The Inspiration Behind Ling’s Rust & Sepia Wedding Collection

Autumn is a season of transitions and changes. As the leaves fade and flutter off the trees, it’s a time to gather close with your loved ones and share memories and gratitude for each other. What better time to create new memories and stage your vintage-inspired wedding?

Today, we’re here to share our newest wedding color collection, inspired by the magic of late autumn and the memories of old sepia photographs. Let the warm gradients of this rust wedding color palette guide your planning process.

The Rustic Wedding Color Palette

To create this palette, we chose the rustic fall wedding colors of rust and sepia, ideal for celebrating traditions and making new memories.

Warm roses capture sophisticated romance, while textural greenery like pampas grass, coffee reed leaves, and dandelion evokes a late-autumn day. The result is a warm and welcoming wedding collection with the vibe of a cherished polaroid photo.

Your Rust and Sepia Ceremony

Imagine this: It’s a crisp autumn afternoon at your family’s generational farmhouse, a place full of memories and stories of old times. The thick woods surrounding the glade smell like pine trees and autumn hay. It’s a familiar scent that’s as comforting as it is exciting.

Your bridesmaids walk down the aisle carrying unique hoop bouquets that remind you of the embroidery hoops your grandmother used to use. Their rust-colored ribbons flutter loosely, and that same chill breeze pricks your skin with adventure.

You take a deep breath and embark down the aisle. Your garden style bridal bouquet bursts with untamed beige roses and elegant neutral leaves. It makes you feel like a vintage photograph come to life.

Instead of a traditional wooden arch, you’ve chosen to frame your ceremony with free-standing floral decorations on the patio. The pampas grass brings height to your backdrop as it sways gently in the breeze.

Your partner waits for you there, wearing a smile and a miniature boutonniere that matches your bouquet.

You exchange vows surrounded by friends and family, adding your first kiss as a married couple to countless other memories here at the farm.

Your Rust and Sepia Reception

Afterward, it’s time to celebrate at your reception.

You wanted to weave in details from your family farm as much as possible. So, you repurposed old wooden crates and bronze candleholders that were lying around for your cake table. Your homemade wedding cake looks mouth-watering in this beautiful yet understated display.

But you didn’t want to stop at wedding cake. So, you expand the tradition by arranging a dessert bar, filled with delicious recipes that remind you of favorite dates with your partner. You even arrange a custom mug rack where guests can help themselves to warm coffee or tea. Sepia floral arrangements and a rustic leaf garland paint a cozy picture on this fall day.

For the dinner setting, you brought your family’s farmhouse dining table out to the lawn. Instead of concealing the table with a cloth, you let the wood’s natural beauty shine bright with a simple burlap table runner.

The rust and sepia floral arrangements help capture the warm and natural tone while the heirloom china gleams in the afternoon sun. Mismatched chairs sit ready and waiting for you to take your place and start the toasts. It’s a beautiful and rustic scene, perfectly imperfect in every way. You can’t wait to dig into the warm and savory chicken or a sweet slice of pumpkin pie.

As the afternoon fades to a dusky evening, you dance together on the lawn under a canopy of twinkle lights, surrounded by laughter from your family and friends. Instead of rice, your guests toss dried autumn leaves as you and your partner leave for the night. As they flutter down on your face, it’s like these remnants of summer are beckoning you toward a new chapter in your life.

Afterward, you take your bouquet and decorations with you and use them to decorate the home you share together. Every time you see the rust-colored centerpiece on the kitchen table or your bouquet crowning the mantlepiece, you remember the love you shared that day. And it makes your house feel even more like home.

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