Celebrate Your Love with Champagne Christmas Wedding Collection

Twinkling lights, cozy nights and time spent with family are what make Christmas the perfect time for a wedding. And if you’re planning a Christmas wedding, then you’ll love our festive new color palette: Champagne Christmas!

A couple kissing in a room full of floral arrangements

With abundant winter greenery and touches of glimmer, this luminous color collection is a new take on classic christmas wedding colors. Embrace the luxury and indulgence of the festive season with a champagne color palette wedding. Your heart will be ablaze as you walk down the aisle, say your vows and party into the night amongst the clinking glasses, holiday charm and nostalgic beauty of the Christmas season.

From the bridal flowers to the ceremony to the reception, here’s how to create a fresh, modern Christmas themed wedding.

What color goes with champagne for a wedding?

Our Champagne Christmas wedding floral collection is a festive and bright take on holiday decor colors. Champagne tones sit aside beautiful shades of pine green, cream and white. Together, this color collection is neutral yet warm, with an undeniable glamor that honors the festive season.

Assorted floral arrangements in white and green colors

Is champagne a winter wedding color?

Yes! Christmas is one of the most festive times of the year, and champagne evokes feelings of twinkling trees and holiday parties. Champagne is an elevated neutral color, meaning that while it can be used at summer or spring weddings, it can also be matched with winter tones to create a cozy, romantic atmosphere.

For our Champagne Christmas collection, champagne accents are matched with florals, greenery and details in the following colors:

Pine Green

Evoking the feeling of a winter forest, this rich evergreen tone is the key to making champagne feel at place at a winter wedding. It creates the vibe of an elevated Christmas tree, meaning that your wedding decor cooridnate perfectly with the seasonal festivities.

A fireplace decorated with white floral arrangements


Cream is a neutral that feels similar to champagne, but without the inherent glimmer. Cream is a baseline in the color collection that brings warmth, purity and classic vibes for your winter wedding.


White is a traditional color to include in wedding color palettes, but in this one, it creates a specifically wintery. Echoing snowfall and icicles, white flowers and details draw the eye in to create a highlight effect in all of your gorgeous arrangements and decor.

If you’re feeling inspired by the festive charm of a Champagne Christmas wedding, here are some ways to weave this elevated wedding theme throughout your big day. From the ceremony to the reception to the bouquets, Champagne Christmas will be the perfect backdrop for the biggest day of your life.

Festive Champagne Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is the first event in your wedding day, so it’s a great chance to introduce the theme and your Christmas Champagne decor.

Magical Christmas Wedding Arch

As you walk down the aisle towards your fiance on your wedding day, your wedding arch will be in view. Whether you choose an abundant floral arrangement or a modern and minimalistic shape, a Champagne Christmas wedding arch is a timeless choice. With the candlelight glow of champagne and cream and the forest-green of pine, it will be the perfect backdrop for your special vows (and first kiss!)

A wedding arch decorated with floral garlands

Champagne Aisle Decor

Aisle decor is a special touch for both you and your guests. As they find their place at your wedding ceremony, they will be met with the warmth and sophistication of Champagne Christmas accents. Consider draping garlands along the floor, free-standing floral arrangements or adding chair decor to the backs of your guest’s seats.

Whether you’re planning a large or intimate wedding ceremony, take this opportunity to get creative with the aisle decor and create an inviting, wholesome wedding vibe.

Free-standing flower arrangements placed besides candles and chairs

Christmas Wedding Welcome Sign

As your guests first arrive to your chic Christmas wedding, signage can be a great way to point them in the right direction and introduce the theme. Our Champagne Christmas sign decor creates all the cheery festive vibes of traditional holiday decorations, but elevates them in a way that marks such a truly special occasion. You could even use extra faux flowers to further adorn your welcome sign or any other signage such as the seating plan, guest book or cocktail hour table.

A wedding sign decorated with flowers and candles

Festive Champagne Wedding Reception

After you and your fiance are officially married, it’s time to celebrate! As you hug, drink, laugh and dance into the night, our Champagne Christmas collection is the perfect way to set the mood. Here are some ways to adorn and elevate your winter wedding reception.

Eye-Catching Head Table Decor

Amongst the excitement of your big day, having a sweetheart table for the reception is a great way to steal some private moments together over your first meal as a married couple. When it comes to head table decor, the general goal is to have a more amplified version of the general wedding tablescapes — like your own private, wintery oasis.

Our Head Table floral garland in Champagne Christmas adds shape, texture and volume, creating a focal point in the room at your wedding reception. Your friends and family will look upon you both and smile, your happy glow only complemented by the festive glam of Champagne Christmas decor.

A reception table topped with a flower garland and candles

Christmas Charm Centerpieces

To create a memorable and magical experience for your guests, floral centerpieces are a great way to decorate your reception tables. Whether you go for round tables or a long, continuous setup, floral centerpieces help add texture, height and color to your table. And because your guests will see these decorations up close, it’s the perfect time to add extra special details and finishing touches.

Consider garlands, candlesticks or tablecloths in Champagne Christmas tones to elevate and inspire your wedding centerpieces. You could even place bridesmaid bouqueuts in vases for a  budget-friendly decor statement.

A dining table decorated with hoop centerpieces and tableware Floral centerpieces placed on a dining table along with tableware

Joyful Champagne Bridal Flowers

Of course, you can’t forget the flowers for you and your wedding party! Here are some of our favorite ways to add Champagne Christmas floral into your bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

Festive Bridal Bouquet

As you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, picture yourself carrying a glimmering and festive floral arrangement in Champagne Christmas. Whether you choose a small posy or an overflowing bouquet, this color palette will make you glow. Your wedding photos will be gorgeous, too, with the festive glow of champagne tones!

A bride holding a large flower bouquet

Champagne Bridesmaids Bouquets

Standing at the end of the aisle are your bridesmaids, and they will also be holding bouquets of made with champagne, cream and pine faux florals. Consider a slightly smaller arrangement for your bridesmaids bouquets so that yours stands out at the end of the aisle.

Two bridesmaids each holding a flower bouqet

One of the great things about this color collection is, however, that it is neutral enough to not overpower most ceremonies. You can embrace abundant arrangements without worrying that they will be distracting, rather Champagne Christmas bouquets will simply add luxurious texture and elevated tones.

Classic Champagne Wrist Corsages

A wrist corsage is a special gift to any special female family members or friends. These small arrangements are a token to show how thankful you are to your mother, grandmother or anyone else who has impacted your journey. A corsage in our Champagne Christmas color collection is a festive yet timeless accessory that will make the wearer feel extra special.

A women in black dress wearing a wrist corsage

Rose Petals

Whether they are scattered on the aisle before you walk or given to the guests to throw over the newlyweds, rose petals are a classic way to add texture to your decor and excitement to your day. Our faux rose petals in Champagne Christmas are made of silk and even have a slight rosey smell to make the experience luxurious. It’s little details like this that make your day feel truly special, and can heighten the holiday cheer that’s already hanging in the air.

Champange gold rose petals put into a glass bowl

If you’re planning a festive winter wedding, look no further than our Champagne Christmas color collection. With dazzling champagne, classic neutrals and rich evergreen tones, this stunning color palette is a fresh and modern take on the Christmas wedding color palette. From the minute you walk down the aisle to the last moment on the dance floor, you will be wrapped in the holiday cheer and timeless elegance of this charming color palette.

And if you choose Champagne Christmas as your wedding decor theme, make sure to share it with us! Tag us in any photos over at @lingsmoment on Instagram - we can’t wait to see how you celebrate your big day!

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