Bridal Shower Floral Decor Ideas

A bridal shower is a special pre-wedding celebration when a bride and her closest friends and family can get together before the big day. It’s a chance to celebrate the bride as an individual and shower her with good wishes, sage advice and thoughtful gifts before embarking on this next, exciting chapter of her life.

A bride holding a glass of wine

Bridal showers have become more popular in recent years, ranging from simple affairs to more extravagant celebrations. And just as popular as bridal showers is bridal shower decor. From gorgeous floral arrangements to stylish tablescapes, bridal shower decor has become a genre of its own.

So, if you’re considering having a bridal shower, are in the process of planning one for a loved one, or are simply looking to get some decor inspo, here is our guide to bridal shower decoration ideas.

What is a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is a type of party that usually takes place a few months before the wedding. It’s often held in the daytime, such as during brunch, morning tea or lunch, and offers a chance for the bride to de-stress.

The bride’s female friends and relatives of all ages usually attend the bridal shower, such as cousins, aunts and grandmothers. Of course, there are no strict rules around this, and it’s becoming more common for the bride’s male friends to be invited, too. It’s a time when people can share their experiences, advice and well wishes before the bride enters into her marriage.

It’s important to note that a bridal shower is different from a bachelorette party. A bachelorette party is a chance for the bride to go wild with her maid of honor and bridesmaids, often on a night out or weekend away, while a bridal shower is a party for a broader range of women close to the bride.

Who organizes a bridal shower?

Traditionally it is the maid of honor who hosts the bridal shower, but in reality the bridal shower could be hosted by anyone close to the bride such as a sister, mother or future mother-in-law. In fact, it’s usually a combination of the bride’s nearest and dearest who will come together to organize the bridal shower.

It’s worth noting that unlike a bachelorette party in which all the attendees chip in to pay for the event, a bridal shower is usually paid for by the hosts. This includes food, drinks, decorations and anything else, and the guests are expected to bring a gift for the bride.

How many months before a wedding is the bridal shower?

If you’re planning a bridal shower, you should aim to host it between 3 weeks and 3 months before the wedding. Planning the wedding itself is a long process, and the goal is to create excitement around the impending nuptials without getting too close to the wedding when the bride may be preoccupied with other tasks. If you’re a bridesmaid or family member, you’ll likely be busy before the wedding, too!

There is no strict rule about when to throw a bridal shower: It’ll come down to the bride’s preferences, the host’s availability and venue scheduling.

What is traditional for a bridal shower?

Historically, bridal showers date back to the time of dowry practices. Brides from less wealthy families would throw a bridal shower, in which donated gifts or money could bolster her family’s dowry and allow her to marry the man of her choice.

Of course, this dated practice is no longer what a bridal shower represents, but the event itself has remained a part of the typical wedding process.

There are some more recent bridal party traditions that are starting to be considered as optional. These include:


While bridal showers were traditionally only attended by women, these days anyone of any gender can attend. The main thing is that the bride feels a sense of closeness to the guests so that she feels comfortable with any risqué games.


While it’s still typical for bridal showers to be held in the daytime, this is not a rule. If a cocktail bar is more suited to you or your bride, go for it! 


While the name suggests that a bridal shower is just for the bride, there is also the option of a wedding shower. This is a variation of the bridal shower in which the couples’ close friends and family come together with the same intentions of a bridal shower - to give gifts, advice and well wishes.


While some brides will opt to open their presents in front of everyone, there is no obligation to do so. In fact, you could also make it clear to guests that gifts aren’t a necessity. The pressure to give gifts at every wedding event can be high, so feel free to set boundaries that feel appropriate for you and your circle.

Does a bridal shower need a theme?

Once you’ve decided where and when the bridal shower will be, it’s time to start planning! Some of the tasks involved in planning a bridal shower include organizing food and drink, planning activities and managing decorations.

While your bridal shower doesn’t need a specific theme, choosing one may actually make the job a lot easier. Having a decor theme will give you a framework to work within, and will help guide each decision you make.

Whether it’s an all-pink get together, a garden party or a boozy brunch, try to choose a theme that feels aligned with the bride’s style. And when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with flowers!

A wedding reception table decorated with centerpieces

Floral themed bridal shower

Flowers are feminine, abundant and classically stylish, making them the perfect addition to any bridal shower decor. By choosing a floral theme to base your bridal shower around, you can create an elevated, magical event that the bride will remember forever.

And there are so many options to choose from, too. By narrowing it down to a type of flower, a color palette and a floral style, you will be able to create a stunning floral themed bridal shower.

What flowers are good for a bridal shower?

There is a lot of planning that goes into wedding flowers, but the bridal shower is another chance to get creative and celebrate! In fact, it’s an event when you can have a lot of fun with color and design in a way that celebrates and honors the bride and her style.

The bridal shower flowers don’t have to be the same as the wedding flowers, either. White or pink roses are a classic choice, but you may also be drawn to dramatic lilies or vibrant dahlias. Here are some gorgeous flower ideas for a bridal shower.


Roses are a timeless choice. Different colors can convey different meanings, such as red roses for romance, yellow flowers for friendship and white flowers for innocence. Of course, you can mix and match the colors you are drawn to to create an eclectic, playful rose arrangement! And don’t forget that rose petals are an easy, stylish way to add texture and color to your bridal shower tablescape.

A flower centerpiece placed on a table

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are an elegant choice for a bridal shower, with a shape that is both feminine and strong. Calla lilies are said to be a good luck charm for weddings, representing union, purity, beauty and rebirth.

A bridal holding a white flower bouquet


Dahlias are a dramatic, flourishing flower that work well as a statement or in an interesting arrangement. Dahlias represent the concepts of beauty, love, devotion and dignity, which are all important values as the bride enters into her upcoming marriage.

A flower centerpiece placed on a table


Peonies are playful and feminine, making them perfect for your bridal shower celebration. Revel in the gorgeous tones of pink peonies or the abundant shape of white peonies. Create a full arrangement of peonies, or use them as an accent flower in a wild and varied bunch.

A flower centerpiece placed on a table

The power of faux flowers

If your imagination is running wild with all the possibilities of floral decor, then consider faux florals as a way to bring your vision to life. If you’ve never styled faux flowers before, then you may not realize how realistic, versatile and affordable they are to create the decorations for your bridal shower or other special occasion.

Here are some of the reasons that faux flowers may be the perfect choice for planning a bridal shower:

Enjoy flowers that won’t wilt

Real flowers are undoubtedly beautiful, but the reality is that they only stay perky and bright for a few days or even hours. This means that if you’re planning a bridal shower garden party, even a brief period in the warm sun could leave your special arrangements looking tired and limp.

Instead, faux flowers are able to keep their shape and vibrancy hour after hour, day after day. And you may be surprised at quite how realistic they look!

Repurpose your flowers

Once the bridal shower is over, there is something anticlimactic about having to throw the wilted floral arrangements away. Instead, faux flowers allow you to repurpose your arrangements at other parties, as home decor, or even at the upcoming wedding itself.

A large flower centerpiece placed on a pillar

Assemble your decor in advance

Whether it’s at your home or at a separate venue, hosting a bridal shower is stressful. Faux flowers allow you the opportunity to pre-prepare your floral arrangements, giving you peace of mind freeing up time on the day to handle the rest of the to-do list. If there’s an issue with the food, for example, you’ll be so grateful to not have to spend the time picking up and arranging flowers!

Create your dream look, no matter the season

Flowers are a part of nature, and nature has seasons. Depending on what time of the year you are planning your bridal shower, you may be limited by what types of flowers are available. Faux flowers open up your options, and can help you bring your Pinterest-inspired vision to life (even in the middle of winter!)

Save money on bridal shower floral decor

If you’ve never decorated an event with flowers before, you may be shocked at how expensive they can be. Even buying flowers from the supermarket can really add up, which can cut into your party planning budget. Faux flowers are a much more affordable option, and the fact that they can be displayed again and again makes a once perishable item an investment in your hosting capabilities.

Still in doubt? Read more on the topic here: The Pros of Going Faux: Comparing Artificial Flowers & Real Flowers for Weddings

Which color is best for bridal showers? 

When narrowing down the general vibe of your bridal shower, it can help to choose a floral color palette. This will act as a theme throughout the event, and can inform other decor decisions such as balloons or linens. Here are some popular color palettes for your bridal shower flowers: 

Sunset Terracotta

The warm tones of orange and blush in our Sunset Terracotta color palette are the perfect way to create a cozy, inviting feel at your bridal shower. Consider small bud vases with rich terracotta hues, or perhaps an abundant garland of eucalyptus and Sunset Terracotta flowers.

Various floral arrangements used for wedding

Dusty Rose & Cream

Delicate and feminine, our Dusty Rose & Cream is a gorgeous way to complement the blushing bride. The crisp white tones are accented with pops of rosy warmth, and will truly elevate any space. Consider creating big, round bouquets of Dusty Rose & Cream flowers for a classic, romantic look.

Various floral arrangements used for wedding

Romantic Marsala

For the vampy bride or a bridal shower being held in the colder months, our Romantic Marsala floral collection will bring an enchanting, retro vibe. The deep maroon tones exude passion and style, and are an easy way to add rich color and texture to even the most simple venues. Draped linens in Romantic Marsala are an easy way to add extra glam, too!

Various floral arrangements used for wedding

Garden Blush

For a bright, fresh spring bridal shower, our Garden Blush flower palette is the perfect choice. From a garden party to a sweet lunch, the lively tones of green, peach, pink and cream will bring energy to your occasion. You won’t help but feel giggly with the playful presence of this fun color collection!

Various floral arrangements used for wedding

How to decorate for a bridal shower

Once you’ve decided on the theme and color palette of your bridal shower, it’s time to get decorating! Here are some of our favorite bridal shower decoration ideas.

Bridal shower centerpiece ideas

A bridal shower is usually centered around a meal or light bites, such as a long lunch or afternoon tea. This means that the table will become the focal point of the event, and the tablescape a key part of your decor. Here are some floral centerpiece ideas that will help you make the bridal shower feel stylish and special.


Bud vases are an easy, impactful way to add lovely flowers to your table. Whether your vases are simple or ornate, matching or varied, these small vessels allow you to create interest and add color to your table. Plus, they don’t take up much space!

This Mini Premade Flower Centerpiece Set in Dusty Blue & Navy is a cool option for your bridal shower, or why not add your own touch by adding bespoke blooms to this Vintage Glass Bud Vase Set in Dusty Blue & Navy.

A few vases placed on a table


Hooped table decor plays with form and negative space to create an airy, impactful centerpiece. These Wreath Hoops Centerpieces in White & Sage will be perfect for any chilled beachside bridal shower, or these Sunset Terracotta Hoop Centerpieces will elevate your fall soiree.

A few hoop centerpieces placed on a reception table


While there are so many unique floral styling options out there, you can’t go wrong with the classic bouquet. These Floral Centerpieces in Blush Coral will add a sweet, feminine charm to your celebration - plus you get to keep them as stunning home decor!

Two pink flower centerpieces placed on the ground


Styling a table is your chance to get creative and show off your unique style, and our Designer Flower Boxes make it easier than ever to put together your dream floral look. And don’t forget to check out our DIY tutorials for the ultimate inspo, from simple bouquets to eye-catching sculptural pieces.

A box filled with orange flowers

Use luscious garlands

Floral garlands are a simple, versatile way to add volume to your decor. Drape one down your table as a long, wild centerpiece, or hang them along the ceiling to create an enchanted forest vibe. We think this Flower Garland in Dusty Rose & Navy would look perfect surrounding your drinks table, too!

A pink flower garland laid on the table

Create a floral arch photo op

Taking photos at a bridal shower is a great way to celebrate the moment and for the bride to remember precious memories with her closest friends and family. Consider a floral wedding arch as a backdrop, almost like a large frame of flowers! We love how the drapes of this Wedding Arch in White and Beige add subtle texture, and imagine how gorgeous this will look blowing gently in the breeze.

A wedding arch decorated with flowers and drapes

Flower wall

A simple and sweet way to dress up a plain wall at your bridal shower is to add flowers directly on a wall. You could add a lot for a full flower wall effect, or space them out for a more delicate, whimsical look. Try using self-adhesive strips, hanging them along fishing wire, or even using a hot glue gun to easily add faux flowers to your wall temporarily. They will create the perfect photo backdrop, too!

Bridal shower flowers from Ling’s Moment

Hosting a bridal shower is both an honor and a responsibility, and getting the decor right will help you create a day that is truly special. Faux flowers from Ling’s Moment will make creating your dream floral decor easier and more affordable than ever, and you’ll be amazed at just how realistic our faux flowers are.

Consider Ling’s Moment faux flowers at your floral themed bridal shower, and don’t forget to share the stunning results with us! We’d love to see how you style our blooms, so tag us over on Instagram @lingsmoment with your creations.

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