Abbee & Vic's Upscale Barn Wedding in Burgundy & Blush Tones

With all the hype over this color palette in the last few years, you might wonder, "Is Burgundy a good color for a wedding?"

A burgundy wedding is the answer for couples who prefer to show rather than tell, whose love radiates rather than roars. Keep reading to get all the inspiration you need for your burgundy wedding theme with examples from Vic & Abbee's upscale barn wedding.

Is Burgundy a Good Color for a Wedding?

Burgundy is an excellent color for a wedding and is popular all year. The color is so beloved partly because of its perfect blend of deep red, warm, rich brown, and courtly purple. Whether it's a medium-bodied wine from the French town for which the color is named, the vibrant shade of grapes ready on the vine, or a romantically mysterious bundle of Dahlias, Burgundy quietly conveys a deep passion.

Assorted wedding decor and floral arrangements in burgundy color

If you need proof that Burgundy is a good color for a wedding and a superior, versatile choice, look no further than Abbee & Vic's upscale barn ceremony.

You could call this affair a bouquet of Marsalas and Burgundies. The couple mixed and matched Ling's Marsala and Burgundy & Blush collections. Plus, they threw in some Blush pieces to transform this barn wedding venue into something magical. From the bridal bouquet to the centerpieces and arch accessories, Abbee & Vic's Burgundy and Blush wedding in a barn was as unique and romantic as the couple themselves.

Passion Meets Grace: A Burgundy and Blush Wedding

Do Burgundy and Blush go together? Short answer: yes!

Burgundy and Blush are a winning combination. A Burgundy & Blush Wedding works well any time of the year because the two shades share a color family. Blush echos the soft pastels found in nature, like wildflowers or seashells, while Burgundy reminds us of ripe berries or falling leaves. Moody and evocative, Burgundy adds depth to the color palette, and Blush adds a soft, feminine glow.

Two brides each holds a bridal bouquet while hugging

Photo by @rachellynn_photo

At Abbee & Vic's upscale barn wedding, the passionate tones of Burgundy & Blush were as captivating as the couple themselves.

At the reception, Blush draws the family together intimately without conquering the deep and powerful burgundy tones. The rich wood of the venue's walls and ceiling furthered the mood and allowed the burgundy wedding colors to take center stage.

A reception venue with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling

Photo by @rachellynn_photo

First Impressions: Invitations in Tones of Burgundy & Blush

The happy couple got started early with their Burgundy & Blush wedding colors.

Abbee & Vic (or Abigail & Victoria as the invitation so properly puts it) used tones of Burgundy & Blush, along with floral details for their save-the-date. In the couples getting ready photos, you can see the invites splashed onto a deeply romantic background of forest green velvet surrounded by diamonds, pearls, and bits of blooms.

Wedding invites next to diamonds, pearls, and bits of blooms

Photo by @rachellynn_photo

A Burgundy Wedding in the Fall

Autumn is an obvious choice for a Burgundy wedding theme: Not only is it the natural shade of the season, matching the fading leaves, but the color's decadent undertones also work well with neutrals. At Abbee & Vic's beautiful fall ceremony in November, the tones of Burgundy and Marsala, combined with the barn's natural wood and rustic charm, reflect the changing leaves.

DIY Burgundy & Dusty Rose Boutonnieres and Corsages

Friends and family wore Burgundy & Blush wedding colors in loving support of the couple by adorning themselves with Ling's DIY boutonnieres & Corsages. In the DIY boutonnieres, large roses take center stage, with small details like Baby's Breath, Eucalyptus Leaves, and Burgundy-colored peony buds.

A man and a women walking with arm in arm

Photo by @rachellynn_photo

These tiny touches furthered the mood of the deep love symbolized by the colors themselves.

A Beautiful Floral Wedding Arch in Tones of Marsala

Because it frames the couple as they say, 'I do,' it's critical that a wedding arch aligns with the theme.

Luckily, Ling's makes this easy to do! Choosing from a designer wedding color scheme makes keeping your floral arrangements, drapes, and other wedding decor, on theme, simple. At Abbee & Vic's barn ceremony, delicate blooms and linens from Ling's Marsala & Blush collection gracefully spread across the arch, a gentle reminder of the Burgundy & Blush wedding theme.

Two brides in front of the burgundy floral arch

Photo by @rachellynn_photo

Tying in Forest Green with a Well-Placed Garland

Forest Green has long been a symbol of the natural world, especially green plants, trees, grasses, and feelings of quiet, calm, and inner peace found only in nature.

For the couple as sure and steady in their love as Abbee & Vic, Forest Green was a passionate semi-neutral, a natural compliment to their chosen tones of Burgundy, Blush, and Marsala. Shades of Forest Green in the form of Ling's luxuriously long wedding garlands, small bits of leaves in the wedding decor, and even the lush, leafy background in the couple's wedding portraits highlighted the warmer wedding colors.

A reception table topped with a garland and tableware

Photo by @rachellynn_photo

Using Burgundy for Barn Wedding Decorations

Barn weddings have been popular since what seems like the dawn of time. Couples love that barns are both rustic and classy.

Essentially, barns are like the little black dress of the wedding venue world –- you can dress them up, you can dress them down, you can add a specific theme to them. The possibilities are endless.

So, how do you decorate for a barn wedding when your color palette is Burgundy based? Here's how to incorporate the color into your big day.

An elegant barn wedding reception

There are two elements that are absolutely mandatory for an elegant barn wedding: the soft glow of candlelight and at least one form of greenery.

At Abbee & Vic's elegant barn reception, the candlelight came in the form of mini tealights lining the table and larger, handsome brass lanterns placed strategically throughout. A small string of green leaves trailed down the reception table in silent support. The couple used flowers from Ling's Burgundy & Blush collection and candles to bring romance and warmth to the heavy, masculine table.

A brass latern placed next to a garland and flower centerpieces

Photo by @rachellynn_photo

Modern barn wedding decorations

You may wonder how easy it is to modernize what is traditionally a rustic setting like a barn. The truth is, Barnwood is closer to a neutral that works well with any shade, fabric, theme, or color you're going for.

These are our top tips for making your barn wedding venue both elegant and modern, with examples from Abbee & Vic-

  • Look up. Draw your guest's eyes up using lighting, drapery, or art. Warm fairy lights look elegant yet rustic and are always an excellent choice. At Abbee & Vic's elegant barn wedding reception, glittering chandeliers hung from the ceiling, capturing attention and compelling guests' eyes to sweep the whole room.
  • Lighting is everything. Whether it's crisscrossing bistro lights or massive rows of string lights, getting the lighting correct is essential for creating an elegant barn wedding. Abbee & Vic's venue had dazzling chandeliers surrounded by rustic cages, a unique twist on traditional barn wedding decor.
  • Get centered. At Ling's, we firmly believe that the right flowers can transform any space. Abbee & Vic used simple, classy glass vases containing 1-2 roses, adding instant romance to their venue. You can add candelabras, greenery, colorful berries, or other natural pieces to your floral centerpieces to keep your table on theme.
  • Sprinkle some drapery on it. When in doubt, drape it out. Add drapery to the barn's ceiling, walls, wedding arch, or any area needing a color or romance. Use string lights to bring intimacy to the space.
  • Don't forget the utensils. Even tiny details like dinnerware can add or subtract from your aesthetic. Use copper dinnerware for a more rustic look or shiny silverware for a more sophisticated look. Abbee & Vic used icy silver-based dinnerware to reflect the warm glow of their reception room.

Abbee & Vic: Love and Burgundy Forever

Feeling inspired for your beautiful Burgundy big day? We love to hear it! If you found this post helpful or want to show off your Burgundy wedding theme, tag us @lingsmoment on IG!

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