The Inspiration Behind Ling’s 2022 Halloween Wedding Collection

The leaves are falling, there’s an exciting chill in the breeze, and you can taste the pumpkin spice in the air. That only means one thing – Halloween is coming! But this Halloween season is unlike ever before because it’s the one where you’ll wed the love of your life.

We created our Halloween wedding collection to lend romance and vibrance to intimate autumn-inspired weddings like yours. Here’s a taste of what to expect when you invite us on your Halloween-themed wedding journey!

Your Halloween Wedding Color Palette

If you want to incorporate the magic of Halloween into your wedding, it all starts with your color palette. So, for our premier Halloween Wedding collection, we took inspiration from the seasonal palette of autumn leaves and pumpkin patches.

Deep orange roses evoke the warmth and vibrance of fresh pumpkins, while dusky black roses remind us of mysterious romance. We wanted to create a vibrant palette that was both tranquil and intense. In the end, we created one of our favorite seasonal collections yet, designed to treat couples planning autumnal, holiday, or alternative-themed weddings. 

Your Stylish Halloween wedding ceremony

Picture this: It’s a dusky October afternoon at an old Victorian Manor. Some people think the place is haunted, but you think it’s hauntingly beautiful. You have the space all to yourselves for your ceremony and reception, and you’ve transformed it into an enchanted wonderland with your Halloween wedding decorations.

A Witchy Welcome Sign

First impressions are everything. So when your guests first enter through the manor doors, a wooden sign resplendent with your spooky Orange & Black color palette will greet them. The flowing leaves will draw your guests’ eyes toward the message your sign bears: Welcome to Our Beginning.

Halloween Wedding Aisle Decor

You’ve decided to stage your wedding ceremony in the manor’s spacious and moody parlor, creating a makeshift aisle lined by elegant black chairs. On the chairs lining the outside of the aisle, you place small floral decorations featuring a trio of orange, black, and amber blossoms.

Along the aisle, Halloween wedding decorations line the way for you, like flickering candles, carved pumpkins, and bountiful aisle flowers. It’s a spellbinding sight that’s equal parts eerie and intimate.

A Heart-Stopping Halloween Wedding Arch

Waiting for you at the end of the aisle stands your Halloween wedding arch. Billows of Orange & Black fabric waterfall down to the floor, while abundant boughs of orange, black, and amber roses frame the scene. It’s like a backdrop for an autumnal greeting card, and it’s beckoning for you like a figure from the mist.

Your Halloween Bridal Flowers

With the stage set, it’s time to begin your Halloween wedding ceremony in earnest. Soft piano music pierces the air like a phantom music box, letting your guests know that the ceremony is about to begin.

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Your bridesmaids make their way down the aisle ahead of you, holding bridesmaid bouquets like a trick-or-treater’s candy basket. The deep orange Austin roses and Pompon mums look sweet in contrast with their midnight black dresses.

Enchanting corsages

As a special gift for your maid of honor, you gift her a shoulder corsage bursting with burnt orange peonies and amber gardenias. It helps set her apart from your other bridesmaids and lets her know how much she means to you during this ethereal event.

For other female guests, like your mom or soon-to-be sister-in-law, you gift wrist corsages of the same color palette as a token to show your support. They’ll make fantastic souvenirs to take home later and will last forever — unlike those bowls of Halloween candy at your reception.

A Dramatic bridal bouquet

Finally, it’s time for you to step from the shadows and make your grand appearance. You feel bewitching in an elegant lace gown, carrying your Halloween bridal bouquet overflowing with inky black roses and miniature orange pumpkins that look magical in the jack-o-lantern light. You feel like you’ve stepped out of the pages of a vintage photo album in the best possible way.

A Bewitching boutonniere

Standing beside the wedding arch, your partner waits for you. They’re wearing an understated boutonniere matching the delicate black roses in your bouquet. This subtle touch helps bring a dash of Halloween charm to their look without being too over-the-top.

You and your partner whisper vows into each other’s ears, promising till death do you part in a beautiful moment that belongs just to the two of you. It’s an intimate and breathtaking Halloween themed wedding ceremony.

Your Halloween Wedding Reception

During the evening, as the full moon rises, you move to the dining room, which looks hauntingly beautiful with the same sultry pumpkin orange and black color palette. Your vibrant Halloween wedding decorations alight the space with dark elegance.

Your Halloween Guest Tables

Your guests dine at vintage wooden tables that feel warm and inviting thanks to dripping wax candles and rustic orange & black centerpieces. The rustic burlap table runners remind you of afternoon trips to the pumpkin patch — and the decorative pumpkins do, too. It’s a cozy yet festive spread that encourages conversation among your guests.

Your Spellbinding Sweetheart Table

Across the room, you and your partner sit beneath a bountiful floral chandelier that overflows with lush flowers and dry autumn leaves. A floral garland lies along the table’s front, while even more decorative pumpkins sit at the table’s base. It feels like a cozy autumnal wonderland made just for the two of you. The sights and sounds around you make your pumpkin pie taste even sweeter.

Halloween Wedding FAQ

How do you make a Halloween wedding stylish?

You don’t need kitschy costumes to create a Halloween vibe for your wedding day. There are plenty of other ways you can make a holiday wedding feel upscale with the right color palette and decor.

Little details can help you capture the spooky vibe in your ceremony and reception. For example, setting out decorative pumpkins and moody lighting, like wax candles and glowing lanterns. You can also scatter scented rose petals to create a fun finishing touch that feels elegant yet festive.

What Are Other Ways You Can Incorporate Halloween into a Wedding?

Beyond the visual elements, you can incorporate Halloween into your wedding by calling on your guests’ other senses.

For example, you can play Dark Academia instrumental tracks or chilling piano music to create an eerie atmosphere. To appeal to your guests’ sense of taste, try offering a menu of autumnal offerings — like pumpkin spice wedding cake and apple cider cocktails.

When you pay attention to your theme in every aspect of your ceremony and reception, you can create a multi-dimensional wedding day that’s sure to make an impression.

Halloween wedding conclusion

If you’ve enjoyed this sweet taste of what a Halloween wedding day could hold, you can start planning now with Ling’s Pumpkin Orange & Black wedding collection. It features pre-arranged bouquets, centerpieces, garlands, and more to help you create a stunning ceremony without having to head to a florist. It’s the next best thing to a magic wand.

On the other hand, if you’d prefer to let your crafty side shine, you can use our DIY flower boxes to design completely customized Halloween floral arrangements. You’ll feel like the Frankenstein of flowers — but in the best possible way.

If you use this spook-tacular collection for your wedding day, be sure to tag us on Instagram @lingsmoment so we can see your spellbinding creations.

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