Mariah and Jordan’s Cozy Winter Cottage Wedding

The world outside might be cold and bleak in the winter — but winter weddings don’t have to be. With the right venue and decorations, a winter wedding can be as warm, inviting, and stunning as weddings in any other season. Ling’s Moment couple Mariah and Jordan’s wedding day is a perfect example!

Mariah and Jordan created an epic cozy winter ceremony by hosting at a fairy tale-esque cottage wedding venue — and they didn’t even have to skimp on the flowers, thanks to their Ling’s floral arrangements.

The couple hold their winter wedding in a fairy tale-esque cottage wedding venue

Photo by @natesmithphotography

Get the details on this cozy winter cottage wedding below — and learn how you can recreate the white and beige wedding theme yourself.

How Do You Make a Winter Wedding Cozy?

If you want to create cozy and warm vibes on a chill winter’s day, it all starts with the venue. While outdoor spaces can bring airiness to ceremonies in other seasons, winter weddings are best reserved for the great indoors — and few indoor spaces are cozier than cottages.

At Mariah and Jordan’s unique cottage wedding venue, rich wooden beams and dark wood furnishings made the space feel like a welcoming home, and stone accents provided a rustic charm. The combination of natural textures and rich tones creates a super intimate and inviting space. Plus, decor pieces like books and pottery create a lived-in feel reminiscent of an at-home wedding.

The couple take photos in a space with rich wooden beams and dark wood furnishings

Photo by @natesmithphotography

You can easily recreate this at your own wedding by decorating with natural materials or setting out your favorite books as accents. And if hosting at a cottage venue isn’t an option, spaces with plenty of wood or stone, such as a barn, could provide similar cozy and welcoming vibes. 

The Perfect Winter Wedding Color Palette

Another great way to make a winter wedding feel cozy? Nailing the winter wedding color palette.

For weddings in colder seasons, we love pairing neutral shades like white and beige together. These chic yet timeless tones can help create a warm yet wintry look with depth. It’s an inviting color scheme to offset the chill of the season.

If you’re ready to see this sophisticated wedding color palette in action, let’s check out Mariah and Jordan’s winter wedding photos!

A beautiful winter bridal party in White & Beige

The bride and Her White & Beige Bridal Bouquet

Inside the cottage’s gorgeous vintage bridal suite, Mariah dons a strapless gown with a flowing column skirt. The voluminous train swoops behind her like the tail feathers on a peacock, lending a more dynamic shape to the skirt. It’s a stunning winter wedding dress for a bride with an elegant sense of style.

Her free-form bridal bouquet bursts with delicate white and beige roses. Beige feathers add a textural element, while the gold accent berries and ribbon provide the perfect touch of bling. It’s truly a bouquet fit for fairy tale royalty.

The beautiful bride holds a round bridal bouquet in white and beige

Photo by @natesmithphotography

And like the Queen she is, Mariah finishes off her bridal look with a Tiara and matching jewels. She’s now ready for the aisle!

The bridesmaid Bouquets in White & Beige

Following the bride’s regal lead, the bridesmaids don metallic dresses in blush pink and deep forest green. They’re also carrying small rounded bridesmaid bouquets that coordinate with the white and beige wedding theme.

The bride and bridesmaids hold white and beige bouquets in their hands

Photo by @natesmithphotography

Thanks to the neutral palette of their winter wedding flowers, the bridesmaids can rock more colorful dresses while still allowing the bridal party to maintain a cohesive overall look.

The groom and groomsmen

Meanwhile, Jordan chose to keep things classical with his sharp black suit and matching black tie. But he couldn’t resist foregoing a touch of personal flair, since he’s also sporting hot dog socks.

The groomsmen follow suit (har, har) with matching black formalwear. However, they also sport nude blush ties and pocket squares that complement the bridesmaid’s bouquets. Despite the different color palettes of their attire, this subtle color coordination helps capture the white and beige wedding theme and makes everyone look like they belong in the same group.

The groom and groomsmen in black suits

Photo by @natesmithphotography

A Gorgeous Winter Cottage Wedding Ceremony

With everyone all ready for what’s to come, it’s time to start the day! The adorable cottage wedding venue looks like it stepped out of the pages of a storybook — and the interior feels just as warm and cozy.

Beneath the exposed rafters and warm golden light of the chandeliers, the bridesmaids and groomsmen make their way down the aisle. Then an adorable flower girl scatters silky beige rose petals to line the aisle for the bride.

The flower girl scatter white and beige rose petals on the floor

Photo by @natesmithphotography

Finally, Mariah’s mother escorts her down the aisle, and the bride and groom exchange vows in front of a stunning wrought-iron backdrop. The combination of refined elegance and coziness is stunning!

The bride and groom exchange vows

Photo by @natesmithphotography

The Winter Cottage Wedding Reception in White & Beige

With vows exchanged and the marriage certificate signed, now it’s time to celebrate!

The cottage wedding venue’s reception area is warm and rustic, with wooden features and a sturdy stone fireplace filled with flickering candles. The rose petals scattered on the floor add just the right amount of romance. Now that’s what you call a cozy

This intimate area is the perfect spot for the bride and groom to cut the cakes. Yes, cakes. Plural.

Mariah and Jordan opted for both a bride and groom’s cake. After all, two is always better than one. The white and beige flowers scattered on the table make these winter wedding cakes look even more mouth-watering — if that’s even possible.

One white cake and one black cake for Ling's couple's winter cottage wedding

Photo by @natesmithphotography

After fuelling up with a slice of delicious cake, the bride and groom share their first dance surrounded by friends and family. As she twirls, Mariah’s dress picks up the white and beige rose petals scattered on the floor, creating a swoon-worthy romantic scene.

The bride and groom share their first dance surrounded by friends and family

Photo by @natesmithphotography

The After Party

Their time at the cottage’s reception venue might be over — but that doesn’t mean the night is. As part of their after-party, the bride, groom, and their closest loved ones head to a nearby restaurant and sample offerings from a breakfast bar.

The bride and groom go to a nearby restaurant to have a party

Photo by @natesmithphotography

Yep, you heard it right: A wedding with night breakfast! We couldn’t possibly think of a more delicious and cozy way to conclude such a stunning winter wedding ceremony.

How to Find Winter Wedding Flowers for Your Special Day

Just a little bit obsessed with Mariah and Jordan’s winter wedding photos and their white and beige wedding theme? Cool! Because you can recreate the look for your own big day with Ling’s Moment’s white and beige color collection

This designer collection features premade bouquets, centerpieces, and other floral arrangements for a near-effortless setup. Or, if you prefer to roll up your sleeves and get crafty, you can DIY your floral arrangements.

Wedding flowers and decorations in white and beige

Plus, these flowers are literally always in season! You can grab them months ahead of time, in the heat of summer, and they’ll still look fresh and dewy in the winter. Now that’s an awesome wedding hack for planning ahead!

Check out the full selection of timeless yet trendy flowers and decorations today — and be sure to head to the blog if you need more winter wedding inspiration. If you happen to use any of our floral selections be sure to tag  @lingsmoment on IG in your photos with a chance of becoming a featured Ling’s Bride!

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