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Ling's moment
Founded in 2008
Ling’s design mission is to make wedding decorations
simple, but beautiful and impactful.
Our wedding aesthetic is inspired by French Country style.
Between elegant château and welcoming farmhouse,
between Provence serenity and California chic,
Ling’s moment is here, together with our brides, to
style her soirée her way.   


We Extract Colors From The
Ambience And Four Seasons.
Our color inspiration is drawn from Impressionism, where the play of light and shadows would be most natural. We care how color looks and feels different in particular moment in time and specific conditions— ivory rose looks different in a snowy winterwonderland, or an enchanted summer forest. By far, we have created more than 100 colors in order to capture these beautiful unique moments.
A Love Of Nature And
We source the most beautiful and comfortable fabrics possible to bring our designs to life. Soft hand feeling fabric such as lace, chiffon, and linen are our favorites. They are often mixed and matched with matching floral arrangements, putting together to produce a welcoming yet elegant wedding.
You’ll Be Surprised 
What You Can Do.
Your wedding aesthetic is an extension of your everyday style, it's a chance for couples to show some creativity for this exact moment. Whether you’re a craft connoisseur or your skills are less-than-stellar, we got your back! All you need is a little time and effort and you will be able to create the wedding of your dream.


Unique Handcrafted Pieces In Unique Colors. 
  Each petal is hand rolled to create the natural curves
Hand dyeing to create the colors we desire
Exquisite floral design with matching soft hand fabrics