Introducing the Vibrant Joy of a Sunflower & Peach Wedding Theme

What if you could bottle up the beauty and romance of a gentle summer breeze under a glowing sky? With a range of toasty oranges and inviting pink tones, our new Sunflower & Peach theme evokes the best of mid-summer carefree joy and radiance. 

A bunch of flowers placed on a piece of paper

From bridal flowers to wedding table decor, let’s imagine how the warm and juicy peach wedding colors add an extra layer of love to your wedding day.

Is peach a good wedding color?

Soft, sophisticated, and subtle, peach is an excellent hue for your wedding palette. A unique blend of orange, yellow, and pink, it can convey different feelings, depending on how you use it. It can work as both a focal color or an accent and can even blend with neutrals. 

Peach is elegant and timeless, with a radiant warmth that’s hard to resist, making peach a common element in wedding palettes. Plus, with the 2024 Pantone color of the year being Peach Fuzz, it’s sure to become even more popular as a wedding color in the coming years!

What is the best season for a peach wedding theme?

While peaches typically have their moment in August, a peach wedding color palette works during many different times of the year. Pairing the color with other dreamy pastel shades makes peach perfect for a spring wedding. On the other hand, bringing in deep golds and bold oranges warms up peach for a vibrant wedding in the heat of summer. 

What color complements peach for a wedding?

Peach is one of those workhorse colors that can liven up a variety of palettes, from warm neutrals to bold contrasting color pops. 

For our Sunflower & Peach wedding color palette, we paired juicy peach tones and golden haze together in a gradient that evokes sweet summer warmth and joy. Gold and white sunflowers shine through as accents, creating an ambiance reminiscent of a perfect summer sunset. Other supporting colors include:

  • White and cream to provide a neutral base
  • Mustard yellow to add depth to the sunflower gold and peach
  • Walnut brown to bring in a grounding contrast
  • Sage to incorporate nature and greenery
Assorted flowers in peach and sunflower

Why are sunflower wedding themes so popular?

When it comes to flowers that resonate with everyone, sunflowers top the list. They’re arguably the happiest flower, with petals like rays of sunshine emanating from their open, welcoming faces. 

Sunflowers are pure joy, and including them in your wedding decor is a surefire way to bring smiles to everyone in attendance. Paired with the sweet softness of peach hues, sunflowers also give an extra layer of joy to the coziness of the pinks and oranges. 

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Warm and inviting peach backyard wedding ceremony

Your wedding day is a combination of vintage beauty and rustic charm. It’s an intimate backyard gathering, bringing all your loved ones to a place so special to your heart. Joy is a top priority, for you as a couple and your wedding guests. 

From your largest focal points to your tiniest details, you’ve included Peach florals and Sunflowers throughout your ceremony and reception, creating an unforgettable day you’ll cherish forever. 

Peach and green wedding colors for the aisle decor

One of the best parts of backyard weddings is that there’s beautiful greenery and landscaping already built into the space. With the rustic wedding arch as the focal point, You’ve used the existing garden beds to carve out a cozy place for your guests to gather. 

To accent the glossy green leaves, you incorporate standing floral arrangements on vintage pedestal tables, creating an elevated atmosphere.

A few flower centerpieces placed together

Romantic sunflower-adorned wedding arch 

You’ve chosen to dress up an already-existing garden pagoda for your ceremony backdrop. While it’s usually a place for quiet contemplation in nature, you’re giving the weathered wrought-iron scrollwork a splash of sunflowers and a pinch of peach roses on this special day. Trailing greenery ties it all together for a location worthy of Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

Vintage sunflower-themed wedding welcome sign

On an easel near your wedding entrance, a vintage framed mirror dotted with sunflowers and peachy florals welcomes your guests to the intimate backyard ceremony. The greenery of the gardens dancing in the warm summer breeze reflects in the glass around your heartfelt greetings as guests make their way to the festivities.

Luminous peach wedding colors for the bridal flowers

At the center of your perfect wedding day are the beautiful flowers that encapsulate your peach and sunflower-themed wedding. Sunflowers in a range of shades from classic yellow to bronze mixed with romantic roses serve as focal flowers. Cheerful cosmos, daisies, and sprigs of mint and orange leaves fill out the arrangements.

A sunflower bouquet placed on a wooden chair

A soft peach and sunflower bridal bouquet

As a modern bride with a vintage flair, you wear an ethereal dress with a v-neck and delicate lace cap sleeves. It’s subtle, sophisticated, and fits right in with your backyard wedding vibe. 

To show off your bridal beauty, you carry a round bridal bouquet in Sunflower & Peach. The delicate petals of dahlias and roses blend with the strong shape of the sunflowers for a bouquet reminiscent of a whimsical walk through the garden. Pearl accents in the bouquet mirror your heirloom pearl jewelry, and trailing lace ribbons add a vintage touch that ties in with your dress details.

A bride holding a sunflower bouquet

Golden peach bridesmaid bouquets

Your bridesmaids match your free-spirited yet sophisticated fashion. They were flowing, ruffly dresses in creamy neutral shades. Like you, your best friends wear their hair long and loose in keeping with the easygoing vibes of the day. They carry round bridesmaid bouquets in Sunflower & Peach, creating a color pop against their pale gowns. 

A woman holding a flower bouquet

Happy sunflower boutonnieres

The groomsmen have some extra cheer in their style, as well, with golden peach boutonnieres that look like fresh-squeezed sunshine. Not too formal, the groom and his best friends wear light-colored suits with crisp white shirts — no ties needed for this fun affair. 

A few boutonnieres placed together


Since it’s a cozy backyard gathering, you’ve provided wrist and shoulder corsages for everyone on your intimate guest list. It’s another simple way to spread joy and sunshine throughout the event. Plus, group pictures get an extra boost of color!

Two wrist corsages placed besides each other

Peach and green wedding colors for the reception

After the wedding ceremony, the cozy backyard venue transforms into an inviting reception space. The celebration creates a welcoming atmosphere with rustic, weathered wood and colorful blooms. With sunflower and peach wedding colors sprinkled throughout, you’ve created a space that feels like hanging out with an old friend.

A woman in white dress holding orange flowers

Warm and welcoming guest book and gift tables

In keeping with the rustic wood accents, you go a nontraditional route for the wedding guest book. You’ve asked each guest to write their well wishes on a wooden heart ornament, making them special keepsakes for years to come.

A few floral centerpieces put on a table

For wedding favors, you provided customized packets of sunflower seeds, so guests can spread sunshine in their own favorite places.

Centerpieces with a peach wedding theme

Keeping with a welcoming and informal ambiance, your family-style reception tables are decorated in shades of beige, khaki, and linen as accents to the peach and green wedding colors of the floral arrangements. No two vases are the same, with varying heights and shapes of the centerpieces and coordinating tapered candles. Simple yet elegant white place settings hold handwritten place cards to guide each guest to their seat.

A flower centerpiece put besides tableware

Summer flavors for your backyard wedding party 

After a cocktail hour featuring family photos, friends reconnecting, and bottomless peach bellinis and sunny mimosas, you and your guests settle in at the reception tables for the main course. The menu features the best of midsummer fresh flavors, including heirloom tomatoes, corn, summer squash, and (of course) peaches. 

For dessert, a peach amaretto wedding cake with pink and golden ombre frosting takes center stage. When the meal winds down, the sky takes on the peach and sunflower colors reminiscent of your wedding theme. 

As the sunlight fades, strings of Edison bulbs glow above the party, and a roaring bonfire keeps everyone warm as the celebration continues into the early morning hours. You and your partner cuddle near the fire and share a s’more, reflecting on the perfection of your day.

Pick Your Perfect Sunflower & Peach Wedding Theme at Ling’s Moment

To complement the luscious bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages of our Sunflower & Peach collection, check out the designer flower boxes filled with all the blooms and greenery you need to brighten up every detail of your wedding day.  With a range of peachy ingredients, there are no limits to what you can dream up and create.

A paper box filled with yellow flowers

And when your big day is done, don’t forget to share how you styled your sunflower and peach wedding theme with us on Instagram @lingsmoment so you can inspire other brides with your designs! 

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