The Inspiration Behind Ling’s 2022 Halloween Wedding Collection

The leaves are falling, there’s an exciting chill in the breeze, and you can taste the pumpkin spice in the air. That only means one thing – Halloween is coming! But this Halloween season is unlike ever before, because it’s the one where you’ll wed the love of your life. We created our 2022 Halloween wedding collection to lend romance and vibrance to intimate autumn-inspired weddings like yours. Here’s a taste of what to expect when you invite us on your Halloween wedding journey.

For our Premier 2022 Halloween wedding collection, we took inspiration from the seasonal palette of autumn leaves and pumpkin patches. Deep orange roses evoke the warmth and vibrance of fresh pumpkins, while dusky black roses remind us of mysterious romance. We wanted to create a vibrant palette that was both tranquil and intense. In the end, we created one of our favorite seasonal collections yet, designed to treat couples planning autumnal, holiday, or alternative-themed weddings. 

Picture this – you walk down the aisle surrounded by low flickering candles, carved pumpkins, and bountiful aisle flowers. You feel bewitching in a vintage lace gown, carrying your bridal bouquet overflowing with inky black roses and miniature orange pumpkins that look magical in the jack-o-lantern light. A handful of your closest family and friends surround you while your partner waits for you beside draping waterfalls of black fabric. He’s wearing an understated boutonniere matching the delicate black roses in your bouquet.

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You and your partner whisper vows into each other’s ears, promising till death do you part in a beautiful moment that belongs just to the two of you. It’s an intimate and breathtaking wedding ceremony.

Afterward, as the full moon rises, you head to your reception venue, which looks hauntingly beautiful with the same warm and sultry pumpkin orange and black color palette. You opted to celebrate in an old Victorian home, and your vibrant decorations alight the dining room with dark elegance.

Dripping wax candles and rustic centerpieces make your table spreads feel warm and inviting. Bountiful floral chandeliers hover above the floor, overflowing with lush flowers and dry autumn leaves. It feels like a cozy autumnal wonderland made just for you. You can’t wait for your friends and family to arrive and share the moment.

After you’ve enjoyed a spellbinding night, you take your bouquet and wedding decorations home. Next Halloween, you use them to decorate your home, and they reanimate all the holiday romance of your wedding day. Now, you won’t just celebrate a day full of tricks and treats - you’ll remember that special Halloween night in 2022 when you and your partner became a family.

The thought makes you feel cozy while you snuggle next to your partner on the sofa and sip warm apple cider from your favorite mug. 

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