Kaitlynn & Andrew’s Timeless Estate Manor Wedding

Kaitlynn and Andrew’s timeless estate manor wedding was truly a breathtaking sight! The day was dipped in romance, bouquets of burgundy and navy blue florals, and flickers of gold! If you’re planning an Autumn wedding, this couple shows us how to design your Autumn wedding in bold and refined style.

Benefits of a Navy and Burgundy Wedding

When you think of Fall, you probably envision a warm palette of radiant orange pigments, bright yellow tints, and rich red hues. But we love the navy and burgundy wedding color scheme because it combines the bold red hues of the fall season with the cool blue tones of the neighboring winter season.

This color palette is ideal if you’re looking for a transitional, romantic, and passionate color scheme for your wedding day or bridal event.

Burgundy Wedding Flowers

Try a Bold Burgundy and Blue Wedding Arrangement

Kaitlynn wore a gorgeous white ball gown dress draped in lace with a buttoned down bodice. She carried a blooming bridal bouquet of burgundy cascading cactus dahlia, dark red poppies, and navy blue roses. A combination of silver dollar eucalyptus and willow eucalyptus leaves sprouted out from the sides of the bouquet adding an elegant flair. The bouquet was as lovely and captivating as the beaming bride.

The elegant bride holds a burgundy and navy bridal bouquet

Photo by @azarphotography_

Classy and Quaint Bridesmaid Bouquets

Kaitlynn’s bridesmaids wore striking red lace dresses with a slit in the hem and a classy halter neckline. Their red dresses coordinated seamlessly with the charming burgundy color palette.

Each bridesmaid bouquet was made of navy blue Austin rose, burgundy thistle spray flowers, and dark red hybrid tea roses. As if the bouquets weren’t already swoonworthy, sprigs of dog's tail grass, holly fruits, eucalyptus, and navy jewels added a touch of elegance. A classy blue velvet ribbon literally tied the look together.

The bride and bridesmaids hold burgundy and navy bouquets in their hands

Photo by @azarphotography_

Burgundy Boutonniere Flowers

Andrew and his groomsmen posed confidently in their navy suits with jewel toned boutonnieres pinned to their left lapels. The groom’s boutonniere was made with a bright burgundy hybrid tea rose surrounded in burgundy hydrangeas and accented with blueberry fruits.

The groom in navy suit wears a burgundy boutonniere

Photo by @azarphotography_

Each groomsmen boutonniere consisted of a navy blue rose, burgundy hydrangea, and gold leaf accents Burgundy fruit and navy ribbon provided a rich finishing touch. Florals for men don’t get any more dapper than this!

The groom and groomsmen wear burgundy and navy boutonnieres

Romantic Navy and Burgundy Wedding Ceremony

Andrew and Kaitlynn’s wedding ceremony exuded nothing but romance and elegance! Every inch looked stunning — from the rustic manor illuminated with crystal chandeliers right down to the grand fireplace adorned in bold burgundy wedding flowers.

Their ceremony took place in front of a charming stone fireplace bannered in navy and burgundy drapes and accessorized with a navy blue and burgundy rose wedding garland. On top of the garland, white candles rested in golden candle holders and a framed grass sign bored with the newlyweds’ last name. Gotta love a good monogram!

The couple use a burgundy and navy floral garland to decorate the top of the fireplace

Photo by @azarphotography_

Nestled in the archways of the fireplace were free-standing arrangements of dark red foam rose, navy blue avalanche rose, black baccara orchid flowers and eucalyptus greenery with blueberry stems. This created a picturesque background perfect for the newlyweds to proclaim their love.

The couple put free standing flower arrangements next to the fireplace

Photo by @azarphotography_

Illuminate Your Aisles with Timeless Lantern Decor

We just love how intentional Kaitlynn and Andrew were in choosing their wedding day decor. Everywhere you stood, sat, or stepped romantic florals greeted you. Outside of the wedding aisle, soft silk rose petals sat at each guest’s feet as chic golden lanterns lit the way to their seats.

The couple illuminate the aisle with golden lanterns

Photo by @azarphotography_

A thoughtfully designed chair flower adorned the back of each aisle chair. They exuded elegance with their navy blue and dark red silk roses, eucalyptus greenery, and blue & red chiffon ribbons.

The aisle is decorated with burgundy pew flowers, metal lantern and rose petals

Photo by @azarphotography_

A great way to decorate your guest seating area is to solely decorate the chairs facing the outside of the aisle. This will create a maximum visual effect with minimal effort — and help you save money on decor.

Friendly and Elegant Welcome Sign Inspiration

The reception was truly an elegant affair. Guests were greeted warmly by a gilded Victorian flower sign decor with a petite bushel of dark red and navy blue silk peonies cradled at the top of the frame. Wedding signs are a great way to guide your guests to their designated seats and point them toward the upcoming festivities.

A welcome sign is decorated with burgundy and navy flowers

Whimsical Navy Blue & Burgundy Wedding Table Decorations

Lantern Decorated Sweetheart Table

Kaitlynn and Andrew put the “sweet” in sweetheart table! Their breathtaking seating space was the highlight of the night, from the golden rose covered lanterns tracing the tops of each table to the abundant arrangements of rose prisms gracing the floor.

In the center of the sweetheart table, a striking arrangement of deep burgundy and navy blue roses rested behind a gold colored Mr & Mrs sign. Just behind the sweetheart table, a decorative wooden cross overlooked the scene. with a bushel of burgundy and navy roses placed in the center of the cross. These navy blue and burgundy wedding table decorations are a seamless way to create a dreamy and gardenesque backdrop!

The head table is decorated with navy table cloth, gold lanterns and burgundy and navy floral arrangements

Classy Wreath Wedding Table Ideas

Luxuriant flowers and splashes of gold engulfed every inch of the wedding. The guest table centerpieces were crafted with wreaths of floral greenery and radiant red and navy roses.

The couple use burgundy and navy flower wreath to decorated the guest table

Photo by @azarphotography_

Styling your reception tables doesn’t have to be challenging. All you need is an ornamental wreath to ensure that your guest tables radiate with elegance and charm. If you’d like to design your very own wreath centerpiece, you can start with our designer DIY flower box in navy and burgundy and our exquisite selection of greenery.

Dazzling Dessert Table Decorations

Kaitlynn and Andrew reminded us that when it comes to your reception decor, you don’t have to shy away from decorating the desert table! The dessert table was beautified with a decadent selection of cupcakes and accompanied by an industrial floor-length lantern wrapped in cascading vines of navy blue and burgundy roses. All it takes is a little flair and flora to transform your wedding.

A long flower garland in burgundy and navy is wrapped around a tall lantern stand

Style Your Wedding in Dreamy Navy and Burgundy Wedding Decorations

Does the burgundy and navy blue color collection sound ideal for your wedding day? If so you can create it using our pre-arranged wedding flower packages..

Bold and rich, this navy and burgundy wedding theme will transform your Autumn wedding day into an intimate and amorous affair. If you happen to create romantic decor inspired by Kaitlynn and Andrew, please don’t hesitate to tag us @lingsmoment on IG. We’re eager to see what you create!

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