How to DIY Sweetheart Table Floral Decor

Your sweetheart table is the focal decor of your wedding reception. It’s where you and your partner will celebrate your newfound union with friends and family. The floral arrangements for your sweetheart table will inform the overall theme for the other decorations at your reception. If you want to make your sweetheart table decor as special as possible–why not create it yourself? You’ll be surprised how simple it can be with Ling’s Moment guiding you along the journey. 

Today, we’re here to show you how to make this DIY wedding sweetheart table decor using Ling’s Moment flowers and greenery. You can recreate this DIY sweetheart table idea as shown, or use it as inspiration for your own design. Feel free to invite friends and family along to aid in your design process.

What you’ll need:

To bring this elegant sweetheart table idea to life, you’ll need:

  • 1 Sheet of cardboard
  • Floral mud
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire ties
  • Your creative spirit

These materials will create 1 table centerpiece and 2 free-standing floral arrangements. Ling’s designer flower boxes contain multiple flower types curated with colors inspired by the four seasons. Using them in tandem with roses can bring variety to your design and give you a cohesive color palette to start with. We used a Dusty Rose and Navy designer box set for our design, but you can use any color scheme you like.

Choose roses in a color that complements your main color scheme to elevate your design. We chose warm taupe and nude, but Ling’s foundational roses come in 50+ nature-inspired colors suitable for any wedding palette. Feel free to mix and match them to create a custom color palette that’s uniquely “you”.

How to DIY Wedding sweetheart Table Decor:

Step 1: Prepare your greenery base

Let’s start by creating the floral centerpiece for your sweetheart table.

Begin by unboxing your greenery garland and cutting it in half with your wire cutters. Now, you should have 2 pieces of garland approximately 3.25 ft long.

Take one piece of your greenery garland and cut it in half again, creating two more half pieces.

Now, take the other piece and cut it into 5 small pieces of differing lengths. Don’t worry about making the cuts all perfect. Having differing lengths can add interest to your design.

Step 2: Create the greenery base

Now that you’re prepared your greenery, let’s assemble the pieces.

Take the two longest pieces of your greenery garland and tie them together using an iron wire. Make sure that their ends face outward, so that the parts you cut earlier meet in the middle.

Now, let’s add the 5 smaller garland pieces to the main garland. Cut small pieces of green floral tubing and hot glue them to the center of the main garland. Insert the smaller pieces into the tubing one by one. The hot glue should ensure they stay secure.

Now, you have a finished greenery base waiting for your creative expressions!

Step 3: Prepare your greenery base for flowers

Let’s prepare your greenery base for flowers.

Begin by tying 7-8 iron wires to the center of the garland. Use your pliers to wrap them around the greenery, then cut off the excess. This should leave a small branch of wire for you to attach your flowers.

Bend the wires apart, then reinforce them with hot glue. Attach floral tubing to the wires. This will allow you to insert flowers as you did with the 5 small greenery branches. The floral tubing will also hide any sharp wire edges, which will protect your hands during setup and cleanup.

Step 4: Add flowers to your design

Now comes the fun part–adding the flowers to your design!

Begin by placing the largest, or your favorite, flower in the center. Surround this flower, one by one, with more flowers to form a diamond-shaped arrangement.

Alternate using roses and other flowers from your designer box set. This is where you have the opportunity to express yourself and customize the design to your heart’s content. If you don’t like the way you’ve placed a certain flower, you can always remove and reattach it to another part of your floral arrangement.

Once you’re happy with the main arrangement, add 2-3 smaller flowers to the edges of your design. This will help draw the eye towards the center of the flower swag. Keep going until you’re satisfied with the overall design.

Now, you have an elegant floral swag ready for your sweetheart table!

Step 5: Create the free-standing base

Now, let’s make two free-standing floral arrangements to go at the base of your sweetheart table.

First, take a piece of flower mud and cut it to fit your half-dome base. We’re using a base that has small holes throughout the surface, which will allow us to insert greenery and flowers into the flower mud.

Once you’ve cut the flower mud, take a piece of cardboard and cut it to cover the bottom of the base. Glue the cardboard to the bottom of the base with hot glue. This will keep the flower mud secure inside.

Tip: If you can’t find a half-dome base at a crafting store, you could also insert your flower mud into a decorative pot or vase.

Step 6: Add greenery to the base

With your base finished, Let’s begin building your floral arrangement.

Cut individual branches of greenery from your greenery spray, then insert them one by one into the base. Insert your largest branches into the center, and surround it with smaller cuttings. This will give your design a natural look, as the greenery will appear to radiate outward from the center.

Step 7: Add flowers to your design

We’re almost finished! Now it’s time to add flowers to your design.

Insert flowers one by one into the base, the same way you did with the greenery. Ling’s Moment flowers come with long wire stems, which you can use to bring height to your arrangement.

Try to concentrate flowers towards the base of your design. This will help draw the eye upwards and help you conceal the base. When you’re happy, add a final layer of hot glue to the base to keep your design secure.

Repeat steps 5-7 to create another free-standing floral arrangement. Now you’ll have two beautiful floral decorations that you can set on either side of your sweetheart table–one for you, and one for your partner.

All Finished!

Congratulations. You’ve just completed your very own DIY sweetheart table decor! Now, your wedding reception will be even more special with floral arrangements that you crafted with love.

Are you short on time for your wedding day? Have a look at our Premade Sweetheart Table Decor Collection. Featuring vintage-inspired color palettes and elegant designs, they’re an excellent way to elevate your wedding reception with minimal time and effort.

If you like, tag us on Facebook or Instagram to show us your new sweetheart table decor. Your design might even be featured on our website, so other brides can take inspiration from your unique style. 

We’re honored to be a part of all your special Ling’s Moments!

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