9 Summer Wedding Color Trends for 2022

Spring has arrived, and as the northern parts of the world come out of a long, cold winter, it’s time to start looking forward to sundresses and flowers and a warm summer ahead. Color has the power to express optimism and joy. If you're planning a wedding or it’s been delayed, the timing is perfect for the trending summer colors.

What does summer mean to you? For some, that means sunflowers and greenery. For others that means a modern monochromatic moment. Some channel the tropics while others chase rainbows. However you decide to celebrate your love, we’re here for it. These are some of our favorite summer color trends of 2022:

1. Golden Yellow, Burgundy, and Forest Green Weddings

Sunflower weddings are full of optimism and vision. It’s hard not to smile in a field of this particular bloom. Throw in some deep burgundy roses or ribbons, and an energetic green for balance, and the joy in your heart will be contagious!

Celebrate your happiness with earthy-yet-vibrant tones. Whether you wed in a field, a barn, or a ballroom, the decor will set the mood to one you’ll want to carry with you for all the years ahead. 

Picture burgundy tablecloths with gold-lined plates and tons of greenery running down the middle. Centerpieces are dripping with golden sunflowers everywhere you look. Or perhaps a more traditional white with a mix of roses and sunflowers in tall glass vases. Understated, yet bright.

2. Jewel Tone Weddings

Jewel tones are all about empowerment. You’re a strong, self-assured woman who is celebrating one of the biggest decisions of her life. Embrace it with color as you confidently walk towards your new chapter.

Rich goldenrod yellows, royal purples, soothing teals, and bold magentas can symbolize messages of encouragement and make a stunning theme. This opulent palette can be displayed in everything from your bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s suits to candles, flowers, and dinnerware. You don’t shy away from color!

Jewel tones look amazing in real life. They also look luxurious in photographs and elevate a venue with just the colors. One perk of this theme is that most of these tones look great on everyone. Plus, your white dress will really pop against these saturated hues! And as an added bonus, you can get really creative with flowers, bringing the full spectrum of the garden to your big day.

3. Fuchsia Weddings

This summer, make it all about the pinks! Fuchsia is bold and brilliant, just like you. Mix in some burgundy and white, and you have a romantic theme straight out of a storybook. They’re perfect colors if your flowers of choice are roses, but there are plenty of options to choose from. Pinks and reds grow in many different forms.

Imagine an elegant reception with white tablecloths and twinkle lights, vibrant pink and red blossoms scattered amongst the greenery and the china. Are there any other colors more fitting to represent romantic love?

4. French Blue and Coral Weddings

French blue makes a beautiful theme that can be incredibly romantic. Everything from dreamy  flowers to the vintage blue dinnerware can help create a singular event. Not only does this color represent tranquility and loyalty, but it’s fitting if you subscribe to the old “Something borrowed, something blue…” saying.

Depending on the decor you use, you can create an environment that’s chic and modern or vintage and romantic. Even beachy weddings are served by this hue. You can never go wrong with blue.

Combine this with coral, peach, and blush flowers to incorporate a light, whimsical feel. Together, these colors are airy and romantic. If you like the idea of finding yourself inside a Wes Anderson movie, you might consider this theme.

5. Berry Bright Weddings

Summer is the time for blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. Burgundy and navy, along with other similarly saturated colors, make a beautiful theme. Work in some leafy greens to fully embody the idea of the bountiful life you’re about to embark upon.

Whether you’re in the great outdoors or a great hall, this is another memorable theme that is somehow both vibrant and earthy at the same time. It’s bright but is seen all around us in nature when the weather warms up.

6. Orange and Coral Weddings

Coral and orange are fresh and powerful colors that fill a space with life. This is a theme that will put a smile on everyone’s faces as they make their way through the ceremony to the reception. They’re happy colors perfect for celebrating a happy day.

One benefit of using these colors is the wide array of flowers that fall into this range of hues. You can pick your favorites or use several to create pieces full of texture and intrigue. Greenery really pops against these shades, too! 

7. Blue Weddings

Navy is a classic color worked into many wedding themes. Give it a modern twist by including a range of shades. Try adding levels of texture and interest just with different blue hues  for a  monochromatic vibe.Or make it brighter with a powerful cerulean with a mix of dusty blue and add a crisp white for more of a classic theme.

There are many different directions you could take this serene, mood-boosting theme. Drape some fabric over your wedding arch at the beach to bring the ocean to you. Line the aisle with blue rose-filled lanterns to light the path to your future. Bring your ideas to life!

8. Green Weddings

This theme can mean different things to different people. Hunter green, palm green, lime green… Whatever it means to you, make it work! Whether you use a monochromatic option with various shades of olive or a grass green and white combo with touches of black or yellow, this is a theme that stuns.

It’s lively and crisp, a perfect choice for a new beginning. Incorporate trees and greenery or simple houseplants for air purifying greenery to fill your event space with life and everyone you love. You could even send off guests with a seedling of their own to remember the day!

 9. Lilac and Gold Weddings

Lilac and gold is another warm weather trend. While the former may seem like a cool color, the addition of cold into the theme makes it perfect for a summer wedding. An elegant floral garland down each table at the reception can completely transform a space into a pastel paradise. Add golden candelabras for an extra special touch!

Not only is it romantic, but it can also be brilliant with a little bit of well-placed royal purple. Memories of yesteryear and thoughts of the future will fly with a breeze, fabric-draped arch

Summer is a beautiful time for a wedding. It’s full of life, blooming flowers, and new beginnings. Why not celebrate with the vibrant colors reflected in the gardens of the season?

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