How to Choose Your Bridal Bouquet Based on The Seasons and Your Wedding Dress Style

So, you’ve booked the venue for your dream wedding day and you’ve found the perfect dress. Don’t worry, the big decisions are over! Now it’s time for a fun one: choosing the bridal bouquet that will elevate your look and complete your wedding vision.

There are so many floral designs available to really show off your unique style. From subtle to bold and classic to contemporary, your floral bouquet can help make your bridal look even more you. But how to choose a bridal bouquet?

A great starting point is to consider when you’re getting married and what you’ll be wearing. The season of your wedding can help influence the type of flowers you choose, the colorpalette and any extra details such as ribbons or foliage. Likewise, your wedding dress can help guide your bouquet’s size, structure, and the general vibe of the flowers for you and your bridal party.

We’ve curated these tips for choosing a bridal bouquet to help make this step in your wedding journey easy and fun:

Matching Your Bouquet To The Season

The season of your wedding helps provide some of the strongest guidance on the vibe, color and style of your bridal bouquet. Ling’s Moment has faux florals in a wide range of colors and styles to make it easy to find your perfect bouquet, any time of the year.


As the snow melts and the first buds emerge, there are obvious, vibrant signs of life in the air. If you’re planning your wedding for the spring, you can’t go wrong with the soft pastel color palettes or gentle greens that symbolize new life. Try our Blush & Cream or White & Sage color collections.

Organic, sprawling shapes can help capture the essence of spring, and reflect the bounty of your new life together.

Free form bridal bouquet in blush and cream Free form bridal bouquet in green and white


As spring turns into summer and the temperatures rise, the bold, bright palette of summer starts to appear. To invite some calming energy and tonal balance into your summer wedding, consider choosing florals in cool tones of purple or blue.

The combination of white and purple brings a comfortable feeling to the hot, sultry summer. Our Lilac & Gold color collection will add some regal romance, making it perfect for your wedding.

Cascade bridal bouquet in lilac and gold Free form bridal bouquet in lilac and gold

If you are getting married near the ocean or just want to invoke the feeling of a cool sea breeze, a blue bridal bouquet is a timeless choice. Our Dusty Blue & Navy wedding collection is a classic, grounding palette for any seaside wedding.

pic name pic name


To echo the golden fields and warm sunshine of autumn, consider carrying a floral bouquet in warm oranges. Our Rust and Sepia collection and Sunset Terracotta collection are romantic, luxurious and inviting, making it perfect for an autumnal wedding.

Cascade bridal bouquet in rust and sepia Free form bridal bouquet in sunset terracotta

As fall fades into winter, the color burgundy captures the rich essence of the season perfectly. Our Romantic Marsala color collection gives a warm, classic look with burgundy and blush tones, or consider adding some vibrant late-autumn sun with sunflowers. Our Sunflower & Burgundy collection perfectly captures those last days of fall, and will be a welcome splash of color in your picture perfect wedding.

pic name pic name


As winter comes around, crisp white snow replaces the vivid autumn leaves and the days get chilly. Deep jewel tones can dispel the cold and invite warmth into your dreamy winter wedding. Our Burgundy & Navy color collection combines the deep, romantic hues of burgundy with the rich, classic tones of navy blue. Together, this combination will elevate your winter bridal look while creating a cozy, sophisticated look.

pic name pic name

Bridal Bouquets For Your Wedding Dress Style

Once you’ve decided on the color palette for your wedding florals, the next step is choosing a bridal bouquet to match your wedding dress. While you won’t be holding it all day, it’s important to think of your wedding bouquet as an extension of your look. The shape, texture and overall vibe should complement your dress, your figure and your own unique style.

Ling’s Moment offers a range of sizes and styles of bridal bouquets in each color palette, allowing you to choose the one that feels just right for you. Of course, you can always get creative and make your own bespoke bouquet if you have a vision for a unique shape, foliage style or color combo. Our Designer Flower Boxes allow you to craft a bouquet that is perfect for your wedding dress, whatever that may be.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas of bridal bouquet styles to match your gorgeous wedding dress:

Mermaid & Trumpet Wedding Dresses

Mermaid & trumpet style dresses feature a demure, strapless neckline and a slim, feminine fit through the waist and hips. As this dress is designed to show off your figure, it’s important that a bouquet doesn’t cover too much of your dress.

Instead, we suggest opting for a slightly smaller bouquet, such as our 11 inch Round Bouquet. If you prefer a more organic shape or want more flowers, try our 11 inch Free-Form Bouquet or 11 inch Cascade Bouquet for an impactful look that doesn’t detract from your dress and figure.

Photo by Grace & Jade Photography

A-Line & Princess & Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

A-Line, princess & ball gown wedding dress styles feature a fitted bodice, a long skirt and usually some decoration on the sleeves, neckline or skirting. They are a more traditional style, and the fullness of the skirt draws your eye down. To complement this, we recommend a bridal bouquet that is large enough to create balance and harmony in your bridal look.

A 15 inch bouquet, such as our 15 inch Cascade Bouquet or 15 inch Free-Form Bouquet, will be the perfect feminine accessory to uplift your full, floaty wedding dress.

Photo by neva_michelle

Column Wedding Dress

A column wedding dress is a stylish choice that combines a corseted bodice with a skirt that drops straight down. While some dresses may flare out slightly below the knee, they are generally made from a silky fabric that creates a long, slinky look. These modern wedding dresses are slim and proportionate at the top and bottom. So, to add some shape and texture to a column wedding dress, we recommend a free-form bouquet.

This organic style, as seen in our 11 inch Free-Form Bouquet, will keep your wedding dress feeling feminine and flirty. It is the perfect contrast to a simple dress, and will draw the eye to your radiant face.

Photo by Aly Barnett photography

Your bridal bouquet is the finishing touch on your wedding day. It will complement your dream dress and set the scene for the biggest day of your life.

No matter when you’re getting married or what style of dress you choose, there is a Ling’s Moment bouquet for you. Faux flowers allow you the freedom to choose the bouquet that suits you and your wedding day perfectly. Large or small, bright or subtle, structured or free-formed, whichever bouquet you choose will be the perfect reflection of your unique style.

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