The Inspiration Behind Ling’s Lemonade Yellow Wedding Theme

The warm sun and crisp breezes of the Mediterranean are calling as you plan your Amalfi coast destination wedding. And what better way to bring out the best local sights, smells, and flavors than with a refreshingly vibrant yellow wedding theme?

A few yellow flowers put on a plate

Ling’s new color palette brings a thirst-quenching nod to refreshing citrus with a sweet twist. Let’s explore how our Lemonade Yellow wedding color palette can inspire your seaside wedding style.

Is yellow a good color for a wedding?

It’s hard not to be happy when you’re surrounded by sunny, bright yellow, and that feeling translates well to a wedding color that fills you and your guests with joy. Yellow is also a versatile color that can be utilized in many ways throughout your wedding day, from flowers and favors to linens and lanterns.

Sunny yellow is absolutely a wonderful color for wedding decor and an especially good choice for spring weddings. Think about how much happiness those first yellow daffodils bring when they peek through the cold, snowy ground in early spring — a yellow wedding theme evokes that same feeling of newness, hope, and delight. 

Other yellow flowers that fit right into weddings with a yellow theme include airy buttercups, romantic roses, sweet daisies, and elegant peonies. You can also incorporate yellow in other ways, like in your bridal party attire or the color of your cake. Whether you go all-in on yellow or prefer pops of color here and there, yellow wedding colors are always a good choice.

What does the color yellow mean in a wedding?

If you’re looking for more significance in your decor, consider traditional and cultural influences for added depth of meaning in your yellow wedding color palette. Generally speaking, the symbolism of the color yellow involves youthfulness, spontaneity, creativity, and happiness — all good things when it comes to celebrating a wedding. 

And while you can certainly coordinate colors to assign special meaning to your day, it’s okay to have a yellow wedding theme just because you like the way it looks, too. It’s your day, so customize it however you like!

What colors pair well with yellow for a wedding? 

Yellow is a statement color on its own, so try pairing it with complementary shades that let the bright, happy shade really shine.

Luckily, we make it easy for you to bring a little yellow into your life. Our Lemonade Yellow collection starts with a creamy yellow and French yellow and blends it with ivory, white, scallion green, and emerald for a perfectly fresh and vibrant color blend.

Various flowers in yellow used for wedding

Other ways to incorporate color pairings into a yellow wedding theme include looking to the opposite side of the color wheel for shades of blue. Think about the complementary colors of the sun and the sea, and how they bring out the best in each other.

If you want to create your own yellow wedding theme, try combining our Lemonade Yellow DIY Supporting Flower Boxes with other colors of your choice and give your wedding a fun citrus glow.

A flower centerpiece put on a table

Bridal flowers for a yellow and green wedding theme

One of the best ways to bring in your yellow and green wedding color scheme is through the beauty of flowers, and this Lemonade Yellow wedding theme is no exception. Let’s start by looking at the bright and cheerful flowers you and your nearest and dearest carry with you through the wedding day.

Blushing yellow bridal bouquet

For your wedding look, you’ve opted for timeless sophistication with a silk bias-cut gown that shows off your figure. You wear your hair down, with an heirloom comb holding one side away from your face — you’re a vision of classic Hollywood beauty. In your hands you hold an elegant and eye-catching free-form bridal bouquet flush with gardenias, Austin roses, peonies, and dahlias.

A bride holding a flower bouquet while sitting

Buttery yellow bridesmaid’s bouquets

In keeping with the yellow wedding theme, your bridesmaids don silken buttery yellow bias-cut dresses that fit right in with your bridal look. They carry round bridesmaid bouquets in lemonade yellow tied with dreamy chiffon ribbons — your bright and sunny entourage really makes you shine.

Two woman in yellow dress holding flower bouquets

Vibrant yellow boutonnieres for the groom 

The gentlemen wear light, sand-colored suits which make for the perfect balance between formal and casual. It’s a timeless look for a warm, seaside holiday and a nod to the historic towns along the coastline. To accent the suits, boutonnieres in Lemonade Yellow feature buttery roses and peonies with a refreshing mint leaf accent.

A man wearing a bountonniere

Cheerful corsages and boutonnieres for special guests 

Beyond the bridal party, the other important people in your life also don a special floral bundle to brighten up the day. Moms and grandmas are gifted gorgeous corsages to wear on their wrists or shoulders, bursting with lemony petals and minty sprigs.

Two corsages put together

You’ve also set out a selection of floral boutonnieres and bundles for guests near the welcome sign. The more the merrier when it comes to wearing wedding flowers — spread the love and the sunshine!

Yellow wedding colors to brighten up your ceremony

For your wedding ceremony, you’ve chosen a cozy clearing surrounded by an old-growth olive grove. In the distance, a glimmer of bright blue sea peeks out through the picturesque soaring landscape. The salty breeze on a warm, sunny afternoon adds to the ambiance as you prepare to say “I do.” 

A cheerful welcome sign

After the guests make their way through the gardens, taking in the scents of rosemary and lavender, they’re greeted by a rustic welcome sign atop a vintage easel. Dark wood brings out the brightness of the surrounding yellow florals, and a scattering of fresh lemons and cozy candles set the mood for the day’s events.

A wedding welcome sign decorated with flowers

Yellow and green wedding aisle decor

In keeping with the natural elements included in your wedding decor, wicker cane-backed chairs are set up on either side of the aisle for your guests. Each chair features a delicate hanging arrangement of greenery and cheerful flowers that tie in the yellow wedding theme and elevate the ambiance of the wedding space.

Flower garlands tied to wooden chairs

Vows under a rustic wedding arch

The focal point of your ceremony space is a wooden triangle arch decorated with lush florals and draped fabric in soft shades of yellow. At the base, rustic lanterns and pillar candles surround the base of the arch for an extra romantic touch.  A wicker rug creates a cozy space for you and your partner to stand while you grab hands, gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes, and say your handwritten vows.

A wedding arch decorated with drapes and flowers

Yellow wedding decorations for your reception

After the ceremony, you and your guests head back toward the main house of the seaside estate. Taking advantage of the fresh air and beautiful weather, you’ve set up space on the sprawling terrace to dine, dance, and enjoy each other’s company as you celebrate through sunset and beyond. 

For your green and yellow wedding decor, you’ve kept things light and fresh, bringing in natural fibers like wicker to add coziness. As the sun goes down, vintage-style string lights illuminate swooping vines covering the overhead pergola above the dining space. It’s comfortable and romantic, creating the perfect space to gather with the ones you love. 

Gorgeous green and yellow wedding colors for the head table

Set slightly apart, but within full view of the reception area, your romantic sweetheart table resembles a decadent garden, It overflows with a flower garland made of greenery and lush yellow flowers draping to the floor. It’s a special place for you both to enjoy a meal and sneak a few kisses before getting back to mingling with your guests.

A headtable decorated with flowers

Lemonade yellow centerpieces for the guest tables 

For the guests, you’ve opted for long, communal tables in keeping with the spirit of the region.  Small vase arrangements are scattered across lemonade yellow fabric table runners with a variety of wicker-wrapped candles to create a cozy vibe. Turquoise vintage glassware provides contrast for the bright lemon florals while bringing in elements of the glimmering Mediterranean Sea. 

A guest table decorated with flowers and tableware

After dinner, everyone is treated to a taste of limoncello to match your wedding with a yellow theme before breaking for dancing, drinks, and dessert under the stars. 

Fresh-squeezed sweets at the dessert table 

While the dinner menu is full of fresh, local flavors like lemon, rosemary, and olive, you pulled out all the sweet stops for the dessert display, as well. 

The dessert table looks like an enchanted garden, with a mixture of low and high flower arrangements giving an airy, natural feel. The lemon-flavored cake is topped with a minimalist simple white frosting and freshly sliced lemon. Scattered throughout the foliage are tempting plates of biscotti and macarons for sweet snacking, with decorative bags so guests can take some home as a sweet send-off.

A table decorated with flowers

Find Your Green and Yellow Decor For Weddings at Ling’s Moment

If you’re ready to add some fresh-squeezed sunshine to your wedding day, browse our Lemonade Yellow wedding color collection for everything from bridal bouquets and boutonnieres to reception table decor and accessories. 

Be sure to tag us on Instagram @lingsmoment and show us the unique citrus twist you give to your lovely Lemonade Yellow wedding decor. Whether you utilize our premade flowers or opt to DIY your own yellow and green wedding flowers, we love to see the creative ways our brides bring Ling’s decor to life!

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