26 Fun Summer Wedding Ideas for A Unique Special Day

If you’ve always savored sunny days and breezy nights, a summer wedding day could be the perfect way to celebrate a new milestone with the one you love.

You can capture the warmth of summer throughout your special moments in several ways – such as your theme, attire, decorations, flower choices, and more. It can feel a little overwhelming if you’re just getting started. But don't worry: We’ve got you covered. 

Grab an iced drink and your favorite shades: It’s time to go over 26 of our coolest summer wedding ideas. 

Choose your summer wedding theme & color palette

Having a concrete wedding theme in mind can make it easier to choose the individual elements of your day, like floral arrangements. Every detail should work together to elevate the whole – like scattering seashells for a beach wedding or decorating with boats for a nautical-inspired affair. 

Your theme also intertwines closely with your color palette to set the overall mood and tone. In many ways, they’re flip sides of the same coin.  Some of our favorite summer wedding color and theme ideas include the following ideas. 

Nautical Navy Blue

To counteract the seasonal heat with your decor, consider incorporating cooler shades into your summer wedding color palette, like navy blue. 

Assorted floral arrangements in burgundy & navy colors

Beyond conveying a refreshing feeling, navy also reminds us of summers spent by the water – like the ocean or lake. It’s ideal for nautical-themed weddings!

Pastoral French Blue

If you’d like another way to capture coolness at your wedding, try adding brighter shades to your special moments, like French Blue. This timeless color palette can bring hints of the French countryside to outdoor summer weddings of any location. 

Assorted floral arrangements in blue & white colors

You can further capture the pastoral atmosphere by choosing to decorate with rustic elements, like wooden crates, vintage paper, or barrels. 

Rich wine red

On the other hand, maybe you’d like to fully embrace the warmth and vibrance of a summer’s day. In that case, consider turning to bold or fiery color shades, like red, burgundy, or Bordeaux. When you add in plenty of lush greenery, this wedding theme can evoke the feelings of a boundless summer vineyard. 

Assorted floral arrangements in red

Romantic dusty pink

Nothing says “romance” quite like pink. While softer pinks are more suited to spring wedding days, consider more muted shades of rose or dusty pink to evoke feelings of summer love.

We love the sophisticated blush pink shades in this color palette. They capture a sense of adventure perfect for a summer destination wedding. It’s ideal for weddings set on the border of spring and summer! 

Assorted floral arrangements in pink & silver colors

Warm terracotta

While orange shades can be reminiscent of a fall forest, they also evoke the feeling of a dazzling summer sunset. Terracotta is one of our favorite color palettes to capture the warmth and vibrance of late summer. Plus, as a neutral shade, it can add a splash of color to your summer wedding decor without overpowering your venue’s vibe.

Assorted floral arrangements in terracotta

Clean and classic white

Of course, white is the classical color choice for any season. This timeless color palette will match your wedding dress and elevate any venue with neutral charm. Plus, the coolness of the white can offer visual relief from the summer heat. (Snow on the beach wedding theme, anyone?)

Assorted floral arrangements in white & green colors

Find the perfect summer wedding venue

Your wedding venue does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to capturing your overall theme. After all, what better way to capture a nautical theme than by staging your wedding at the harbor or beach? 

The following wedding venues feature aesthetics that go hand in hand with balmy summer days!

A boat 

If you want to incorporate the water into your wedding day, consider hosting your wedding on a boat – just like Ling’s couple Dylan and Maria. 

A couple getting marriedd on a yacht

Photo by @imfg.photography

These two celebrated their wedding ceremony and reception on a sunset dinner cruise, creating a unique experience and an upscale sense of luxury. 

The beach 

Summer and beach weddings go together like peaches and cream! The sun, sand, and surf will provide destination wedding vibes – even if you live near the beach. Plus, plenty of beach wedding destinations are surprisingly affordable if you’re willing to do a little DIY. 

A couple holding hands on the beach

A farm or barn 

When you want your wedding to feel rustic and homey, heading to a country farm is the perfect choice. 

You can stage your ceremony in the fields to take in the beauty of nature or head to a barn for an indoor affair. A farm with a barn space also comes with a built-in backup plan for summer rain. 

A couple and their wedding parties in a barn

A vineyard

Want a more upscale way to convey natural vibes in your wedding day? Head to a vineyard for a backdrop full of rolling hills and lush greenery. Plus, you’re guaranteed to have wine nearby for toasts!

A couple cutting ribbons together

A hotel or resort

Planning a summer destination wedding? Try staging your wedding at a hotel or resort, just like Ling’s couple Abbey and Garrett.

Not only did their lodge venue provide a gorgeous, rustic aesthetic, but it also made hosting a destination wedding extra convenient. After the reception, guests could simply head upstairs to their rooms – no need for extra travel. 

Your own backyard

If you want to bring a more casual feeling to your summer wedding day, why not host it in the comfort of your own backyard? 

Backyard weddings can create a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of a family barbeque – and nothing says you can’t break out the grill to make your reception a good old-fashioned cookout! 

A bride and her wedding party each holding a bouquet

What should you wear for a summer wedding?

When it comes to attire, you’ll probably want an outfit that keeps you feeling cool and stylish – especially if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. Try the following summer wedding attire ideas to outfit everyone in your bridal party!

Summer wedding dress ideas 


Summer was made for gowns that show a little extra skin! Ling’s bride Sarah opted for an open-backed mermaid-style gown to stay cool and capture her elegant sense of style. We’re especially fond of the lace details and how her vivid bridal bouquet offers a pop of bold color!

A bride holding an orange bouquet

Photo by @katherinerose.co


If you’d rather not forego sleeves, look for gowns with sheer or mesh sleeves, like this stunning Ling’s bride. The lace appliques add style without being heavy or hot, making it perfect for a ceremony at the beach!

A couple hugging each other on the beach

Photo by @taimanephotography


While veils are a classic bridal accessory, they don’t necessarily offer relief from the beating summer sun. Enter, this DIY floral bridal hat. 

A bride wearing a hat with flowers on it

This quirky design can provide a unique finishing touch for a more casual wedding. Plus, it’s easy to customize the color scheme with DIY flowers from Ling’s Moment!

Summer bridesmaid attire

Choose a unifying color palette

Your bridesmaids should look like a cohesive unit in your photos together, and the easiest way to achieve this is through a unifying color palette.

A couple hugging each other before a gazebo

Photo by @noblephotoco

Lings bride Chole chose fluttery blue sundresses perfect for an afternoon by the water for her bridal party. Plus, their navy and blue bouquets helped them coordinate seamlessly with the bride.


At the same time, bridesmaids don’t even need to wear the same color or style to look unified! At Alessandra’s wedding day, her bridesmaids all chose unique dresses that suited their individual fashion sense. 

A bride hugging her wedding party

Photo by @the.archers.photography

The color choices of every bridesmaid’s gown ranged from soft powder blue to deep navy. Yet the overarching blue color palette flawlessly captured a cool, refreshing look ready for summer.

Summer groom suit ideas

Choose softer colors

Is a traditional black suit too sweaty for summer? Go for a lighter-colored option instead!

This Ling’s groom dressed in a powdery blue suit to complement his bride’s dusty blue bridal bouquet. Not only does the soft shade offer relief from the sun, but it also matches their summer wedding theme.

A bride standing next to her groom while holding a bouquet


If the summer heat is too intense for full formalwear, try dialing the outfit back to a more casual look. 

A couple sitting next to each other while holding a bouquet

Photo by @emilyrosephotos_

Ling’s groom, Ian, combined a dress shirt and pants with suspenders for a more laid-back look. But his floral tie and boutonniere still showed off his style and helped him coordinate flawlessly with his gorgeous bride, Miranda. Together, they created a picture-perfect casual-chic look.

How do you decorate for a summer wedding ceremony?

You’ve got your summer wedding theme, outfits, and venue picked out. Now, it’s time to decorate your space! Use the following wedding decor ideas to drive home your chosen theme and make your ceremony feel a little more personalized.

Welcome your guests with a repurposed window pane

A welcome sign can greet your guests as they enter your wedding venue and let them know what to expect throughout the rest of your wedding day. 

This unique wedding sign foregoes paper or canvas. Instead, the message is written directly on an upcycled window pane for a rural, cottagecore effect. This project is also easy to DIY with a can of paint and a box of Ling’s faux flowers in your chosen color palette!

A wedding welcome board decorated with blue flowers

Embrace floral arches

When your wedding takes place at a stunning venue like the beach, you don’t want to block that gorgeous view. So, allow a floral arch to frame it. 

A wedding arch decorated with drapes and flowers

In this Dusty Blue & Navy design, the base wooden arch is tall enough to provide a gorgeous overview of the beach, but the drapery and flowers still provide a stylish accent that makes the scene feel special. We also love the addition of lantern frames at the base!

Use gazebos to your advantage

If you want an easy way to elevate an outdoor wedding ceremony, allow your decorations to work with the existing structures at your wedding venue. 

For instance, rather than set up a DIY floral arch, Ling’s couple Hope and Samson added flowers and drapery to their venue’s gazebo. This created a natural, picturesque backdrop for their wedding ceremony without stretching their budget. 

A couple looking at each other while taking their vows

Photo by @alon2photography

Decorate your wedding chairs

Fold-up lawn chairs are easy to set up for a DIY wedding ceremony. Plus, they offer a fun callback to summer cookouts and other family gatherings. You can elevate them by attaching mini floral bouquets to the chairs on the outside of the aisle. We especially love the romantic pink color palette in this example! 

Some red flowers tied to a chair with ribbons

Photo by @alon2photography

How to decorate for a summer wedding reception

You’ve exchanged “I dos,” and now it’s time to celebrate! The following summer wedding reception ideas can help you punch up your decor and create a lovely themed celebration.

Incorporate nautical touches

Nothing says “summer” like an afternoon on the boat. This unique boat centerpiece will bring breezy, beachy vibes to your wedding guest tables. We especially love how the deep navy roses evoke the feeling of cool water. 

Blue and red floral arrangements placed on a table

Use drinks to your advantage

Drinks can offer a much-needed way to cool off at your wedding reception. But they aren’t just a menu item: You can also use them as a centerpiece, as this inventive floral display demonstrates. 

A few champagne glasses decorated with red and blue flowers

Let this DIY summer wedding decoration idea spruce up your drink display, or create a festive centerpiece for your food or dessert tables. 

Use string lights for a magical glow

If you want your reception to capture the glow of fireflies in the backyard, take a page from Ling’s couple Ian and Miranda’s book. 

They combined understated greenery elements, like table garlands, with draping string lights to capture a warm and cozy glow. Not only is the warm light super flattering for photos, but it also creates a cozy environment perfect for celebrating special moments together.

A wedding reception room decorated with fairy lights and greenery

Photo by @emilyrosephotos_

Summer wedding ideas: Conclusion

We hope these summer wedding ideas will give you the spark of inspiration you need to bring your wedding dreams to life. If you need more tools to get started, check out the flowers and greenery from Ling’s Moment! 

Our designer flowers never need water and won’t fade or wilt in the sun. Order them as far in advance as you need, and you’ll have the gorgeous flowers you’ll need to create summer fun in the sun. 

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