How artificial flowers are perfect for a Micro Pop Up Wedding Chapel

Choosing to downsize your wedding is a great way to get more bang for your buck. More and more couples are opting for small wedding ceremonies such as a micro wedding, a pop up wedding, a minimony or an elopement. With a small wedding, you are able to prioritize your spending and choose the details that feel the most important to you. Even though your ceremony may be small, flowers remain the perfect way to invite both romance and magic to your intimate day. When it comes to planning your downsized celebration on a budget, artificial wedding flower packages are the perfect choice.

Reasons To Choose A Pop Up Wedding

There are many reasons that pop up weddings are trending. As well as the recent pandemic-related restrictions, small weddings require less planning so you can be more spontaneous, a small group can feel more intimate, or you may desire to tie the knot at a non-traditional venue . Another bonus is that micro-weddings are much more affordable, making them an optimal choice for a budget-conscious couple.

While similar, there are a few different types of small weddings with distinct differences. A micro wedding is like a traditional wedding on a smaller scale. A shorter guest list makes room in the budget for luxe details, and there usually is a sit down reception. A pop up wedding has a lot more freedom and spontaneity, often with a temporary set up and without a formal reception. This is a great option for couples who want to get married soon or have a unique location in mind (like their favorite park or restaurant!) There are even dedicated vendors that specialize in pop-up weddings. A minimony is a ceremony that is used to be legally married, often with the promise of a larger celebration in the future. These have become more popular during recent restrictions . An elopement is a very small, intimate ceremony - often just the couple and a witness! 

Whichever option you choose for your intimate wedding, consider choosing artificial flowers for the chapel, garden, hotel or any other location that suits you and your fiance best.

Why Artificial Wedding Flowers Are The Perfect Choice

Planning your small wedding will be one of the most exciting times of your life! There are many decisions to be made to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your loved ones. When it comes to florals, many brides opt for luxury artificial wedding bouquets.

As they don’t require coordination to collect the morning of the wedding, faux flower bouquets and arrangements are a convenient choice. Without the constraints of local florist inventory and seasonal varieties, they also provide a lot of flexibility and creativity when it comes to style. The main reason many brides choose artificial wedding flowers, however, is how budget friendly they are. Even with a small wedding, luxurious artificial flowers can allow you to have the floral ceremony of your dreams. For example, for the price of a conventional bridal bouquet you could also have perfectly coordinating bouquets for your bridesmaids.

Here are some of our top picks for artificial wedding flowers on a budget:

Artificial Flowers For Your Pop Up Wedding Chapel 

No matter the size of your wedding, artificial flowers are a wallet-friendly way to create your dream day. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate artificial flowers into your small wedding:

Wedding Party Flowers

A downsized wedding often comes with a smaller wedding party. Having just one bridesmaid or groomsman is a perfect way to keep the ceremony intimate and special. Here are some of our favorite artificial flower options for your favorite people:

Bridal Bouquet

The foundation of your wedding party flowers that will be memorialized in your stunning wedding photos! Be open to different arrangements, colors and foliage - like these delicate, gorgeous Dusty Rose tones.

Bridesmaid Bouquet

The perfect complement to your bridal bouquet, the bridesmaid’s flowers will add that extra touch of wistful romance at the end of the aisle.


Don’t forget the men! This small button-hole detail will elevate the outfit of your fiance and his Best Man, while creating a strong visual connection and color story  between you and your entire wedding party. Remember, the boutonnieres don’t have to exactly match the bridal flowers - this is a great chance for the men to show some subtle style!

Ceremony Flowers

Flowers can set the scene for even the smallest of wedding ceremonies. In fact, as pop up weddings are often put on in non-traditional or outdoor settings, artificial flowers are an easy way to create the perfect altar at any location.

Wedding Arch

Create a picture-perfect backdrop for the most important moment of your life with the gorgeous allure of an artificial flower arch.

If you have a free-standing arch, you can’t go wrong with the organic style of drapes and flowers:

If your ceremony is being conducted in front of a wall, our artificial flower garlands make an impactful, affordable statement and a great photo backdrop for your wedding photos.

Free-Standing Flowers

Perfect for in a park or on a beach, our free-standing flowers are a versatile way to take the romance with you anywhere. Bonus: our grounded arches can easily come with you to be decor at any celebration after your micro-ceremony; such as home decor, a birthday party, pop-up picnic or a bridal shower.

Reception Decor

Even if your wedding is small, it doesn’t mean the celebrations have to be! Whether you’re having the reception to your micro-wedding indoors or outdoors, we’ve created an artificial flower plan that is both impactful and affordable. Your reception flowers are a great way to tie the whole day together, and create a truly special event with your loved ones.

Sweetheart Table

Your guests won’t be able to resist gazing at the newlyweds, and our artificial head table garlands will really set the scene for romance!

Guest Table Decor

Whether you are having 5 or 50 guests, table linens and artificial flowers will make your day feel luxe on a budget.

Start by setting up your table with a graceful, sheer table runner. This will add both color and texture and be the perfect backdrop for the artificial flowers.

Next, add some garlands of artificial flowers. These can either drape across a table-top lantern or run down the center of the table on their own. If you are opting for one long table, these are a great way to create continuity.

Or perhaps a floral centerpiece added to each table is more your style. There are no strict rules with the table design - try mixing and matching these design elements with other details like candles, glassware and linens to create your unique tablescape. Tip: accessorize your table using odd-numbered clusters of artificial flowers - this creates visual balance and an organic harmony.

The smallest weddings don’t have to mean settling for less. If you are planning your micro wedding on a budget, or just enhancing your real floral decorations, artificial flowers are an easy, dramatic way to elevate, and add romance and style to your big day. Convenient, stylish and affordable, artificial flowers are the perfect choice for your dream pop up wedding.

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