How To Decorate A Wedding Venue On A Budget

Your wedding decor has the power to create the perfect vibe for your big day, but many couples are surprised to find out just how expensive wedding decor can be. With so many decor elements to plan for, it can feel disheartening to realize that your dream wedding decor may not be within your budget.

But, don’t panic! While wedding planning can be notoriously expensive, there are ways to maximize your decor and create your dream vibe on any budget. From using faux flowers, to choosing impactful decor pieces, to repurposing your ceremony flowers, we’ve created this guide for wedding reception decoration ideas on a budget. From DIY hacks to intentional design trends, we’ve rounded up some tried and true ways to stretch your wedding budget, and design your bespoke wedding theme for less. 

A dining table decorated with flower arrangements

And remember: No one really knows how much your wedding costs! It’s all about creating an event that will hold some of the most special moments of your life, and enjoying the day with your loved ones.

What decorations do you need for a wedding?

Before we get into the penny-saving tips, it can help to get a baseline of what wedding decor you may need in the first place. From the moment your guests arrive to your grand exit at the end of the night, there are so many opportunities to show off your style with your wedding decor choices. 

Of course, there are no rules when it comes to wedding planning, so don’t feel pressured to have all (or any!) of this wedding decor. But to get your imagination flowing, here are some of the decorations you may include at your wedding:

Ceremony Decor Ideas

  • Welcome sign: Greet your guests with a customized entrance sign accented with floral touches. 
  • Aisle decorations: Set the scene for your bridal party to walk down the aisle.
  • Chair decorations: Elevate your guests’ chairs with color and textural details.
  • Flower arch: Create a focal point for your ceremony and the perfect backdrop for your vows.
  • Floral garlands: Easily add greenery and flowers to any moment of your wedding ceremony.
Various floral arrangements used for wedding

Reception Decor Ideas

  • Floral centerpieces: Create stunning tablescapes with eye-catching floral arrangements.
  • Table runners: Add texture and color to your guest tables with the stylish draping of linens.
  • Head table decor: Make your sweetheart table a focal point of the reception with eye-catching flowers.
  • Hanging arrangements: Embrace vertical space with stunning hanging arrangements or chandeliers.
  • Wedding cake & dessert table decor: Curate your vibe with gorgeous decor at every moment, including at the after dinner tables.
Various wedding floral arrangements in different colors

Is it cheaper to decorate your own wedding?

When it comes to wedding planning, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Certain venues may have decorations included, a wedding planner may take over the decor, or many couples rely on their florist to make their big day feel special. Another option, however, is to decorate your wedding yourself.

Generally, handling your own wedding decor will be a much more affordable way to get the look you’re after. By sourcing and styling your own wedding decor pieces, you can avoid the extra costs that can come with a wedding planner or venue stylist. And while decorating your own wedding may require a bit more effort, proper planning can make the whole process as streamlined as possible. Plus, it can be a fun way to feel connected to your wedding planning process!

How can I make my budget wedding venue look expensive?

A common way to cut down on wedding decor costs is to choose a venue that already has a lot of charm, such as a rustic barn, whimsical garden or historic park.

What if only more simple wedding venues are in your budget? If you’ve opted for a more affordable venue, there are ways to use decor to elevate the space without spending too much more money.

We’ll get into specific tips further down, but the key to making a budget venue look expensive is to choose a theme and stick to it. By introducing a coherent color palette and style, you can transform any space into a more luxurious venue. This doesn’t have to be super expensive, either.

A bride holding a marsala bouquet followed by two bridesmaids

While a wall of flowers will of course elevate a simple venue, for example, you can get a similar effect by using draped linens and abundant faux greenery. It’s all about taking the elements of a grand wedding venue, and re-creating them in your space.

Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

If you’re starting to plan your wedding decor on a budget, here are some of our favorite ways to create impactful, memorable moments. And for more than just decor, don’t forget to check out our practical guide to helping you plan a wedding on a small budget.

There is no right or wrong way to decorate your wedding, so get creative with these tricks as you plan your wedding decor style!

Opt for Faux Flowers

One of the easiest ways to drastically reduce the cost of your wedding day flowers is to choose faux floral arrangements. As well as being cheaper than real blooms, faux flowers are also a convenient option for decorating a venue yourself. Going faux allows you to source and style your flowers in advance without the fear of wilting, install them in your venue yourself before your wedding, and open up the types of flowers that you can afford for your wedding.

Ling’s Moment makes realistic faux flowers in a huge range of wedding color palettes to suit any wedding. No one will even know that your flowers aren’t real, and you can enjoy the grandeur that comes with the beauty of floral arrangements.

If you’ve never considered faux flowers for your wedding before, then here are some of our most popular color collections that may work as inspiration:

Sunset Terracotta

Embrace the warmth and passion of a sunset with this vibrant, rustic collection. With tones of burnt orange, terracotta, blush and green, it will be the perfect accent to your wedding venue decor.

Terracotta wedding floral arrangements

White & Sage

Perfect for the classic couple. This timeless collection exudes luxurious charm that is fit for a country estate. Even the most simple of venues will be elevated with the chic touch of neutral tones and classy styling.

White and sage wedding floral arrangements

Dusty Blue & Navy

Embrace coastal style with the seaside tones of this stylish color collection. Blue flowers are the perfect accent for a seaside wedding, or will add a cool, calm vibe to any wedding day. The blue is a subtle statement that will have a huge impact on even the most modest of venues.

Navy blue floral arrangements used for wedding

Make Impactful Choices

When you’re trying to keep your wedding decor budget in check, a good approach is to start with the largest, most impactful pieces of decor first. Instead of focusing on small details like napkin holders or individual chair decor, consider large, eye-catching pieces. 

A floral arch will immediately elevate your ceremony, just like a large hanging arrangement can act as the visual center of your reception space. These don’t have to be too expensive, either. Here are some large decor options to help stretch your wedding budget:

Statement Wall

Using draping fabric and garlands, create a large mural-style wall at your wedding reception. This will act as the perfect backdrop for photos, and will instantly draw the eye of your guests.

A wedding arch decorated with lilac drapes and flowers

Free-Standing Aisle Arrangements

Instead of having decorations lining the entire length of your wedding aisle, consider having just one on each side at the top of the aisle. As your guests arrive, your gorgerous decor will greet them. Plus, you won’t have to cover the cost of having flowers the whole way down.

Marsala free standing flowers placed at the wedding entryway

Head Table Decor

If you’re having a sweetheart table at your wedding, use this as your central canvas to decorate. By creating an eye-catching table with garlands, centerpieces or vases, you can reduce the amount of decor you need on your other tables.

A wedding headtable decorated with a flower garland

Consider DIYs

Taking charge of your own wedding is the first step in reducing your costs, but you can cut them down even further by making DIY decor. Using faux flowers from Ling’s Moment and other affordable materials you may have, there are infinite possibilities for creations that you can make to adorn your wedding day.

Even if you have never been into DIY tutorials before, don’t worry. Most DIY wedding decor is so simple that there’s barely a learning curve. With some patience (and hopefully a few helping hands,) DIY-ing your wedding decor is a great way to make any budget work. Here are some of our favorite Ling’s Moment DIYs:

Elegant Centerpiece using a Martini Glass

This impactful centerpiece is super simple to make, and will be the finishing touch on your wedding guest tables. Get creative with the color palette of both the flowers and the glass to really make it your own!

A glass vase filled with white flowers and leaves

Hanging Floral Chandelier

A large chandelier is a great way to add a bold touch to your wedding reception. This eye-catching arrangement is more simple to make than it appears, and is a great way to make the most of your floral budget. Play around with the length and hanging height to make this DIY work for your venue.

A chandelier hung with flowers and garlands

Candlestick Aisle Decoration

As mentioned previously, having a large arrangement at just the front of your wedding aisle is a great budget decor option. These gorgeous free-standing aisle decorations are made with candlesticks, and will add a stunning rustic feel to your wedding ceremony.

Wedding aisle decorated with flowers and wooden chairs

Re-Use Your Flowers

One of the best parts about using faux flowers for your wedding florals is that they don’t wilt. This means that you can get creative with the way that you repurpose your bouquets or ceremony decor throughout the day. 

As soon as you change context of each arrangement, no one will even know! Here are some of the best ways to reuse flowers at different points throughout your wedding day:

Use Bridesmaids Posies as Centerpieces

After you’ve completed your ceremony and taken your wedding photos, your bridesmaids won’t need their bouquets any more. Instead of leaving them off to the side, place them in a vase and use them as the table decor for your reception!

Mini bouquets in black and orange color

Style Garlands in Different Ways

Floral or greenery garlands are a simple way to elevate any moment on your wedding day, and they can even be used for multiple moments. The garland that adorns the drinks table at cocktail hour can easily be used to decorate the wedding cake table, without any need to create a new arrangement.

Add More Foliage

One of the easiest ways to stretch your wedding floral budget is not with flowers at all, but rather with greenery. Greenery garlands and leaves are generally a more affordable option than flowers, and both faux and real greenery is a gorgeous way to make your decor feel abundant. Increase the ratio of greenery to flowers for a wild, rustic vibe. Or, consider foregoing flowers altogether.

A person holding a handful of green branches

Consider Thrifting Decor

While it’s easy to focus on flowers and greenery for your wedding decor, there are many other elements that you need to budget for. Vases, candles, table linens and ribbons all cost money, and they can really add up. 

Once you’ve made your general wedding decor plan, it’s worth looking for secondhand pieces from your local thrift store or online marketplaces. These are some of the best things to thrift before your wedding:

Tealight Holders

Tealight candles are an inexpensive way to add romance to your wedding, and the small vases that they’re held in are common finds at thrift stores. This is also a great opportunity to mix and match, and varied designs can add some unique style to your tablescape!

Table Linens

Tablecloths or center runners are a stylish way to add color and texture to your reception tables, but the cost can add up. These textiles are easily found in thrift stores and are a great way to save money. Once you’ve decided on your wedding color palette you can start to collect table linens for your wedding - you may be surprised how quickly you gather enough!

Pink table cloth put on a table


If you’re planning a wedding and are worried about your budget, the good news is that there are so many ways to stretch your budget to achieve your dream wedding decor. From the ceremony to the reception, these tips and tricks will help you create an elevated, stylish event without breaking the bank.

A bride looking at the groom while holding a bouquet

Ling’s Moment creates realistic faux florals in a range of color palettes to suit any wedding venue, style and budget. From carefully designed arrangements to accessible DIY boxes, Ling’s Moment makes designing your dream wedding more attainable than ever.

And if you’re planning a Ling’s wedding, make sure to share it with us! We’d love to see how you style our flowers or DIYs over on Instagram at @lingsmoment.

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