How to Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet

We provide easy to work with and wide array of colors decorations for wedding and home. Here we are gonna show you some tips on how to DIY a wedding bouquet with our french dusty rose flowers set.


  1. Take out the flowers from the box set and straighten the stems 
  2. Take the willow leaf spray and separate the branches 
  3. Insert the flowers into the leaf bundles in a rotating direction to make them into a hemispherical shape 
  4. Put the remaining ornaments into the bouquet 
  5. Bring some of the flowers outwards, to make the flowers well spaced so the bouquet looks full and natural 
  6. Tie the stems with wires 
  7. Trim the stems 
  8. Put the stems in floral hoses, about 2-3 stems in one hose 
  9. Use floral tape to wrap the tied iron wire and the exposed iron wire 
  10. Attach the ribbon to the handle of the bouquet with hot glue 
  11. Finally, decorate a bow with ribbon on the handle

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