Easy & Elegant: DIY Floral Wedding Arch with Balloons

Looking to DIY the perfect balloon wedding arch but don't want to blow it? Well, you've found the right post! Our DIY wedding balloon arch tutorial is easy to follow and won't leave you full of hot air.

Get ready to get crafty with our DIY tutorial below:

Tip: Consider watching our DIY wedding balloon tutorial first to get an idea of the process. Use this post when you're ready to get down to (balloon) business!

What You'll Need for Your DIY Floral Wedding Arch with Balloons

Start by gathering all the materials you'll need for your DIY masterpiece in one place. You'll need:

Ling's Designer Flower Boxes blend different types of flowers, leaves, and accessories in an expertly curated color palette. This allows you to choose what feels right and know that it flows well without having to pick a matching mixture on your own.

In this video, we use Ling's Flora Blush & Cream for its softly romantic appeal and dreamy tones of Fresh Green and Blush Pink. Aria Coral & White further the fairytale vibes, adding sweetness in shades of pink. Remember, you can use any of Ling's wedding color collections to create a similar look for your DIY wedding balloon arch.

Here's how to make a wedding balloon arch with flowers:

How to DIY Floral Wedding Arch with Balloons

Step 1. Categorize your materials

Begin your craft by carefully sorting and organizing all flowers and materials. Remove all the items from their boxes, taking time to flatten out the petals and stems.

A person sorting flowers and branches

Make piles of like items, focusing on colors and sizes. This step might seem less exciting, but it will make the entire project easier since you won’t need to spend time searching for the necessary pieces. 

Step 2. Prepare the balloons

You'll want to get all of your balloons ready to go before you begin. Inflate your balloons with an air pump, making sure to tie a tight knot to prevent air leakage. 

A person inflating balloons

Step 3. Attach the balloons to the frame

Tie balloons together in pairs. Once you've got your balloons partnered off, use the ribbon to attach them to the arch frame.

A person attaching balloons to a circle arch frame

Add some larger, lighter-colored balloons towards the bottom for a balanced effect. Fill in gaps with smaller balloons to add depth and keep the arch frame hidden. And with this, the basic frame of the balloon arch is now complete!

A person adding more ballons and flower foam to an arch frame

Step 4. Go green(ery)

Use the Rose Leaf garland to wrap the bottom of the arch, leaving no part of the frame uncovered. Once you're satisfied with your wrap, use fine metal wire to discreetly secure the garland. After that, add another layer of Rose Leaf to create a full effect and cover the wedding arch frame completely.

A person inserting greenery garlands into the flower foam

Step 5. Create the floral vines

No need to buy extra products. Instead, use clippers to trim sections of the Rose Leaf Garland short and attach them by wrapping the wire stems of the flowers around. The result is a gorgeous flower vine adorned with blossoms!

A person trimming and adjusting garlands

Step 6. Harmonize the design

In life, marriage, and wedding arches, harmony is essential.

To harmoniously blend the green side of the arch with the balloon embellished section, insert the floral vine into the gaps in the balloon arrangement. This creates a blending effect and allows the arch's two sides to flow seamlessly into each other.

Some leaves and flowers inserted into the gaps of balloons

Step 7. Complete your greenery

For this step, you'll need a variety of green pieces. Start by adding leaves of different lengths to the floral side of the arch. This gives a dimensional look, making the foliage appear thicker and lush. Long, flowing bits of leaves also expand the overall reach of the arch.

A person adding addtional leaves to an arch

Step 8. Finish with flowers

Hurray! Give yourself a loving pat on the back because you've just arrived at the last step of your DIY wedding balloon arch.

In the final stage of the design, you'll insert flowers into the greenery, creating a gradient effect that ties the look together. Since your flowers should match your balloons in color, this will further blend the arch.

A person adjusting the leaves on the arch

Continue to fill in any gaps with more flowers and leaves. Add the smaller embellishments included in Ling's Designer Flower Boxes for a delicate touch.

A circle arch decorated with balloons and flowers

Frequently asked questions

What are the best flowers for a DIY balloon wedding arch?

Artificial flowers and greenery are the best choice for a DIY balloon wedding arch. Here's why:

  • Flexibility. Faux flowers are easy to fluff, fix, and reshape as needed, which takes a lot of stress out of the DIY process.
  • Two people sorting the flowers and branches
  • Durability. Unlike organic flowers, premium artificial blooms can't be taken out by the light wind or rain, intense heat or cold, storage or transportation.
  • Repurpose. Consider repurposing your ceremony flowers as reception decor, wedding favors or a memento from the biggest day of your life.
  • A floral centerpiece in pink and blue placed on a stack of books

Those are just a few of our favorite pros of using faux flowers for your wedding.

What are the best balloons for a DIY wedding arch?

Choosing the right balloons is crucial for success! Here's what to consider when shopping for the perfect balloons for your DIY wedding arch:

  • Size. Go for different 2-3 sizes to add dimension to the arch.
  • Color. Use between 2-4 different colors to create interest and keep the design from looking monotonous. Make sure to pick some lighter and darker shades that match your florals and overall wedding theme.
  • Quality. Purchase good quality latex balloons with high elasticity to maximize float life.

If you follow the above tips, selecting the right balloons for your DIY wedding arch will be a smooth process. 

Why are balloon wedding arches so popular?

One reason balloon wedding arches are so popular is because balloons themselves are festive, a sign of joy and celebration.

Balloons are almost exclusively used as decor. It's common to find them at festivals, parties, and big events across the world. Another reason to love balloons is that they're  budget-friendly, even more so when combined with DIY wedding decor. Tip: Check out all of Ling's DIY Wedding tutorials to stretch your budget even further!

How many balloons do you need for a circle balloon arch?

We recommend using 2-3 balloons for every foot of the length of the arch. Adjust this ratio depending on the size of the balloons you're using. For the giant-sized balloons, 1 per foot is enough; for the smaller ones, clusters of 3-4 may be needed to cover the frame fully.

The general rule of balloon buying is to get slightly more than you need to account for unexpected pops or add extra volume if desired. 

How do you attach faux flowers to a balloon arch?

There are several ways to attach faux flowers to a balloon wedding arch. Remember, you're not securing the florals directly to the balloons but the wedding arch frame underneath.  Consider these easy ways to attach faux flowers and greenery to your balloon arch:

  • Zip ties
  • Cable ties
  • Balloon tape (double-sided adhesive with holes for tying string through)
  • Metal craft wire
  • Clear fishing line

As you can see, there are many ways to attach balloons to a wedding arch, and they're all fairly easy. You may even find that you own some of those items in your craft closet.

Blow us away

Feeling like a DIY master? We knew you would. Now you’ve got all that you need to make a balloon arch with flowers! If you found this article useful, comment below or show off your DIY balloon wedding arch by tagging us @lingsmoment on IG!

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