Who Should Wear a Boutonniere at a Wedding

A wedding day is a chance to dress up and feel your best. For a bride, this means finding the perfect dress, getting her hair and makeup done and carrying her dream bridal bouquet. And for the groom it means putting on an elegant suit or tuxedo, complete with a tie, cufflinks, and a special finishing touch… a boutonniere.

What Is A Boutonniere?

A boutonniere is a small floral arrangement that is worn in the button hole of a man’s suit. (Fun fact - boutonniere is French for “buttonhole”!)  They are generally saved for special occasions in a man’s life, the most important one being his wedding day. The boutonniere goes in or around the buttonhole of the left lapel on a groom’s suit.

While wedding suits are often neutral in color or style, a boutonniere is a great way to express personal taste on your wedding day. It may match your bride’s flowers and those of your wedding party, creating a cohesive yet expressive look.

Ling’s Moment offers boutonnieres crafted with faux flowers, making the process of choosing and matching your boutonniere to the rest of your wedding simple and affordable. Bonus, you can take your boutonniere to your tux fitting to really test out the look!

Who Wears A Boutonniere?

If you’ve never worn one, you may be asking yourself this question. A boutonniere is a great way to identify all the men in the wedding and elevate their looks. Does a groom wear a boutonniere? Yes, and do do many more men in the wedding:

  • Groom 
  •  Groomsmen 
  •  Bride’s father 
  •  Groom’s father 
  •  Ring bearer 
  •  Ushes 
  •  Both sets of grandfathers 
  •  Male officiant 
  •  Any male readers

Usually, the style of boutonnieres you choose will match or complement the bridal florals and wedding decor flowers. Ling’s Moment makes it easy to settle on a color scheme early in your wedding planning, which means you can just choose the boutonnieres that match your wedding. Or, of course, you could get creative (see the different styles of boutonnieres) and make your own! Making your own boutonniere is easier than you may think - take a look at this tutorial to learn how to craft your own with our Designer Flower Box Set.

Boutonnieres can take an ordinary suit, and transform it into the most important outfit a man will ever wear. A boutonniere will make you look stylish, classy and elegant on your big day, and will make all of the men in your wedding look extra dapper. Ling’s Moment takes the classic boutonniere and makes it easy to choose one that expresses your unique style. So, wear a boutonniere over your heart on your wedding day, and get ready to celebrate your forever love!

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