The Inspiration Behind the Bordeaux Red & Wine Collection

As you walk down the aisle on that summer afternoon, you are met with a warm breeze, the sweet scent of grapes on the vine, and the beaming smile of the love of your life. Your romance is passionate and eternal, so it’s only fair that your wedding decor reflects the vibrancy of your love.

A bride lying her head on the groom's shoulder

Meet our Bordeaux Red & Wine wedding flower color collection. Rich red, sophisticated burgundy and lush green tones combine to create a faux flower collection that captures your deep joy, affection and devotion. 

If you’re planning your own summer wedding, then our Bordeaux Red & Wine collection is a timeless choice. Read on to learn more about this gorgeous, passionate collection and find styling inspo for your ceremony, reception and bridal florals.

Meet the Color Palette: Bordeaux Red & Wine

Rows of grapevines, sun-drenched fields and generous pours of wine are all images conjured by this intoxicating collection. The rich color palette contains shades of classic cream, passionate red, deep burgundy, dramatic black and timeless emerald. Together, this color collection is bold, indulgent, and a celebration of love.

Designed with a summer afternoon in mind, this collection complements the beauty of nature for your outdoor vineyard wedding. But no matter where or when you’re planning on tying the knot, Bordeaux Red & Wine will transport you to rolling green hills in the summertime.

Bordeaux Red & Wine Flower Details

The secret to the decadence of this gorgeous color collection is in the details. Classic roses in shades of red, bordeaux and cream are accented with textural greenery accents. Olive leaves, ivy and red berries combine to set the scene for a summer afternoon in a sun-dappled vineyard. Together, these faux florals create textured, harmonious arrangement that will elevate your bridal look, ceremony and reception decor.

Various floral arrangements for wedding in red

Bordeaux Red & Wine Bridal Party Florals

Your wedding day is a chance to show off your style, wear your heart on your sleeve, and feel your most fabulous. Our Bordeaux Red & Wine personal arrangements are a chic and statement way to elevate the look of your entire bridal party.

Rustic Red Bridal Bouquet

There is nothing like the vibrancy and passion of red against the calming white of a wedding dress. Our Medium Free-Form Bridal Bouquet in Bordeaux Red & Wine is the perfect addition to your bridal look and will complement your glowing beauty. The wild, energetic shape, pops of color and delicate trailing ribbons combine to create a bouquet that is both memorable and feminine.

A bride holding a bridal bouquet

Your guests will be in awe as you walk down the aisle with this statement bouquet, and the best part is you can even repurpose it later in the wedding! Simply pop it in a vase for an easy centerpiece idea, or save it as a memento of the best day of your life.

Bordeaux Bridesmaid Bouquets

Your bridal party is a celebration of friendship and support, so bridesmaid bouquets can be considered both an accessory and a thoughtful token of your appreciation. Our Bridesmaid Bouquets in Bordeaux Red & Wine will perfectly match your bridal arrangement, adding color, texture and shape to your bridal party photos.

Two girls in beige dress each holding a red bouquet

Whether your bridesmaids are wearing pink, red, burgundy, black or green, these stunning bouquets will elevate their look. And if you’re feeling creative, they can be stylishly propped up later in the day as decor!

Red Wine Boutonnieres

For the groom, groomsmen, or any special guests, boutonnieres are a thoughtful and stylish way to elevate a classic suit. These Boutonnieres in Bordeaux Red & Wine are a rich, vibrant addition to any lapel, and will help to mark the occasion of your wedding day.

A man having a red boutonniere worn on his suit

We love how the groom’s boutonniere is a bright, eye-catching red, while the groomsmens’ are a more subdued burgundy color. Together with the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets, these Bordeaux Red & Wine wearable florals will create a cohesive, elegant look.

Bordeaux Red & Wine Wedding Ceremony Decor

Your wedding ceremony is a celebration of your eternal love, and Bordeaux Red & Wine will help you set the scene for romance. Here are some of our favorite ways to add these gorgeous florals to your wedding ceremony.

Romantic Red Wedding Arch

As you stand at the end of the aisle with the love of your life, it’s time for a new chapter to begin. No matter your style or taste in decor, a floral wedding arch is a timeless way to add color, shape and charm to your wedding ceremony.

For a whimsical look, a romantic red flower garland with hanging leaves is a gorgeous way to elevate the space. Draping linens will add texture to your setup, too, and make the perfect backdrop for your vows!

A backdrop arrangement decorated with a red garland

A Bordeaux Red & Wine Wedding Aisle

Whether your wedding ceremony is big or small, a decorated aisle can help to elevate the space and introduce your guests to your color palette. And the best part is, there are so many ways to make a Bordeaux Red & Wine wedding aisle your own.

A few red free standing arrangements placed on barrels

For a dainty look, hanging pew flowers can add a splash of color to your chairs. Or for a more dramatic look, consider free-standing floral arrangements or full chair wrapping in gorgeous, textured linens. However you style your wedding aisle, Bordeaux Red & Wine will be the perfect choice for your sunny summer wedding.

Two red garlands hung on chairs

Bordeaux Welcome Sign

As you're privately preparing to walk down the aisle, your guests will be filing into your wedding ceremony venue. A welcome sign is a classic way to show them they’re in the right place and add a touch of style. 

The vibrant reds and lush greens of Bordeaux Red & Wine will add a sophisticated touch to your wedding sign, with bountiful flowers being the perfect way to welcome your loved ones.

A wooden welcome sign decorated with red flower garland

Bordeaux Red & Wine Reception

After you’re officially wed, it’s time to celebrate! From cocktail hour to the reception, Bordeaux Red & Wine will set the scene for love and help make memories to last a lifetime.

DIY Red Wine Cocktail Hour Decor

The best part about choosing faux florals for your wedding theme is how creative you can get with your decor. As the flowers won’t wilt, you can create delicate or eye-catching arrangements that will stand out to your guests.

Our DIY coupe glass decor or wine bottle arrangements in Bordeaux Red & Wine are creative, stylish ways to interpret this wedding collection. And don’t stop there - get creative with your wedding DIYs to create your own bespoke decor!

A few red flowers tied on wine glasses and a bottle of wine

Luscious Table Garland in Vibrant Red Tones

When it’s time to sit down to dinner, Bordeaux Red & Wine flowers are sure to create an abundant, stylish tablescape. Consider small posies, repurposing bridal party bouquets, or running a luscious flower garland down the length of the table.

Whether you’re keeping the styling simple or plan to add details like candlesticks, a garland will be the perfect backdrop for endless laughs, wine and memories on your wedding night. And for a really chic approach, consider one long wedding table running through a vineyard in the summertime!

A marsala flower garland placed on a reception table

Bordeaux Red & Wine Wedding Flowers from Ling’s Moment

Your wedding is about celebrating passion and eternal love, and our Bordeaux Red & Wine collection from Ling’s Moment is the perfect color palette. With vibrant splashes of red, rich burgundy and lush green tones, this collection captures the intensity and charm of a golden summer afternoon.

No matter where you’re getting married, be transported to a sweet and fragrant vineyard with this stylish collection. And if you’re planning your own Bordeaux Red & Wine wedding, don’t forget to share it with us! Tag us in your gorgeous photos on Instagram at @lingsmoment. We can’t wait to see your big day!

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