a few tools. Glue, wire, and floral tape go a long way.

8. Aisle Wreaths

These nymph-like twig and flower wreaths are perfect for anyone wanting to tie in a bit of nature. The greenery that hangs to the ground makes it feel more luxurious.

Not only will they look great in pictures, but you can bet that children and adults alike will love to wear them at the reception!  Your guests are bound to feel like you have taken that additional step to make them feel pampered and enhance the beauty of the chairs and aisle. It’s hard to ask for anything more than that.

9. The Side Knot

An alternative take on the first idea on our list, this is another easy DIY wedding decoration that levels up and will surprise you with how simple it is.  Simply knot a piece of cloth around each chair and secure it with the wire used to incorporate the flowers.

Try an on-trend monochromatic color story or a cheerful rainbow spread.  Either way, this decor makes a statement and really draws all eyes to the aisle. 

10. Full Coverage Drape

This elegant drape with sheer fabric is light and perfect for a summer wedding but could be replaced with something heavier in cooler weather. A couple of well-placed clips and wired-on flowers filled out with dangling greenery, and you’re ready to go!  

If you’re getting married on the sand and are feeling beachy, skip the flowers and attach a starfish or bouquet of shells! 

We know there are a million and one more ways you could arrange your chair decorations, but we hope this has inspired you to think outside the box. When it comes to your dream wedding, sometimes a little DIY goes a long way towards making the budget work and  personalizing decor. 

Not only can it be enjoyable to craft with some helpful friends and family members, but it will make the day even more special knowing they were part of the creative process. This is a great way to experiment, share and feel connected with the people you love. 

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