Christmas Holiday Party Decor Ideas to Celebrate with Style

The holidays are a time to look forward to, full of laughter, food, drinks and celebration. But just as the party season is fun, planning a holiday party requires a lot of time, preparation and planning.

But don’t be discouraged! If you’re planning on throwing a party this Christmas, it’s easier than you may think to create a lively, festive ambiance for your holiday shindig. The trick is to take the magic of the season, and turn up the fun to set the scene for an evening you and your guests won’t forget.

As the snow falls outside, you and your loved ones will be howling with laughter by the fire. Read on for party decor ideas that will have your Christmas party guests saying “well… just one more!”

Before you get started, there are a couple of principles that will help guide all of your holiday party decor decisions:

Embrace The Christmas Color Palette: Red, green and gold are the spirit of the holiday season, so you may as well make the most of all that magic! The trick to turning Christmas decor into Christmas party decor is to just add more.

Faux Flowers Are The Perfect Choice: When it comes to adding color and texture to your holiday party decor, look no further than faux flowers. While the real deal can be expensive, out of season or wilted by the fire, fake florals are a reliable decor choice year after year.

Planning a holiday party can be a highlight of the year, so enjoy the process of decorating, hosting and celebrating with your loved ones. You want to create a safe, warm and inviting hideaway inside away from the winter elements. With these special holiday decor touches, your guests won’t want to leave!

1. Christmas Garland

A Christmas garland is the perfect way to embrace the forest green, rich reds and special sparkle of holiday decor. Drape it across your mantle, over a doorway or down a tablescape to add some Christmas magic to your holiday party.

2. A Festive Wreath

A wreath is a classic piece of Christmas decoration, and a faux wreath will make it a staple in your seasonal arsenal. While you know to hang it on your door, don’t be afraid to add a wreath inside to really warm up the festive cheer.

3. Excite The Senses

You want your Christmas party to feel rustic, cozy and magical. Allow scents of mulled wine and firewood to fill the room, and a lively jazz will be the soundtrack as you celebrate with your nearest and dearest.

4. Warm, Festive Light

When it comes to candles, string lights and the fireplace, you can never have too much warm light. You want to create a safe, warm inviting hideaway inside away from the winter elements, so try adding more sparkly lights and more candelabras to your party decor.

5. Get Creative With A DIY

To accentuate your holiday decor, why not get creative with your own Christmas floral arrangements? Our DIY Designer Flower Boxes in Christmas Red and Sparkle will be the perfect starting point for all of your festive decor creations. From table centerpieces to an adorned drinks table, you can add details of Christmas cheer to every element of your perfect evening.

For your Christmas party this year, let the decorations create the ultimate fun, festive mood. As your guests sip champagne by the fireplace, the room will be enhanced with the color palette of red, green and sparkle. Twinkling lights and dramatics candlescapes will glint alongside the comforting textures of faux floral arrangements. It’s time to get creative and put on the most memorable party of the year!

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