Rebekah & Eddie's Romantic Marsala Wedding in the Woods

Eddie and Rebekah said 'I do' in a sunny meadow surrounded by the adoring gazes of their loved ones.

Their wedding day was at the intersection of true love and the beauty of nature, accented by their choice of a Romantic Marsala wedding color theme. If you're considering an outdoor ceremony and want to warm things up with Romantic Marsala, keep reading for more inspiration.

A bride holding a flower bouquet

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From the ceremony to the reception, here's how Eddie and Rebekah embodied their love with their Romantic Marsala wedding theme-

Choosing a Romantic Marsala Color Palette

Ling's Romantic Marsala color collection is a fine choice for the couple whose love will not be tamed.

Faux flowers of rich, velvety burgundy and sweetly feminine blush are contrasted by crisp white and graceful greenery such as ivory and eucalyptus. By pairing these intense colors with the gorgeous green of the ancient trees and moss-covered pond, Rebekah and Eddie kept a gentle balance with the natural world. Romantic Marsala's deep burgundy and playful blush tones add a distinctly human element to Mother Nature's work: love.

From the bridal flowers to the elegantly embellished wedding cake, keep reading to discover how Rebekah and Eddie used Romantic Marsala to express their love against a beautiful outdoor palette.

Blushingly Romantic Outdoor Wedding Ceremony 

The couple said their vows in a beautiful clearing surrounded by lush woods while the pond in the background sparked with the light of the evening sun.

Eddie and Rebekah wanted their love to be the statement piece of their wedding, so they added decor selectively with great care, working with the natural flow of their environment. The guests sat on simple white chairs that echoed the square wooden wedding arch. 

The bridesmaid's wine-colored dresses complemented their Romantic Marsala bouquets, echoing Rebekah's bridal flowers, adding a warm intimacy to the ceremony. A  traditional catholic ritual honored the couple's cultural roots. 

Rebekah's rosy updo

Rebekah took her commitment to Eddie and their wedding theme quite seriously. The top of her hair was carefully braided into a beautiful rose and accented with tiny white flowers. Irridescent petals flow through the free bits of her loose waves.

A bride turning her head

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Honoring tradition with a wedding lasso and arras

The wedding lasso and arras traditions are ancient Catholic wedding rituals. In the wedding lasso ritual (also called the El Lazo ritual), the lovers are bound together with a cord, rope, or rosary, symbolizing their endless love for each other. The wedding arras is a tradition that happens after the exchange of wedding vows and the blessing of the rings, where the groom gives the bride 13 coins as a promise that he will provide for her and their future family.

Rebekah and Eddie's wedding lasso was made of tiny white flowers, which looked lovely against the delicate lace embellishment of the wedding dress. As the pair were bound with their marriage lasso, their love became tangible and seemed to weave through the air.

A couple doing traditional wedding rituals

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A sturdy white wedding arch

Eddie and Rebekah's wedding arch was the definition of stability. Everything about it depicted balance, from its shape to the material to the pond that sparkles behind it. Square arches represent stability, and wood is an ode to sturdiness and the power of forever. White painted boxes bursting with lively hibiscus sat on either side of the wooden arch.

A couple kissing each other

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Beautiful Bridal Flowers in Romantic Marsala

The bridal flowers, surrounded by thick greenery, added an extra dash of passion to the ceremony. The delicate floral lace on Rebekah's wedding dress was perfectly accented by Ling's small round bridal bouquet in Romantic Marsala. The bridesmaid bouquets worked perfectly with their dresses, adding to the burgundy tones without overpowering. Keep reading for a closer look at Eddie and Rebekah's Romantic Marsala wedding flowers:

A Bridal bouquet of blushing fire

Rebekah knew the burgundy and blush tones of the Romantic Marsala bridal bouquet would perfectly complement her lacy dress and flower-filled hair. Refined and feminine, the bouquet combines rich burgundy roses with green eucalyptus and gilded bamboo leaves. As Rebekah glided down the aisle, two ribbons added a graceful movement to the arrangement.

A bride holding a marsala bouquet

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Bridesmaid bouquets in Romantic Marsala

To finish the picture of elegance, Rebekah's bridesmaids wore dresses that reflected the rich burgundy and soft blush of the wedding theme. The ultra-feminine dresses glowed against the rustic background of the woods and pond. Ling's bridesmaid bouquets in Romantic Marsala tie the look together both literally and figuratively, with flowing ribbons that echo the bridal arrangement.

A couple standing with their wedding party

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A Wooded Wedding Reception in Burgundy and Blush

After the beautiful ceremony, Rebekah and Eddie were ready to dance the night away as husband and wife.

And when we say 'dance the night away,' we mean it! Hispanic culture is known to throw some seriously amazing wedding receptions. From endless dancing to a lively mariachi performance to a tasty treat table, it's not hard to see why these celebrations go well into the night!

In a gorgeous tent, the lovers added Romantic Marsala flowers to elevate the reception decor without distracting from the beauty of their environment or all the love in the air. 

Between a sweetly uncomplicated treats table, traditional Mexican music, an absolute statement of a wedding cake, and the beauty of two families becoming one, Rebekah and Eddie's wedding was one for the books! Keep reading for all the details:

Stunning outdoor decor

It was important to Eddie and Rebekah that they honor their appreciation for nature throughout the day. The food and festivities were held under the tent dappled with drapery. The open drapes allowed the light from the setting sun and fresh air from the woods to flow freely through the tent. 

An arch decorated with Ling's Romantic Marsala arch flowers ceremoniously marked the entryway to the tent. At night, string lights artfully wrapped around the archway and the sides of the tent added a touch of fairytale magic to the reception.

A couple holding hands while walking down the aisle

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Serenaded by mariachi melodies

Speaking of fairytales, did you know that a good mariachi band brings a touch of folklore and mystique to their performance?

Rebekah and Eddie serenaded guests with a traditional mariachi band to honor their heritage at the reception. A mariachi band consists of various musical instruments that originated in 18th-century Mexico. This type of entertainment is popular at weddings because it's upbeat and danceable, but it can also be slowed down to a romantic, sultry pace. 

The band played soulfully for the crowd at the reception, with the Romantic Marsala floral arch in the background.

A band playing traditional music

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A romantically repurposed head table

Rebekah and Eddie's head table was full of support as the couple chose to sit with their wedding party. The bridal party's floral bouquets effortlessly added on-themed wedding decor to the head table, and the simple table and chairs allowed them to be the star of the tablescape. We love this easy idea for repurposing bridesmaid bouquets for the wedding reception!

A couple sitting at the wedding head table with wedding party

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Directly in front of the newly married couple, an encased crystal rose lovingly marked their presence. The crystallized rose brought to mind Disney's Beauty and the Beast, another love tale as old as time.

A crystallized rose placed in the glass bottle

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A sweet and simple sweets table

Who doesn't love treats? A sweets table was the perfect choice for a couple who focuses on the essential things in life but keeps a dash of romance hidden within. 

At Rebekah and Eddie's reception, passionate burgundy and blush roses added whimsy and drama to a simple sweets table filled with cookies and other treats, where guests could self-serve throughout the evening. Another Mexican wedding tradition Rebekah and Eddie incorporated is the use of sweet tables, also called dessert tables, laden with candies and treats. We just love this!

Desserts placed on a table

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An embellished red and white wedding cake

Rebekah and Eddie poured fantasy into their triple-layer wedding cake. Red and white floral embellishment added texture to the cake, while a small bed of roses on top piled on the passion. Blush roses and lively greenery brought the Romantic Marsala wedding theme to the cake table.

A cake placed on a wedding table

Keep the love flowing

Are you feeling the glow of inspiration from Rebekah and Eddie's lovely outdoor wedding affair? Now you're ready to create your own take on Ling's Romantic Marsala color collection, and we're here for it! 

Our premium faux flowers have premade and DIY options, allowing you to achieve your dream wedding. If you used or plan to use Ling's Romantic Marsala collection, we'd love to see what you came up with! Share the love by tagging us @lingsmoment on IG!

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