The Inspiration Behind Passionate Pink & Blush Wedding Theme

Any blush pink wedding is sure to be classy, and any hot pink theme is sure to be exciting. When the two colors combine with bursts of happy yellow, the result is Ling's Passionate Pink and Blush color collection!

Feeling the flames of passion yet? Keep reading for the lowdown on Ling's pretty pink collection, plus easy tips for planning your hot pink wedding theme.

A Passionate Pink Wedding Ceremony

If you're entertaining a hot pink wedding theme, you're en route for a vibrant day to remember! Here are all the fab and fun details for Ling's Passionate Pink and Blush color collection, from ceremony to reception:

Pretty in Pink: wedding arch

Of all the wedding decor (we know there is so much!), the arch will likely be remembered more than most.

There is so much decor involved in a wedding that it can be hard to prioritize. Yes, the wedding table is important, bridal flowers are critical, and photo backdrops are fun- but you will say 'I do' and join lives forever in front of your wedding arch! 

With that in mind, Ling's wedding arch decor has everything you need to create a stunning background to fit your hot pink wedding theme. Wedding drapes and our signature faux florals in Passionate Pink and Blush transform any wedding arch in seconds.

A wedding arch decorated with drapes and flowers

Tip: The arch decoration set has a flexible base to easily fit a straight, curved, circle, or hexagon arch display and can be reused for future events.

Pink centerpieces take center stage

Love takes center stage (or table) in Ling's Passion Pink and Blush Flower Centerpieces.

Consisting of gold-tipped roses in blush and creamy pink, supported by dahlia, gardenia, hydrangea, bougainvillea, and rose leaves, this centerpiece is more like a masterpiece. Vibrant florals, delicate filler flowers, and greenery create interesting natural shapes and textures. The decor arrives in a rustic metal vase, which is both eco-friendly and recyclable.

A wedding  table decorated with tableware and floral centerpieces

Tiny romantic details

As with any event, the secret to a perfectly executed wedding theme is all in the details. 

Candles are a great example of this. Candles or containers with a romantic tone can create an ambiance as passionate as the flames themselves. 

Ling's Glass Candle Holders in Passionate Pink and Blush add just the right amount of pink without overpowering, leaving room for florals and other decor to shine. Tying color-coordinated fine silk ribbons to floral vases, bouquets, or other decor is another small detail that will help tell the story of the wedding theme.

Serveral floral centerpieces placed beside a few candles

A warm welcome in shades of pink

Let guests know what to expect by welcoming them in shades of pink.

There are plenty of ways to infuse a bit of pink passion into your welcome sign. One of the easiest ways to add zest is by using floral centerpieces. Ling's large floral centerpieces in Passionate Pink and Blush are the perfect wedding sign companions, greeting guests with beautiful dahlias, gardenia, and roses.

If you've got the creative spirit, consider dressing up your wedding welcome sign with freestanding blooms and filler floral from Ling's designer flower boxes in Passionate Pink and Blush. To make your project even more budget-friendly, consider DIY'ing your welcome sign by reusing the flower boxes themselves with this easy tutorial.

Some freestaning floral arrangements placed at the wedding entry

Blushing Bridal Flowers

A hot pink wedding theme isn't complete without beautiful bridal blooms.  Combining classy neutrals, joyful yellow, and hot and blush pink flowers for a wedding is fun, original, and chic! 

Check out these beautiful bridal flower details:

Starting with a statement: The bridal bouquet 

Talk about a statement piece. Ling's Passionate Pink and Blush bridal bouquet is a total babe with colorful, captivating blends of dahlia, roses, and massive poppies.

A bride holding a pink flower bouquet

Cream, white, and shades of light yellow lovingly support the vibrant Hot Pink and trendy Blush. The result is an absolute showstopper of a bridal bouquet!

Bridesmaid bouquets: A pink and yellow wedding theme dream

Centered around a few massive blooms, Ling's bridesmaid bouquets in Passionate Pink and Blush are the definition of fabulous. 

Shy branches of baby's breath peek out from dramatic roses, dahlias, gardenia, and bougainvillea. A single yellow flower flawlessly carries the pink and yellow wedding theme into the arrangements.  

Tied with a whispy, sheer ribbon, the bridesmaid bouquets are an artistic mixture of hot pinks, blushes, and creamy naturals.

Two women in pink dress each holding a flower bouquet

Blush pink flowers for a wedding: Boutonnieres 

As boutonnieres are traditionally dawned by men (although anyone in a suit may wear one), Ling's Passionate Pink and Blush collection features pieces that center around a big white rose.

Bits of bright pink blooms and small iridescent embellishments add a playful, feminine touch to the boutonnieres, returning the focus to the wedding theme.

A few pink boutonnieres placed on a table

Frequently asked questions

 Is pink a good wedding color?

Well, we're a bit biased, but yes, we think pink is a great color for a wedding, and we're not the only ones!

Actually, pink is considered a classic wedding color since it looks lovely with neutrals and pops against the greenery found in nature. For this reason, pink is popular at many outdoor or vineyard ceremonies.

What does the color pink symbolize at a wedding?

When we look at what the color pink symbolizes at a wedding, we quickly see why the shade is so popular.

As a hue of red, pink is associated with love, romance, joy, softness, kindness, nurturing, empathy, and compassion. Incorporating any shade of this color into your big day will channel these qualities into your ceremony.

However, a specific shade will also have different associations on top of those already mentioned. For example, lighter pinks are known to have a calming effect, while hot pink is more energizing.

It's important to consider how pink makes you feel and what associations the color has for you and your partner.

What shade of pink is best for a wedding?

Trying to figure out which shade of pink will fit into your ceremony the best? Here's a quick rundown of the most popular shades:

  • Rose pink. Mature and feminine but still playful and romantic, rose pink is considered to be the universal shade of love.
  • A bride holding a pink flower bouquet
  • Blush. A pale shade of pink with sensual yet calming undertones. A blush pink wedding theme is an excellent choice for anyone who loves simple, timeless elegance.
  • A large floral centerpiece placed on a reception table
  • Dusty rose. A muted shade with a grayish-red tint, dusty rose combines pink and violet. Its cool undertones have a subtle depth that creates a calming vibe.
  • A wedding arch decorated with drapes and flowers
  • Salmon. Salmon is the way for those who like a touch of orange with their pink. Flirtatious and energetic, salmon adds a touch of playfulness.
  • A large floral centerpiece placed on a table
  • Pastel pink. Think kindness and compassion. Pastel pink is a nurturing, loving, and nostalgic color.
  • A bride holding a pink bouquet
  • Hot pink. Fun and modern, yet classically romantic, hot pink radiates passion, symbolizing a love of life. If you and your honey have a lust for life, a hot pink wedding theme might be for you!
  • A bride holding a pink bouquet

Whatever your pink preferences, there is a hue for you! 

What flowers go with a blush wedding dress?

Flowers that work well with a blush wedding dress include roses, dahlias, ranunculus, peonies, carnations, and lisianthus because they all have a somewhat whimsical and round appearance.

However, at the end of the day, it's your wedding, and you should use whichever flowers you feel look best!

Feeling tickled pink?

Have you fallen in love fast with our Passionate Pink and Blush collection? We had a feeling that might happen. If you found this article inspiring or want to show us how you used pink on your big day, tag us @lingsmoment on IG!

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