How To Create An All Winter White Wedding

If you’re planning your upcoming nuptials, a winter white wedding is classic and timeless. And it’s easy, too! We’ve made it easy to plan a celebration with a cool winter color palette.

Winter brings with it an unsuspecting brightness that comes from crisp morning sun and the glow of fresh snow. A cool winter color palette celebrates the beauty of this slow season, and takes inspiration from it as you start your marriage. Undoubtedly cozy, winter is time best spent with loved ones, just like your wedding day.

Winter White Wedding Color Palette

When it comes to planning and curating your wedding, white is a classic color choice. While it’s the traditional choice for the bride’s dress, it is also an elevated choice for the rest of your wedding. Alongside white, a winter white wedding color palette can include chic touches of beige, tan, greenery, or even subtle blush tones. Consider a White & Beige color palette to create the winter wedding vibe you prefer. Whether there’s snow falling outside or not, a white wedding color palette brings with it timeless hope and promises of a bright future with your fiance.

Timeless White Florals

And apart from the obvious stylistic choice, there is no doubt that a white wedding color palette makes it easy to mix and match your florals with your decor. Faux florals in white and beige tones blend seamlessly together, and linens in a winter white color palette all work to complement each other. Whether you’re creating your own decor or not, this simple yet sophisticated color palette will make planning your winter wedding a breeze.

A White Bouquet: The Ultimate Winter Accessory

No matter your style of wedding dress, a white bridal bouquet is a stunning statement. It is feminine and stylish, as well as radiating hopeful vibes. Plus, the neutral tones mean that you can be more expressive with your bouquet shape and style.

And before you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, your bridesmaids will too. As they prepare to stand before you as you say your vows, bridesmaid posies in striking white tones will create an ethereal, timeless mood.

The Classic Winter White Wedding Dress

Of course, the bridal dress is the most obvious example of white at a wedding. If you’re planning an all white winter wedding, you have probably started thinking about which gown you’re going to wear.

As the season brings with it an implied formality, consider classic dresses or gowns in timeless silhouettes. You can even get creative by adding a faux fur shoulder covering to keep you warm and add an element of winter glamor!

And while you plan your white winter wedding, remember that rules are made to be broken. While your decor, florals and even the groom’s suit all may be white, you could make a statement by choosing a different color for your wedding dress. An all white wedding with a wedding dress in pink, beige or even red is a cool twist on the theme that can really make it your own.

White Bridesmaid Dresses

While it’s usually not okay to wear white to another’s wedding, it’s a totally different story if the bride asks you to! A white or neutral color palette for the bridesmaids’ dresses is an elevated, classic look that works perfectly for a winter white wedding. Add a touch of sparkles with jewelry and hair accessories, or even try red lipstick for some old Hollywood glamor. The bridal party photos will be iconic!

Groom’s White Dinner Jacket

To really embrace the glamor of a winter white wedding, consider a white tuxedo jacket for the groom. This classic, elegant look is flattering on any gentleman, and will really mark the occasion. Winter season colors don’t have to be dark, in fact choosing a bright, formal look is one of the best ways to mark your special day.

White Wedding Decor & Winter White Accents

As you stand at the end of the aisle or walk into your wedding reception, you want your decor to feel aligned with the theme. Winter white wedding feels luxurious and cozy, and the neutral cool winter color palette has a calming effect.

Here are some ways to express this elegant winter white wedding theme through your decor and decorative accents.

White Floral Arch & White Drapes

When you walk down the aisle across from your love, your winter white color palette will surround and embrace you like a blanket of fresh snow. This wedding arch decor with drapes is a gorgeous way to add bright, airy texture to your ceremony. It will even be the backdrop to your first kiss as a married couple!

White Floral Table Garlands

When it’s time to celebrate, a white color palette will elevate your wedding reception, too. This head table garland is an impactful way to express the color palette while adding timeless elegance and texture to the room. While not every couple chooses a head table, it’s a great way to add a focal point to your reception dinner and create a more traditional vibe. But if a head table still isn’t for you? These garlands look just as chic and impactful when draped over a drinks or dessert table!

And your guests won’t be forgotten, either. You can adorn guest tables with candlesticks, linens and small floral arrangements in a white & beige color palette, too. Create visual interest by layering materials and heights. The result will be a table that feels abundant and festive, as your guests laugh over a glass of champagne!

DIY White Floral Arrangements

And if you’re feeling extra creative, why not create your own decor details? A DIY designer box in White & Beige allows you to choose the faux florals that align with your version of a winter white wedding color palette, and then create small arrangements for tables or decor accents. By creating your own floral arrangements using the same color scheme, it will tie in with the rest of your decor to create an abundant, elevated look.

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Signature White Wedding Accents

When it comes to planning your winter wedding, it’s the little details that can end up creating the perfect vibe. Alongside the decor and your attire, don’t forget to keep these details in mind when planning your theme!

Winter White Wedding Invitations & Stationery

From the moment you send your save the dates to your beloved guests, you are able to start creating the perfect mood for your wedding. As you plan your white winter wedding, don’t forget to extend the color palette and vibes to your invitations. Lustrous paper and delicate ribbons with hints of gold and sparkle will make even opening up that envelope an experience.

On your wedding day, you can extend the winter white theme to your wedding paper goods. From the ceremony programs, to the cocktail hour signage, to custom napkins, this classy color palette will help elevate every moment. And don’t worry, these don’t have to be difficult to create! Use a similar template to create your day-of paper goods as you used to design the invitations, and then adorn them with white faux florals. Adding small details from our DIY designer box in White & Beige will look bespoke, professional and fabulous.

Serve Signature Winter Cocktails

To complete the full winter wedding experience, a signature cocktail is a must. Winter flavors and fragrances such as cinnamon, cloves and whiskey will bring the chalet vibes to you and your guests, making your winter white wedding cozy and delicious! Try a negroni or spiced hot toddy for cocktail hour, and your guests will always associate that drink with your special day.

When you look back at your wedding photos for years to come, a timeless winter color palette guarantees that they will never feel dated. Your wedding will have the enduring power of stylish romance, helping you create core memories for life.

Ling’s Moment makes it easy to embrace the fresh, classic color palette of a winter white wedding. Embrace the cozy season in tones of white, beige and blush, and bundle up by the fire with the one you love.

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