11 Beautiful Sunflower Wedding Ideas for Your Special Moments

Sunflowers are symbols of warmth and joy, making them a beautiful choice for weddings in the summer or fall.

A couple holding hands while having a bouquet in hand

If you’re looking for ideas on how to use sunflowers in your wedding decor, you’re in the right place. Here are 10 beautiful sunflower wedding designs using Ling’s moment’s beautiful silk (see silk flowers for wedding) and foam flowers.

Sunflower wedding color palettes

Before we go over our sunflower wedding ideas, let’s talk quickly about color palettes. 

Sunflowers tend to work well with other warm colors. We’re particularly fond of pairing sunflowers and burgundy tones together. Burgundy’s richness creates a fantastic contrast with the warm sunflowers. It’s perfect for autumn weddings, or brides who desire a bold look.

Assorted sunflower arrangements used for wedding

On the other hand, sunflowers can also pair well with light colors, like white and cream. You can use a softer color palette to create a more airy atmosphere that’s perfect for summer weddings.

Different floral arrangements used for wedding ceremony

It all depends on the look you’d like to create for your wedding day. 

Sunflower wedding sign

A wedding sign is one of the first things your guests will see when they arrive at your ceremony. Make them feel welcome by adding some bright sunflowers to your signage. This rustic wooden wedding sign uses sunflowers to add a pop of color to the design. It’s a wonderful way to set the tone for your ceremony with a striking, elegant style.

A wooden sign decorated with sunflowers

Sunflower lanterns

Lanterns can add a dreamy quality to your wedding lighting. You can hang them from trees as a gorgeous backdrop, set them on tables as centerpieces, or line the aisle with them to guide the bride. It’s an underrated and creative way to elevate the ambient lighting for both your ceremony and reception. 

Make your lanterns extra bright by adding sunflowers. You can tie them to your lanterns with ribbons for an effortless design that’s sure to look picture-perfect.

Lanterns wrapped with sunflower garlands

Sunflower aisle decor

When you walk down the aisle, you’re crossing over into a new chapter of your life. Make your journey one to remember with stunning sunflower aisle decor.

You can use sunflower floral arrangements to dress up the bases of pews or chairs, or set them by your wedding arch. It’s a warm and inviting way to create the perfect atmosphere for your ceremony.

Sunflower free-standing flowers placed besides black chairs

Sunflower chair decor

You’re not limited to setting out floral arrangements on the floor. You can also use sunflowers to dress up the backs of chairs or pews.

These sunflower chair decorations use flowing fabric to create a graceful display. You can use them in conjunction with floral arrangements at the base of chairs or pews, or use them alone for a sophisticated statement. 

You can use them to designate special table settings or signify the bride or groom’s chairs at the wedding reception.

Wooden chairs topped with flower arrangements

Sunflower wedding arch

Your wedding arch is the focal point of your wedding ceremony. It’s where you’ll exchange vows with your partner, making it home to one of the most special moments of your wedding. Make your wedding arch bright, sunny, and inviting by using sunflowers to dress it up.

This wedding arch uses sunflowers, accent flowers, and lush greenery along with flowing fabric. It’s a timeless way to dress up a plain wooden wedding arch.

Wedding arch decorated with burgundy drapes and flowers

If you’d prefer something with a more personal touch, you could follow our sunflower arch swag tutorial as a fun DIY project.

Sunflower table runners

Want to transform a plain table (also see our wedding table linen) into a beautiful banquet spread? Use sunflowers and lush greenery to add texture and interest to your wedding tables.

You can easily create a beautiful table runner using Ling’s greenery garlands and sunflowers. It’s an effortless way to bring warmth and life to your wedding reception. You could also use this piece to create a special arrangement for your head table.

A reception table topped with a sunflower garland and linens

Sunflower centerpieces

Table runners are only one way to decorate at your wedding reception. If your tables are rounded, or you need an extra focal point for the table’s center, then you can use sunflower centerpieces to bring to life your table arrangements.

This centerpiece uses soft white roses and other accent flowers to create an airy effect. You can recreate it with Ling’s deluxe vintage sunflower box set.

A sunflower centerpiece placed on a dining table

If you’re styling a wedding on a budget, you could reuse the floral arrangements from your aisle decor. Just pick them up and place them on your wedding tables. Not only is it a simple way to save money on your special moments, but it can also keep your decor consistent throughout the day.

Sunflower sweetheart table

Your sweetheart table is where you’ll enjoy your first meal as a married couple. To make it stand out from the crowd at your reception, you can dress up your table with a special sunflower floral swag.

This sunflower sweetheart table uses rich burgundy with accents of soft pink to create a warm, inviting look. It’s the perfect way to elevate the decor at your reception and establish a special look for your head table.

Wedding headtable topped with flower garlands

Sunflower bridal bouquet

Sunflowers are the ultimate attention-grabbing flower, making them the perfect focal point flower for a bridal bouquet.

This elegant bridal bouquet uses sunflowers to add a burst of light and beauty to the bridal look. Deep burgundy roses add variety to the color palette, while still letting the sunflowers shine as the star. You can purchase it pre-made, or recreate it with your own style using Ling’s sunflower box sets.

A bride in white dress holding a sunflower bouquet

Sunflower bridesmaids bouquets

Don’t forget the rest of your wedding party! Your bridesmaids will need something beautiful to hold as they stand by your side.

These sunflower bridesmaid bouquets use the same warm burgundy color palette as the bridal bouquet, helping create a cohesive look between you and your bridesmaids.

You could also choose a slightly different color palette for bridesmaid’s bouquets to add variety and depth to your wedding day. It all depends on the overall look you want to achieve.

A few bridesmaids each holding a bouquet

Mini sunflower boutonnieres

Don’t forget the groom and groomsmen, either. When it comes to floral accessories, Boutonnieres are often overlooked. But they can help tie the whole wedding party’s look together.

These mini sunflower boutonnieres can add a perfect pop of warmth to a suit jacket or tux. It’s a wonderful way to coordinate with the bride and bridesmaids, creating a harmonious look for everyone involved in your ceremony.

A groom wearing a sunflower boutonniere in his pocket

Where to find beautiful, affordable sunflowers for your wedding decor

If you’re looking for beautiful, affordable sunflowers for your wedding decorations, Ling’s moment can help make your wedding dreams come true. Ling’s makes it easy to bring beautiful sunflowers to your wedding day on a budget. All our flowers are made with durable and lifelike silk and foam–they won’t wilt or fade.

You can put your creativity to the test and design your own wedding decor with Ling’s flower box sets. Our sunflower box sets feature 4 different styles of sunny and bright sunflowers, along with a selection of coordinating flowers and greenery.

Paper boxes filled with assorted flowers

Use them to craft beautiful bouquets, table centerpieces, or other wedding decor. Because Ling’s flowers don’t wilt or fade, you can keep them forever. Repurpose them for home decor, baby showers, or preserve them in a shadow box and keep them forever. It’s a wonderful way to keep the beauty of your sunflower-filled wedding year-round.

We hope this has given you some ideas for a warm, sunflower-filled wedding day! If you decide to use any of these ideas, feel free to tag us on Instagram or Facebook to show off your beautiful sunflower creations. We’re honored to be a part of your special moments!

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